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Here’s a Total No-Brainer!

  An Exacta/Trifecta Program that shows you EXACTLY how to not only choose the correct horses, but also EXACTLY how to Play them!!!

The PD Automatic Exacta/Trifecta Configuring Software! uses a Proprietary Handicapping Algorithm  to select the horses LIKELIEST to be in the Exacta and Trifecta, and then actually constructs the tickets for you!

This is the kind of short cut all Exotic Players yearn for.  There is no thinking on your part — you just play your combinations in eligible races.


And this software picks Exactas/Trifectas at all class levels at all racetracks.  For example, on Kentucky Derby Day::


On Belmont Stakes Day (June 8) PD picked EIGHT Exactas out of 11 Eligible for play – most were modest prices ($121 & $111 the biggest) but the fact that a software program can select that many Exactas on one of the toughest betting cards of the year says a lot!


Opening Day this year at Del Mar , another very tough day to handicap, saw several Exactas/Trifectas, including:



Opening Day at Saratoga, another tough, tough day to handicap since ALL of the runners are shippers from various tracks, nonetheless produced 6 Exacta payoffs and 2 Trifectas:

Also, the PD Configuration Software great at picking winners and in-the-money horses.  When you sort the TOT (Total) Column, you get the strongest contenders in the race — in the example below Originaire paid $17 for the win (hit the $84 Exacta as well), yet had a huge advantage in the TOT column:




The Concept

Is really a very simple one:  Take a proven handicapping methodology that picks a high % of winner and in-the-money horses, then find an Exacta/Trifecta configuration that uses these horses to collect frequent payoffs.


Take a look at the EXACTAS boxes above.  The first box is an Exacta ‘Key’.  This takes the most likely horse to finish 1st or 2nd and then ‘keys’ him over and under the next three likeliest contenders.  So above we have two Exacta tickets:  4 over 9-10-11  and 9-10-11 over 4.  If you are betting a $1 Exacta, each ticket costs $3, for a total of $6.  ‘Keying’ is a very efficient way of hitting an Exacta as you win if the horse finishes 1st or 2nd with any of the other contenders 1st or 2nd as well.  The Keys hit at a 43% rate in our studies.

Under that box is a simple Exacta ‘Box’ where you are boxing the top three contenders.  For a $1 Exacta, you are again talking a $6 ticket.  Often, both the Key and the Box hit, so if you play both you will have the payoff two times.  The Boxes hit at a 37.7% rate in our studies.


With the Trifecta you also are given two options.  The first is a Box using the top 5 contenders.  For .50, this bet costs $30 and hits at @ a 23% rate, so you will win 1 out of 5 Trifectas.  Play only when at least two of the horses in the suggested box are at morning line odds of 5/1 or higher.

In the next box, the program uses the top two contenders ‘down-the-board’ with the other three likely contenders.

In the above example we are keying the 4 and 9 with the others.  You have three tickets – the first would be  4-9- with 4-9-11-10-3 with 4-9-11-10-3.  The other bets have the 4 and 9 in the 2nd and 3rd positions.  This way, if the 4 or 9 (or both) finish 1st 2nd or 3rd with any of the other contenders, you win the Trifecta.  Each ticket costs $12, so playing all three would cost $36.


If that’s too rich for your blood, just stick with the Exactas, though as you can imagine, some of the Trifecta payoffs can be huge.

So…. What you have here is:

1) A program that uses a Proprietary Algorithm to select winning and in-the-money horses (it is great at picking winners and place and show horses all on its own).

2) A program that ‘arranges’ the likeliest contenders in Exacta and Trifecta configurations that have a high percentage chance of hitting.

3) A program that provides you with other critical data like each horse’s win/place %, jockey/trainer win % & workouts withing the past 35 days — all of which you can use to help make your decisions on how to play.  Example:  Top scorer in TOT also has one of top three in JT%, or top Win WP%, etc., makes that horse even a higher % play.


OH …. And you get all of this …  all of these great winning features …. on Software for just $55!! 

We can send it to you direct via email, or to your physical address.  You don’t want to pass this offer up, seriously. 

Whether you are a straight bettor or Exotics player, or both, at this price (or even twice this price!) you simply cannot go wrong.  And feel free to call us with any questions.  Thanks, Dave & Len

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The PD Automatic Software – $55.00

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