Winning – A State of Mind!!





Improve your game quickly without an iota of additional handicapping knowledge!


So you think you can win at the races just by using good handicapping, and your mind-set has nothing to do with your success/failure at the game?  Well, THINK again!

Winning – A State Of Mind** –

How important is mental attitude in this game?  “As important as knowing how to fly is to being an airline pilot!” says author Dr. Nord Jamison.  

In this milestone work, Dr. Jamison lays out a strategy that will enable the horseplayer to overcome his fear and uncertainty and concentrate on his most important job – Winning!

Dr. Jamison’s work has been praised by professionals in the game as a ‘must do’ in order to achieve the edge one needs to profit consistently.



**The Importance of the ‘Mental’ Part of the game cannot be overemphasized.


**Improve Your Racetrack Success Immeasurably by Following These Very Simple Rules & Exercises


**The Results Will Become Apparent Almost Immediately!


The following quote from Dr. Jamison is intriguing, indeed, and just a prelude to the profound ‘secrets’ he is about to reveal to you:


“As a professional who has been involved in the study of human psychology for most of my life, one of the most common problems I’ve dealt with is the inability of men and women involved in creative and speculative endeavors to properly translate their years of training into financial success. In most cases, I find that these folks are competent, well trained and perfectly capable of rising to the top of their respective professions, but something gets in the way – something that confines them to only marginal success and prevents them from taking full advantage of opportunities that could result in career advancement.

         What does this have to do with playing the horses, you ask?

I’ll answer by saying all the knowledge in the world does not guarantee success in a particular field. It’s how you apply that knowledge, and applying it properly is more a function of mental attitude and discipline than anything else. I do not believe I’m exaggerating when I say that proper mental attitude to the horseplayer is as important as knowing how to fly is to being an airline pilot.


**Mental Attitude is what makes or breaks a horseplayer.**

Now, I’m not going to tell you that by developing the proper mental approach to the game any Joe Blow can go out and beat the horses. A good working knowledge of the sport is required to develop the necessary tools, but most of you reading this already possess those skills.

After that, though, discipline and mental attitude become the guideposts to success at this game.”



‘Dr. Jamison’s advise will help anybody who pays attention to his writings to improve their lot in life, whether it’s being a banker, an investor, a housewife or a horse player.  It’s simple, straightforward advice that works.’  Mark Cramer


‘It doesn’t matter where you start from, in the gutter or with a big inheritance.  Nord Jamison’s advise will get you where you want to go.  All you need is a little discipline and practice.  I’ve used this material to achieve many successes in my life.’           Tom Console

Practicing Dr. Jamison’s suggestions and exercises for just two weeks will begin to yield dividends.  So get in on one of the true ‘secrets of horseplaying success.  And it will cost you under $20 to find out what the fuss is all about.


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