The BREEDERS’ CUP PROFESSIONAL CONSENSUS TEAM 2023! Get the Most Accurate Breeders’ Cup Selections Available Anywhere! Reliable & Consistent Openings Limited.


Get the Most Accurate BC Selections Available for an Extremely Reasonable Price!

BCPC 2023

Professional Selections from:



at Santa Anita November 3rd & 4th!



Get the Most Accurate Breeders’ Cup Selections Available for an Extremely Reasonable Price!

BCPC 2023

Professional Selections from:


Breeders’ Cup 2023!

at Santa Anita November 3rd & 4th!

“The BCPC Team is the Cream of the Crop where Breeders’ Cup Selections are concerned.  Their approach is thoughtful and analytical and their selections are almost always ‘there’ at races end.  They study and know the European horses as well and have made many big hits with foreign invaders.  You will get an honest evaluation of the playable races on the BC cards and they show you exactly how they will be wagering on them.  Give it a try – nothing is more exciting than wagering and winning at the Breeders’ Cup.”  Elliot Masters, Systems & Methods blog


>>If we even come close to duplicating our Recent Results, YOU are going to Enjoy a very 😀Profitable Breeders Cup Weekend!  Selections will be emailed to you on November 2

☛☛Check this out (Solid profits in four of the past five years!):

(Results below were based on $25 to win and place,  $4 Exacta Box, $1 Trifecta Box, $2 Pick 3, but you of course can bet less, or more — whatever your budget allows)


☛Overall Results 2022:

Wagered:  $874  Returned: $2,148   +$1,274 (a couple of triple digit Exactas & a few double digit winners made up the bulk of the profits)


Overall Results 2021:

Wagered:  $1,140  Returned: $2,565  +$1,435


Overall Results 2020:

Wagered:  $952  Returned: $755   -$197 (a short nose and a head loss cost us a healthy profit, but that’s horse racing!)


Overall Results 2019:

Wagered:  $1,760  Returned: $4,291 +$2,531 (A Nice $776 Pick 3 here!)


(Note:  if your budget doesn’t allow for $25 wagers, a $2 unit win and .50 Trifecta would have still gotten you a nice Profit over the years.  Remember, always bet within your means and comfort zone.)



Overall Results 2018:  

Wagered:  $752  Returned: $3,708  +$2,956 (a nice $852 Trifecta & $431 Pick 3 were cashed!)

Granted, if you did not have the budget or guts to play the $96 Pick-3, that represented half of the profit, but even with that taken out our clients still doubled their money!


So what, or WHO, makes up the Breeders’ Cup Professional Consensus?

All Names you will recognize: 

➡︎First is Leo Cates, professional Stakes Race Expert who has been handicapping the Breeders’ Cup for over 30 years now.  Had you played all of Leo’s BC recommendations, every year since 1988, you would be showing a +21% positive ROI.  Translated into dollars (betting $30 win/place — $5 Exactas – $2 Trifectas – $2 Pick 3s) you would be healthy to the tune of +$138,000 & change!

➡︎Then there’s Rob Henie of ECHR (East Coast Racing Report) who has always had a knack for hitting BIG prices on BC days – he’s the one who came up with $30 winner Battle of Midway in 2017 and the $454 Pick 3 in 2021.  Rob is followed by some of the top names in the game, both on the track and in the broadcast booth.

➡︎Our own Len ‘CZ’, who is by far the best programmer of handicapping software that has ever lived, developed his own BC Selection program several years back, and it was his idea to form the BCPC – his picks tend to be of the more ‘logical’ variety, but at almost all Breeders Cups, several favorites or near-favorites win.

➡︎‘The TURF FIGURE Boys, UK’, based in the United Kingdom, they provide us with in-depth analysis of the European runners in the BC.  European runners, historically, have won 53% of the turf races run at the Breeders’ Cup.  They have been spot-on with which runners are the likeliest to make an impact, and several of these turfers have provided our selection team with some great Exactas and Trifectas. Since there is virtually no way a handicapper in the U.S. can evaluate past performances from over there (they show no running lines, trainer stats, etc.), it is essential to have the expertise of European handicappers on your side.

