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The TIP SHEET SOFTWARE – Simplicity Combined with Accuracy!

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Editor’s Note:  We have several Software Programs that when first introduced, were either quota protected or weren’t widely advertised.  Sean Dice’s The TIP SHEET! falls into both of those categories, as he wanted a limit on the number sold and only wanted advertising to go to RPM customers. 

Talking to Sean recently, he gave us permission to ‘open up the spigots’, so to speak, and allow wider distribution and advertising.  The TIP SHEET! is a great program, so we are very happy that we can reintroduce it to the racing public.

>>>And …. the other great thing is that we are offering it at a Great Three-Day Sale Price.  You can get the software, regularly $88.70, for just $49.88 thru Wednesday, February 2.

You will enjoy this one, as it simplifies the selection process considerably by showing you the top contenders in every race, and isolates Top Play Best Bets as well!




The TIP SHEET SOFTWARE! – Simplicity Combined with Accuracy!

The Tip Sheet Software does exactly what its name implies — generates a Tip Sheet for your chosen track(s)

So, you simply choose the track from the column on the right (in the example we used Santa Anita 4/8)

Then, up pops the Tip Sheet, which you can read from your screen or print out — it’s really that simple!!

The TIP Sheet! provides you with the top contenders as well as Top Best Bets as you can see on the Summary Betting Sheet above.  It makes your horseplaying life so much easier!



The Tip Sheet Hard C0py  $49.50

The Tip Sheet Ebook   $44.88   Sale  $35.88!

The Tip Sheet Software   $88.70   Sale  $49.88!

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