The Racetrack Millionaire & Super Chalk! NEW UPGRADE!


The Newly Updated Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk will produce more winners, a bit more action and more profit than the original

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The Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk!




So You Think There’s No Such Thing As A Mechanical System That Makes Money by Betting Favorites?  Better Think Again!

Your Last Chance to Purchase one of the best money-making methods of play of all time.

New Update Available in both Paper & Pencil and Software!!


***Software also includes two Super Bonus Programs: The Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method, and Profit Pattern Longshots!!!


**All of the new data we analyzed strengthened the original method
considerably as far as win percentage and ROI is concerned which, of course, are the two most important factors to any player hoping to make a go of it at the racetrack.



The Newly Updated Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk will produce more winners, a bit more action and more profit than the original


Remember, with RMSC selections, you are cashing more often than not, hitting over 50% of your win bets and up to 98% of your show wagers!

I’ll tell you straight-up that if you stick to the rules, you will win money with these systems. If you manage your bankroll well, you’ll do even better.

This is a chance to grab onto one of the few ‘sure things’ in this game! – Dave Powers


A most pleasant surprises of my life. I ran into an old friend, a fellow I hadn’t seen in 16 years. That wasn’t the surprise, as our friendship had ended due to the fact that he had not played squarely with me on some dealings at the racetrack. The surprise was that he apologized, and then handed me a folder containing what he said was a fool-proof way to win at the racetrack. He felt that would make up for his past financial misdealings. I accepted his apology, thanked him and opened the folder. It contained two mechanical systems of play that he told me dated from the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. He also told me that he had been making a living using just these two methods for several years now. Of course I had my doubts, but was intrigued enough to hand the systems over to our data guy and have him run some tests.

The results astounded me.

Because the rules were so simple, it only took our system-tester about 4 hours to test the method on his database. He checked out 14,567 races at 33 different tracks.

On the first method, which we named The Racetrack Millionaire, the results were unbelievable. 51% of the plays won. SuperChalk, the second method, showed an 83% win rate.


There were winning streaks at individual tracks of 11, 14, 15 and 17! The longest runout at any single track was 4.

And what has been especially gratifying is the number of positive calls, emails and letters we have received from players who were convinced there was no such thing as a mechanical system betting favorites that would earn long-term profits.

You can almost see their smiles as they describe their success.

During the past year not only have we been able to do more testing (we tested 341,564 races and in this test  the win rate on RTM was 52.2%, average mutuel $4.78.


SuperChalk was averaging 83.1% winners at a $3.61 mutuel), but with the new improvements those percentages, as well as the average mutuel, went up.  Runouts are virtually non-existent.



As you no doubt know, we are always looking for new profitable angles, as well as ways to improve on methods in our database that already have proven profitable.

That’s what we do — I guess you can call it the ‘purpose of our existence’ as horseplayers.

Well, RTM/SC has always shown good profits, and what is better than cashing very, very often and making profits?

How about cashing very, very often and showing even BIGGER profits!!

With the improvements in the new update, the extremely-high win percentages improved     —


Racetrack Millionaire jumped up to 53.6% winners and SuperChalk to 85.6%.

Average win mutuel for RTM with the improvements went to $4.97 (a +33% ROI) and with SuperChalk to $3.66 (a +56% ROI).


If you are a ‘show’ bettor – SuperChalk qualifiers ran at least 3rd close to 98% of the time!!

The improvements involved adding in some very crucial trainer stats as well as a pace factor.  The improvements will only involve adding @a minute or to to the selection process

if you are using the paper & pencil version, and no extra time at all, of course, if you have the software.

This is the last time we’ll be offering the Racetrack Millionaire & SuperChalk Package to the public, so we’d suggest that you jump on board and experience what using a time-tested,

newly enchanced winning system really feels like!

And we are going to offer you a great break on the price.  Our normal price for The Racetrack Millionaire/SuperChalk package was $125.

If you make your purchase soon, however, we are going to let you have the Paper and Pencil method for just $57, or the software for just $78.

Yours Truly, David Powers




“Dave, if I hadn’t first seen your name on this solicitation, it would have gone straight into the trash. But knowing that you and your company are by far the most straight-up guys around, I had to give it a try. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This is almost a ‘back to basics’ kind of spot play. After struggling with all this new-fangled crap like turn times, velocity, sheets, etc., it’s refreshing to know that money can be made at the racetrack this easily. You really lucked out getting hold of this system. The methods work, just as you say, and that’s all that really counts. These methods will take a forward place in my attack on the track.” ~ Sincerely, Ted Hoffman, Chesapeake, VA

“I spent a weekend in Laughlin, found five Racetrack Millionaire plays with four of them winning. I realize that the win rate will likely come downover time but I, like you, don’t see how you can possibly lose with this thing. ~ Thanks!” Terry Maltz Rim Forest, CA

With this kind of win rate the payoffs are obviously on the slim side, but with this kind of win percentage, I honestly don’t know of any way this system can lose.


So if you don’t mind short prices, but want a virtual guarantee that you’ll make money,

The Racetrack Millionaire & Super-Chalk are your babies!



– >>And we’re going to include two additional methods that came with the original package.

These are both one-rule systems (that’s right, just one rule) that amazingly showed solid profits over a 28,000+ test of races.

These two methods will also be included at no extra charge.

In fact, when you see the first one, you’re probably going to be kicking yourself like I was, realizing how much money you’ve lost out on over the years by not pursuing what turns out to be an incredibly simple and logical play.

Trust me when I tell you that it is worth the price of the entire package alone!


And…..!!!   We have included two additional Software Programs:


1) The very steady and very consistent Las Vegas Horseplayers’ Bible Method.

This method relies heavily on information most horseplayers never use, i.e., jockey/trainer ‘team’combos, + hundreds of other crucial handicapping factors.  LVHB gets you plenty of accurate wagering action and keys many, many high paying exotic wagers!

2)  Profit Pattern Longshots! Easily one of the best Longshot Methodologies we have ever had the pleasure of using.  Take a look at what PPL is capable of below.

PPL contenders are played when at odds of 10/1 or higher.  In this case both What A Secret and Pleasant Choice are plays — the latter clicked at $157.40!:


RMSC Paper/Pencil   $57

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 RMSC Software  $78

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