Smart-Bet Professional Formula!

‘Literally A Can’t-Lose Money Management Strategy, Even If You Can’t Handicap!’
~ Dr. Anthony’s

Hi Folks. Bob Anthony here. It’s true that no one has ever called me ‘modest’. And I don’t mind. It’s really not that I have a big ego. It’s just that I believe in myself and my abilities to make money, A LOT OF MONEY, at whatever I do. I truly believe I have been blessed with a natural talent for MAKING MONEY at the racetrack and in the casinos.

Those of you who have purchased my thoroughbred and/or casino methods and strategies in the past have benefited from my expertise in these areas. But hold onto your seats kids, because I’ve recently developed what I feel is the ultimate wagering strategy, a strategy that will earn profits even if your win percentage and profits are on the modest side. So to get right to the point, I named the new strategy THE SMART-BET PROFESSIONAL FORMULA and here’s what it does:

1) Provides the player with simple, no nonsense WIN strategy that will guarantee a BUILT-IN FIXED PROFIT. Can be used at the track, the satellite or betting from home.

2) Will show you HOW BETTING ON ONLY FAVORITES AT 9-TO-5 OR HIGHER WILL RESULT IN A SURE-FIRE POSITIVE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. This is a real no-brainer. I love it, because I don’t have to THINK!

‘Not only is SBPF profitable, but it is easy on your nerves. You will not have the stress of betting that comes with other methods because your ‘drawdown’ will be minimal and you will be cashing a lot of tickets. In the long run it will allow you to stick to a plan and make consistent profits at the track!’ — Tom Console

3) A further modification made it possible for me to EXTEND THE STRATEGY TO WORK WHEN COMBINING WIN, PLACE AND SHOW BETS to produce significant profit gains.

This, actually, has been the favorite strategy of the folks who have received preview copies of SBPF. Dave Powers says of this strategy: ‘We ran tests where we had only 22% winners at modest prices, and a full third of the horses ran off the board, but the Smart-Bet Win-Place-Show Strategy still showed a profit. I’ll tell you right now, SBPF is going to change a lot of player’s lives for the better!’

4) Can be used with any good system of play, your own handicapping, or even a crack public selector. Honestly, this is a no lose situation. You’ll see what I mean after testing SBPF on just a handful of races.

To go into a bit more detail, what I have actually done, and I’ve got to say I’m very, very proud of this accomplishment, is combine the theory behind the Kelly Criterion (or ‘percentage’ of bankroll) with a fail-safe progression system that not only works beautifully but also eliminated the drawbacks of both wagering strategies. The SMART-BET PROFESSIONAL FORMULA, in otherwords, allows you to capitalize on the upside and minimize the downside of both progression wagering and percentage of bankroll strategies.

All you have to do is implement one of my plans. Use any good system or your own handicapping, and you can sit back and watch the profits grow! Three ways to play: Smart-Bet Win, Smart-Bet Favorite and Smart-Bet Win-Place-Show. You choose the one that fits your style and temperament. The Smart-Bet Professional Formula is just $48, is extremely easy to use and comes with complete instructions and worksheets. item #3198.

* For even a better deal, get both Smart-Bet and my Parlay Power-Match

Smart-Bet Professional Formula #3198
Smart-Bet Professional Formula #3198

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