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A Step-By-Step Mechanical Method That Quickly Spots Winning Horses Insiders Are Betting (and making $$$)

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FINALLY! A Step-By-Step Mechanical Method That Quickly Spots Winning Horses Insiders Are Betting (and making $$$)



In response to numerous requests from loyal customers for a mechanical method that uses the logic incorporated into his previous “angle-type handicapping” books, David Venturo has finally put “pen to paper” and finished just such a method, entitled


“Handicapping The Insiders Way – The JOT System!”


 It took over two years of testing and research to develop this mechanical winning method, but the author is happy to report it has been producing consistent profits in tests across the US.

This fast, easy-to-use, mechanical system will help you identify and profit from the insider betting activity. This system is not a spot play method, every race is playable, it does not matter the class, the distance or the track surface, ALL races are playable so you will get plenty of action and plenty of winners. “Handicapping The Insiders Way” uses 3 key factors: Jockeys (J), Odds (O) and Trainers (T) to quickly and easily identify well-meant horses the insiders are betting.

“Handicapping The Insiders Way” consists of 5 simple steps and takes only 2-3 minutes to handicap a race, so you can easily uncover winning plays in only the time between races! Everything you need to win with this system is found in any past performances and on the tote board. There are no confusing charts, no complicated math and no wild calculations.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with “Handicapping The Insiders Way”:

  • FAST! Less than 3 minutes per race and you have the winner!
  • 100% Mechanical, no computers or calculators needed.
  • Action Packed! Every race is playable.
  • Perfect for simulcast wagering. Play multiple tracks quickly and easily.
  • Easy To Use! Absolutely no complex figuring, takes only seconds per horse!
  • Includes a one-page summary of the rules you can take to the track!

The system is detailed in a step-by-step format with eight winning examples presented in detail to ensure you fully understand the system before you go to the track. The winners in the race examples paid between $9.40 and $36.20 with the average payout being $14.58, that’s over 6/1!

Overall in the test we conducted at eight tracks across the US, the top selection won 31.7% with the average winner paying $8.81, for a solid 39.6% ROI!


You get everything you need to win at the track:

  • The step-by-step rules along with summary rule sheet you can take to the track
  • A complete detailed explanation of the entire method
  • Race examples showing you how to put the method into action
  • A wagering strategy and an Exacta Wheel Chart to optimize your bets and profits!


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  • The Handicapping 6 Pack – a collection of 6 winning spot play handicapping systems that are fast and easy to add to your handicapping arsenal.

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