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>>– A thorough discussion of why the Trifecta is quickly becoming the pro’s choice. Andy Beyer got it right again!

>>– A brief discussion of the mathematics of the bet. Does the high takeout really matter? Or does the largely ignorant public make this bet a gift!

>>– 12 Proven Trifecta Strategies: Discussion include examples, pluses and minuses, profit potential and ticket cost in different sized fields. Great stuff!

>>– Expert playing tips from authors Dave Powers and Jeff Goldstein!

– Illustrated with actual photocopies of real Trifecta tickets to make all the strategies even easier to understand. You’ll be calling out winning Trifecta tickets like a pro in no time!

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know and then some about Racing’s Most Popular Bet!

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Twelve (12) Proven Strategies to Cash In on Racing’s Most Lucrative Wager!

The reason large Trifecta payoffs have proven so elusive to the majority of horse players can be summed up in one word: Strategy.

Actually, four words are more like it: Lack of a Strategy.


But now you can be among the ‘win crowd’ where the Trifecta wager is concerned, with RPM’s

The Only Trifecta Wagering Book You’ll Ever Need!


The Only Trifecta Wagering Book You’ll Ever Need! is, 

simply put, the only Trifecta wagering book you’ll ever need! Really!

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