2022 NFL & COLLEGE FOOTBALL SELECTION PACKAGE from DAN WYCHIK!! 64% Hit Rate in 2021 Against the Spread; 83.5% Straight UP!


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A SUPER DEAL!  Dan Wychik’s Expert Football Picks!  Just $99 for the FULL 2022 NFL & College Season!!!

OK, with Sports Betting Now Legal in the U.S., something that has been a long, long time coming, and you can now legally wager in several states, with more to come on line soon.

But regardless of how or where you make your wagers, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a skilled, well-known accurate NFL/College handicapper in your corner. 

Many of you have subscribed to Dan Wychik’s NFL Selection Service in the past and most of you come back for more, and we are again offering his NFL Picks for you to enjoy and profit from.


Last Season’s (2021) Results:

We had one of our best NFL Seasons ever in 2021 with a 63.63% strike rateCollege was solid, a bit below our historical 61.3% hit rate, but a decent profit resulted nonetheless (+12%).


👉NFL Hit Rate:  63.6% Against the Spread; 83.5% Straight Up (Money Line)   College Hit Rate:  57.03% Against the Spread72.2% Straight Up (Money Line)

👉NFL ROI (against the spread betting): +21.49%   College ROI:  +12.22% 


>>>that’s about 10 to 20 times what the bank pays you,

and it’s a whole lot more fun and exciting this way!!

>>And look at Dan’s record on the Straight Up Money Line selectionslast year Dan selected the winner over 83% of the time, so if you are a more conservative bettor, this is the way you may want to go.

👉👉Using a $25 per game wager on the ‘against the spread’ NFL games in 2021, our clients realized a profit of +1,020!

“What I love about Dan’s service is that there is absolutely no ‘hype’ — he doesn’t promise miracles, but season after season his clients finish in the black.  He is the most honest, straightforward sports handicapper I have ever dealt with.  He spends a good eight months preparing for the season and all that hard work shows.  Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will benefit immensely from Dan’s Guidance.  And Jeff Breathard, who does the College Selections for Dan’s service, is a master game-picker as well.” Shawn Dice, Sports Handicapper, Las Vegas


Watching football is always incredibly exciting, but it is even more so when you have a wager on a game.  It can truly enhance the experience and, when you are guided by a handicapper like Dan, who has experienced so many winning seasons, the majority of the time you will have that $$$ smile on your face once the game has ended.




Take advantage of this Great Offer.  Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.

Dan Wychik’s NFL Selection Package (Includes Select Saturday College Games from Jeff)  $99