The CONSISTENCY-PLUS!! SOFTWARE ACE!! An Never-Before Published Lou Holloway Methodology that Produces & Produces & Produces!!



You say you love to cash tickets?

  Well, The Consistency Plus Software Ace! will put you in that driver’s seat.

++++The Holloway Bankroll Management Plan which succeeds in 11 of every 12 wagering runs!  FREE!!


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You say you love to cash tickets?

  Well, The Consistency Plus Software Ace! will put you in that driver’s seat.

You say you want to profit from the highest % plays based on a Study of over 223,200 races? 

Well, The Consistency Plus Software Ace! serves those plays up to you on a Silver Platter.

AND….  You also want to see fairly frequent double-digit payoffs and Exacta/Trifecta bombs!  Well…

The Consistency Plus Software Ace!

is designed to give you a good measure of Consistency to keep you in the game, PLUSProvide the player with some Great payoffs as well. 



Take a look at the examples below.  And, mind you, these were all on the same card, and there were only a total of six playable races!:


“You landed on a good one here!  Never knew about this Holloway angle but it produces some great prices and the Exacta/Trifecta Module part is Super.  Caught three $210+ Exactas between just two cards, Laurel and Gulfstream!”  Mike Evans, Rahway, NJ



The Consistency-Plus Software Ace! is based heavily on an unpublished methodology from the great Lou Holloway, this program will fit your needs, whether price, consistency or Exotics. 


☘️☘️We Are Very Lucky!!☘️☘️


👉So We Have Once Again found ourselves in the extremely fortunate position of obtaining a very rare, almost never seen Lou Holloway publication.

A publication that is cherished by the few winning horseplayers who have a copy, and sought after by players who wish to make a serious go at profiting from this game! 

It turns out most players who actually do/did have a copy got it by attending one of Lou’s seminars in the 1960s!  The original title was Consistency + Price: Never Go Home a Loser!”  If you have a copy it is worth some bucks!

In fact, we got our copy in a bit of an unconventional way.  A fellow from South Jersey was going to list his copy on Ebay for $375, but put in a call to us to see if we would like to purchase it at a lower price, saving him the hassle of listing it.  We jumped at the chance and got it for $100 less than he would have listed it for.

And now, we have it on Software!💿, and it is very, very true to the results obtained by original paper method, with the added bonus of a new longshot angle and a very consistent Exacta/Trifecta selection algorithm.

🛠The Inner Workings of Consistency-Plus!

So the main thrust of Consistency-Plus! is contained within the following of Lou’s Systems from the original book and all were programmed individually and then combine to create a ‘Consensus’ to make the selections:







These titles/subjects pretty much cover the gamut of critical handicapping factors & considerations, and Lou’s unique twists on these factors is what makes them so darned potent.


See the Screenshots below.

We did a huge study on Consistency Plus, 223,000+ races, and the Best Bets, which are explained in the User’s Manual, produced an average win mutuel of $9.48, hitting at a 32.5% win clip and 51.3% win/place clip.  The Exactas and Trifectas & Supers hit frequently, with many, many nice triple digit payoffs.



And then Lou writes:

‘If you apply the principles of this book you can expect to make a reasonable return on your investments. 

If you are making 20% profit on your wagering action, you are doing many times better than most businesses — not only that — you are having a whole lot of fun doing it!’ 

 Bankroll Management Strategies

In addition Lou spells out to you, in detail, an ***extremely effective, yet ***extremely simple way to manage your wagering dollars. 

A method that will ease the pain during losing streaks and speed up profit making when you are hitting winners at a decent clip.

👉😀It’s all here folks

A Software program that produces frequent and often big win/place hits + frequent Exotic payoffsand his ‘how’ to be a successful horseplayer (the ‘essentials’); ‘how’ to win using a proven system; ‘how’ to manage your bankroll. 

Don’t Pass this One By.  You have the knowledge of one of the greatest winning system creators ever compiled into an Super Accurate Software Program, plus the Genius of a Proven and Effective Bankroll Management Strategy.

And, it is just $99.50 for the Software, $45.88 for the Ebook.

Call Us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thank You!

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