Improve Your Game Immeasurably with Denny Nash’s Money Management at the Racetrack & ADPA’s Pick 6 Winning Strategies! Both for one Low Price!!


Cost Effective Money Management Strategies that Will Most Definitely Improve Your Game!

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Includes Les Conklin’s $61,000 for $2 in 30 Days Bankroll Strategy!


“No money management scheme can make up for bad handicapping. That said, good handicapping can be punished if the player does not set aside ample time and intensity for decision making.  A simple money management system is 1000% better than having none at all, and a strategy that is a bit more sophisticated can vault even the moderate handicapper into Plus territory more often than not.”  Mark Cramer

“You have to have a plan if you ever hope to break even or better at this game.  Run your operations at the racetrack like a business and your chances of profiting improve by light years.  Follow a proven plan – you will almost immediately see a huge improvement in your racetrack fortunes.”  Andy Beyer


“If you are just a hobbyist or a weekend player, fine, this game provides some of the greatest entertainment on the planet.  But wouldn’t it be nice, even if you are not a great handicapper, to at least pay expenses, earn dinner money or even better during the majority of your racetrack ventures.  Then all you need is a proven bankroll management strategy, and there are many out there.  It takes a bit more work, but the rewards are certainly there to be had.” Tom Brohamer, author, Pace Makes the Race



Money Management Introduction

Logical, Effective, Cost Efficient

Denny Nash’s Breakthrough Bankroll Strategy and ADPA Systems Pick-6  are two of the most thorough and comprehensive works of their kind.

They are proven time-tested plan for making consistent money at any track.

They are complete, easy-to-read, easy-to- understand and provide the precise money management knowledge you need to succeed.

They show you step-by-step, the full scope of intelligent, money-making wagering. These are must reading for every serious horse and dog handicapper.

Answer the following 2 questions:

1 . Have you ever gone to the track, wagered on 7 races, won 5 of the 7 races and still lost money?

2 . Have you ever wagered $10.00 on a race, won the race, but collected only $9.00 at the window?

If either of these sound familiar, then you need to read these publications now. They will completely change your way of thinking about track wagering.

>>>Always remember, proper money management at the track can be the difference between winning big and losing bad.

We show you how to win.

Denny’s Money Management Plan provides you with a precise and practical wagering system.It is complete and includes clearly written, easy-to-follow printed instructions and examples. But most importantly, it’s a sensible and proven wagering system that mathematically guarantees you a net return on all your wagers at the track.


Now, did you know that hitting the Pick 6 is not as difficult as many thinkNo, we wouldn’t call it ‘easy’ but just like with straight wagering, if you have a plan, your chances of succeeding improve immeasurably.


The Pick 6

We have a mathematician on our staff who has hit literally dozens of Pick 6s over the last decade.  Most have been on the modest size ($900 to $12,000) , but he has hit three over 100 grand, four between 55 and 93 grand, and several in the $15,000 to $50,000 range. 

>>>And here’s the interesting part.  Many of his scores have come on tickets ranging from $36 to $96.  And that’s talking $1 Pick 6s.  Now that many tracks offer 20 cent Pick 6s, those amounts would be much lower, with the payoffs of course being lower as well.

We have included all of his formulas in our Pick 6 Publication.  In most cases you will be playing multiple tickets and you can expand on the given formulas if you want to invest a bit more capital.  What these formulations do is allow you to play many more horses on different individual tickets than you would be able to on a single ticket that would cost six to eight times more.


And if you have never hit a Pick 6, it is one of the greatest thrills in horse racing, this publication will definitely aid you towards the goal.

So expand your wagering horizons and give these strategies a try.  Honestly, you can only improve your game with these plans.  Learn what if feels like to actually make some money, most of the time, in your visits to the track.

And the great thing is that you can own both of these publications for just $49.90, an amount you will likely get back almost instantly by avoiding losses you normally would have experienced.

Ebook or Hard Copy  $49.90

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