➡︎And finally, Tom Console.  We use Tom’s RPG (Race Profit Generator software), which has shown remarkable consistency in BC races.


☛☛So, as we did the last five years, we will take a ‘Consensus’ of the selections from the above four sources and wager accordingly.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much when I signed up for your Breeders Cup selections, but boy, after the first day I was $414 ahead, and after Saturday’s races added another $630 to that amount.  As opposed to any of the other selection services out there, you guys really know what you are doing!”  Frank Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM

“Have made some great returns over the past four years, though I dropped a bit in 2019 – nobody’s perfect.  I tried to use the ‘Sheets’ on the BC races as well, and got just one winner each day.  You guys rock!”  Tim Stokes, N. Miami, FL

“Thanks for taking the ‘mystery’ out of the Breeders’ Cup races.  You provide not only great selections, but intelligent wagering strategies as well.  Great job!  I feel very confident when wagering on your selections.  I know that most of the time they will be in the running at the end.  Also love your exotic bets, especially the Trifectas and Pick 3s.’  Lou Tabak, Brooklyn, NY

“When I first signed up for this a few years ago I thought  ‘it’s probably too good to be true’.  But I was so pleasantly surprised when I pocketed several hundred dollars –  I have subscribed every year since and in only one year did I experience a small loss.  I am so happy I found this service –  –  trying to figure out the past performances on BC day with all the foreign horses (the pps show no running lines!) was an impossible task.  I will highly recommend your service to all my friends.”  Mike Primanto, CA



>>Note that we handicap the ‘undercard’ (non-Breeders’ Cup races) as well –  there will be a few non-BC races on both cards.


Q & A

Q.  How do I get my selections?

A.  We will send them via email on November 2.  Selections for both cards will come in that email.

Q.  Are the exotic bets you release expensive to play?

A.  Most are not — they are Exacta and Trifecta ‘boxes’ and ‘keys’  which can be bet for a small base amount ($1 Exactas, .50 trifectas).  In the Pick 3s, 4s, etc., where we may use several horses in each race, it can get a bit pricey.  Here is the best approach;  Play only the types of wagers and amounts that you are comfortable with.  We have done very well over the years with just win and place wagers, so sticking to those is a good idea if your budget does not allow larger wagers.  Never, ever, make a bet that you feel is not right for you, or too expensive for you.  Bet within your means and have fun, which should always be the formula in any gambling arena.  The Breeders’ Cup, especially, is a pageant of champion racehorses and you should savor every moment of it, and if you collect on a wager, so much the better!

Q. Do you suggest backing up your win wagers with place and show wagers as well?

A.  We normally recommend to play to win and place.  A conservative way to play would be to put twice as much on the Place as on the Win and four times as much on the Show.  This way you will often recover your wager and then some if the horse only gets up for 3rd. 


>>So, if you would like to be a part of this for the 2023 Breeders Cup Weekend, all you have to do is sign up by November 2 (BC runs Nov 3 and Nov 4 this year).  Little in this game compares to the majesty and pure excitement of the Breeders’ Cup, and cashing winning tickets is just icing on the cake!<<


>>>So you can struggle🤨 with the almost impossible task of sorting out the pps for horses from all over the world, or you can leave it up to the expertsyour choice.

>>And we have priced this one-of-a-kind service to be well within anybody’s reach.  The FULL 2-Day BC BCPC Package is just $55.  Your picks will be emailed to you on November 2nd.

We have been working on this year’s BC races since late September and feel that some great, great price opportunities will surface!

>>We will limit the number of subscribers to just 100, so get your order in asap.



Call us  1-800-696-0067 with any questions, or sign up at our website

Thank You!

FULL BCPC Selection Package  $55