The S-UDB PLACE SHOW PROFIT-MAKER! Great Bankroll Builder!


A super consistent, newly enhanced method from Jon Worth that does great on winners (big prices)

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〈***The S-UDB Place/Show Profit Method*** Paper & Software Versions〉




a super consistent, newly enhanced method from Jon Worth that does great on winners (big prices),


*****but at many tracks came close to doubling a player’s bankroll every 30 days or so!***** 


No long runouts on the place and show end — fascinating STUFF!  


Conservative Players – Rejoice!  Sit Back, Relax, Don’t WorryS-UDB will do the job for you!

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Below, one of Jon’s longtime clients and ‘professional’ system tester, Milton Weinblatt, provides some of his experiences with S-UDB:









































The S-UDB Place/Show Profit-Maker!

-Extremely Easy To Use – Just Minutes to Handicap an Entire Card-

-Averages 3 to 4 Solid Plays Per Card – Big Prices Not Uncommon-

Extremely ConsistentRunouts are Virtually Non-Existent

Steadily Increases Your Bankroll


Also Available in Software

-Fully Guaranteed-


S-UDB Paper Version $65    S-UDB Software $89.90



****Oh, One Other Thing. When You Order The S-UDB Method,


When you purchase the S-UDB Place/Show Profit-Maker we are also going to send you a copy Jon’s TRIPLE THREAT CONTENDER SYSTEM,

one of his most popular ever, and also a copy of Walt Owen’s new J-B Special at absolutely no additional charge!


The Triple Threat Contender System locates ‘overlayed’ horses daily and Jon’s workout showed a +$387 profit on $2 wagers over just 30 days!  A $57 retail item

The J-B Special will retail at $48 when offered to the general public.

It is designed specifically to take advantage of the expertise of the jockey, which when combined with just two other factors, works like a charm.


Not only is it easy to use, but it is also extraordinarily accurate.


In our tests, the selection finished 1st or 2nd 53% of the time!


So it’s great for win betting, and it’s great for Exacta and Quinella play as well.

The J-B Special is a super value at $48, but even better (obviously) when it’s FREE with your purchase of the  S-UDB Place/Show Profit-Maker!  Ditto with the Triple Threat!


The S-UDB Place/Show ProfitMaker will allow you to relax and play conservatively —


Follow the very simple rules and examples and you will be visiting the Cashiers Window on a much more regular basis.

 S-UDB Paper Version  $65.00



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