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I remember sitting in the Caesar’s racebook with master handicapper Ron Ambrose several years ago discussing the fine points of handicapping. Before his unfortunate illness, Ron was one of the top handicappers in this game, and I respected his opinion immensely. When the subject came around to turf racing, however, Ron simply scowled and said: “Why do you want to bet a turf race? Turf racing is 90% racing luck – whichever horse gets into the least trouble is the one who wins. I don’t have a clue on how to predict the winner of a grass race. Give me dirt sprints where I know who’s going to be in front, and I never have to worry about looking at a turf race.”

Ron made some very good points. Because the turf courses in our country are parked inside of the dirt ovals, they are normally very narrow and the turns tend to be very tight. This leads to all kinds of confusion when a full field goes blasting out of the gate and into the first turn. Horses who get in trouble by either being blocked or being forced to take up seldom recover in time to get into the running again. And, it certainly can be said that the luckiest horse often wins the race.

I stressed to Ron that I found that the riders often make their own luck. Horses able to clear the early traffic jam and save ground often remain in good position throughout the race which, of course, gives them a much better chance to collect the fat end of the purse.

In other words, it was my experience, contrary to popular myth that closers win most turf races, that speed horses had a definite advantage, and if you considered some other important handicapping factors as well, you could more than hold your own betting turf races. Ron agreed, but still had no intention of getting involved in an area which he felt left much more to chance than his cherished sprint races, from which he was turning a fine profit.

Of course, the average racing card is made up of much more than just dirt sprints. And while you may choose not to make straight bets on turf races, if you’re playing Triples, Pick 6’s, Trifectas, etc., you are going to have to take grass races into consideration on occasion. At most tracks, in fact, you are going to be dealing with a whole lot of grass racing, so rather than run from these turf affairs, it makes much more sense to learn how to play them

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“Hi Dave, thanks for a super day at Santa Anita today Saturday the Grass is Greener went 4 wins including last race winner $37.00 $13.00 place – WOW!”


Myth Busting – How the general public is divorced from reality when viewing Turf Racing

Misinformation abounds in our game.  Most of you who have been around for awhile will recall that most of the ‘systems’ produced over the past half-century or so, even the good ones, begin with the rule: ‘Don’t play Maidens’.  But any player who has done, or is privy to, serious research on Maiden races, knows that Maiden races are some of the most formful affairs available to the bettor.  Overall, the average win mutuel from straight Maiden and Maiden-Claiming races is lower than from regular claiming and Allowance races.  These races tend to go to horses who have shown recent good form, which much of the public can spot in the pps, and even with first-time starters, knowledge of trainers who are good with these runners, and or the betting action, point out the winner a high percentage of the time.  We know a few professionals, in fact, who bet nothing but Maiden races due to their predictability.


Turning to racing on the grass, the less knowledgeable among players (close to 90% of the crowd) believe that horses coming from well off the pace win most turf races.  Nope – totally bogus.  While the shorter stretch on most turf courses can give the illusion that late runners are prominent, the fact is that most grass races are won by horses who were within four lengths or so of the leader at most of the calls.


Look at this:

Winning Pace Style Profile For Turf Races – Saratoga 2016-2021

In One-Mile Turf races horses with early speed were best. 126 of the winners, or 70%, were within 2 lengths of the leader at the 2nd call. That is the total of Wire-to-Wires, Fronts and Earlys (remember that Wire-to-Wire means in front all the way; Front means within 1 length of the leader at the 2nd call and Early means within 2 lengths of the leader at the 2nd call). Fewer than one out of six winners fit the description of Late or Rear.

In 1-1/8 Mile Turf races, the early speed bias moderated just a bit. Still, 99 of the winners, or 63%, were within 2 lengths of the leader at the 2nd call.  Only 9% came from well back (more than five lengths behind on the far turn.


Winning Pace Style Profile For Turf Races – Santa Anita 2016-2021

In One-Mile Turf races, 73% of the winners were within 2 lengths of the leader at the 2nd call.  Only 11% of the winners came from more than five lengths back.

In 1-1/16 Mile Turf races, 71% of the winners were within 2 lengths of the leader at the 2nd call.  9% of the winners came from more than five lengths back.

And the stats you see above hold for most North American turf surfaces.  In otherwords, horses on or near the lead on the grass, just as in dirt races, win the majority of the races.

Another popular myth is that Turf racing produces a lot of big prices.  Nope.  The average win mutuel in a turf route is lower than the average win mutuel in a dirt route.

What is true is that turf races tend to be more difficult to handicap, because, alluding back to the fact that the courses are normally narrower than dirt races, more trouble occurs along the way, thus finding runners who will be prominent, or near the early lead, becomes much more important.

So what we have done, as we do whenever we try to solve a handicapping problem, is come up with a solution:  In this case a program that focuses solely on turf racing; one that incorporates not only the running style equation, but also the Class, Speed, Betting Action and Connections equations.  We call it

The Grass Is Greener!

It is based on Tom Schuby’s Class On The Grass methodology, which is a great stand-alone system, but we have added dozens of ‘computerized’ perks!

“It’s about time!  A software program that focuses exclusively on grass racing!  This thing is really kicking butt at Gulfstream, Santa Anita and Tampa!  Can’t wait for Keeneland, Belmont and Churchill  –  I tested last year’s turf races at these tracks and the results were super impressive!”  Dale Darnell, Miami

Take a look at the screenshots below:











The Grass Is Greener Software! produces a solid % of Winners (@35%) as well as place and show horses.  In addition, Len created a great algorithm for Exactas and Trifectas that can produce some doozy payoffs.

The Grass Is Greener! incorporates all of the elements that our lengthy database study confirmed as positives for winning predictability on the grass, so you now have a tool that focuses exclusively on what many consider one of the more difficult parts of the game.

And now that ‘Spring has sprung’, there will be more and more turf races carded, including the upcoming ‘Turf racing Capital of the World’ racemeet, Keeneland!

And we have priced The Grass Is Greener! very, very reasonably at just $59.50, so call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Thanks, and may the ‘green’ jump straight off the turf course and into your pocketbooks! 



The Grass Is Greener Software   $59.50