The Best-Selling Claiming Race Book EVER Written: Betting Cheap (Broken Down) Claimers!!


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You likely would guess that among the top 25 Best Selling Handicapping Books of all time are the names Beyer, Davidowitz, Ainslie, Mitchell, Brohammer, etc. 

But did you also know that the name ‘Powers’ appears twice on that list.  One for his book, the remarkable Power Handicapping!, and one for what many reviewers described as the best book on claiming races ever written, Betting Cheap (Broken Down) Claimers.

And that’s what we’re here to talk about.  Since today the majority of races carded at just about any U.S. and Canadian track are for lower-level claiming horses.  The fact is that this type of race is the most predictable in the game.  And in this 58-page handicapping masterpiece, you will find some of the most unique angles for claiming races ever developed.  It concentrates on horses who once had ability at higher levels, but who have since lost a few steps, but still have enough ‘heart’ to perform well.

>>A look at the list of chapters will tell you that this is not your typical collection of angles that everyone at the track knows about:


The Bottom of the Barrel – The Professional’s Stomping Ground!

We Try Harder!

The War Horse!

Catch ‘Em When You Can!

The ‘Obvious’ Drop!

Play It Again, Howard!

Popular At The Claim Box!

The ‘Non-Move’ Move or, ‘I’m Perfectly Happy Where I Am!’


One Race; Big Drop Angle!

Aspirin, Anyone?

Hard Times Handicapping!

Keeping The Faith!

Below is the original ad that spurred tons of fans to purchase the most unique book ever created to BET and BEAT claiming races (Maiden-Claiming races count, too!)


>>Also included  with your purchase is David Cecil’s ‘Magic Drop!’, a simple, 3-rule system for claiming races that let’s you know exactly when a drop in class means a big effort is at hand.

>>And, get this:  Betting Cheap (BD) Claimers! is priced at just $34.88!

We promise that you will enjoy, learn and profit from this extraordinary publication! 

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