Ray Taulbot’s Slide Rule Pace Calculator NOW TURBO-CHARGED!! On State-Of-The-Art, Precision-Point RPM Software!! Powered by Iron Horse Software Innovations!


Ray Taulbot’s SlideRule Pace Calculator!! NOW on SOFTWARE!!



Ray Taulbot’s SlideRule Pace Calculator!! NOW on SOFTWARE!!

The Original was a Pip! & Sold Thousands of Copies!!

And Now you can reap the benefits of Ray’s Original Calculations + Modern-Day Pace Innovationsin the Form of a Turbo-Charged Precision Pace-Based Software Program!

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Does this jog anyone’s memory?!

Most of us have been around long enough to have seen, and likely owned, Ray’s original plastic slide rule Pace Calculator.


I think I was 18 when I got my copy.  Couldn’t legally bet at the mutuel windows at that time (legal age was 21), but we could sneak into Tijuana and wager at the Caliente track.  My friend and I took that calculator and played several tracks profitably. 

In fact, just going with the raw ratings alone, we raked in close to $1400 in three weeks, and to us that was a fortune back then.  Our average wager was @$22 (we used a mild progression, and our average mutuel was in the $8 range), but our fun ended when we had to return to college.

One of my Dad’s co-workers that summer made close to $3,000 at Del Mar using the Calculator alone. 

So, yes, this simple yet ingenious tool did provide an advantage in that it did, indeed, often point out horses with ‘hidden’ pace advantages.

And while this plastic gizmo of old is no longer available (except on Ebay or Amazon where it often sells for hundreds of dollars),

👉👉Len, along with his Professional Handicappers Research Lab buddies, has now converted the original Ray Taulbot’s Pace Calculator into a nifty Software Program!

😊And, while the original Pace Calculator was designed to work best in sprints, the Software version works just as well in routes, including longer turf routes, and is just fine for Maiden races.


And just in case you are not familiar with the work of Ray Taulbot, here:

Ray Taulbot was the longtime managing editor of American Turf Monthly, a magazine for horse racing enthusiasts published by the Amerpub Company. He is credited with several innovations in handicapping races, particularly by rating a horse in comparison to the overall pace of a race. He believed horses must be judged by their own speed and by how close they were to the winner. A chart on the back of the calculator allowed bettors to combine the results of the Pace Calculator with the Amer-Var rating, which took into account the horse’s age, the length of the race, the amount of the purse, the time of year, and the type of race. Taulbot’s methods dated at least to the 1940s, but this device was made in 1979. American Turf Monthly continues to reprint Taulbot’s articles.

The Pace Calculator has also been placed in the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

👉Here’s an interesting quote (and fairly recent, 2016) from thoroughbred racing researcher Donald Brodt:

“Mr. Taulbot was one of the pioneers in explaining the basics of thoroughbred handicapping. His book; ‘Thoroughbred Racing, Playing for Profit’; ” and the Pace Calculator were well conceived and expressed the idea–alien to almost all at the time–that it involved much more than the quaint notion that class was the determining factor in picking winners. His writing was eloquent on the subject. Andrew Beyer gets too much of the credit–with his ‘variant’ contrived speed figures.  All of my research data shows that Taulbot would have buried him.”

Pace Calculator ‘Sub-Set’ Factors

👉👉Now, with software version, we have maintained the original calculations created by Taulbot, but have in addition enhanced each with turn time and other pace calculations.

In addition, in the screenshots below, 👉you will note that there are several columns the right of the PTOT column.   These columns are explained below and are the original calculations in the original Pace Calculator. If a horse qualifies on an angle you will see an ‘X’ in that column, and the calculations ultimately enhance the horse’s score. We broke the point values down into much smaller fractions in order to be consistent with the Pace Rating.


Rundown of the Sub-Set Angle-Percentage Values

In the original SlideRuler, you had the option of adding Ray Taulbot’s Angle Percentage Values (AP Points) to the raw Pace Calculator ratings. It was a tedious process but did enhance the overall win%.

Of course, these AP Values have already been programmed, and will automatically be computed by the Pace Calcultor software.  The Angle Percentage Values developed by Pace Calculator inventor Ray Taulbot have proven to be a valuable tool in further defining and selecting the best selection(s) to make in a race.

1) Finished in the money last start 6.5
2) Finished in the money last two starts 3.1
3) Showed early speed last start 6.2
4) Out of the money last start, in the money next to last start 6.1
5) Out of the money last start, early speed in next to last start 5.6
6) Out of the money last two races, in the money third race back 5.1
7) Within 3½ lengths of the leader at the stretch call in last start 7.0
8) Dropping in class today 5.9
9) Dropped in class last start 8.2
10) Dropped in class in next to last start, same class last start 5.1
11) Gained 2½ lengths in the stretch in last start 7.0
12) Qualifier for #11 that won or finished within 5 lengths in last start 5.2
13) Started within the past 14 days 6.1
14) Started within the past 15 to 20 days 4.3
15) Started within the past 21 to 35 days 2.1
16) Started at the track where racing today 6.3
17) One win in current chart 5.0
18) Two wins in current chart 6.0
19) Three wins in current chart 7.5



Let’s Look at the Screenshots:








Another Neat Feature:  The PC/ML

This column, immediately to the right of the M/L Column, is the Pace Calculator Morning Line Creator, which is different from the M/L (morning line). What this algorithm does is calculate a morning line based on the ratings in PTOT column. You will often find nice overlays if say, the PC/ML is significantly lower than the M/L. Now, because the values in the PTOT column are often very close, you will often see that the odds bunch together with, say, a lot of 5/1s, 6/1s, etc., in the same race. In races like these those odds are relatively meaningless. In races where you see significant differences between M/L and PC/ML, where a wide range of odds show up in the latter column, the calculations become much more significant.  So a runner, even if not one of the top picks, who has a PC/ML significantly lower than the Morning Line, is worth a serious look as a potential overlay, and inclusion in your exotic wagers can prove lucrative.

🤔So Let’s Look at What We Have Done Here:

👉Taken one of the most popular, most accurate Pace Methodologies of All Time & Converted it into a Software Program.

👉Added Modern Day Pace Technologies like Turn Time, Interior & Final Fraction Calculations, etc., to Enhance the Accuracy.

👉Programmed in a Myriad of  ‘Sub-Set’, Critical Handicapping Factors to further Improve the Overall Hit Rate.

👉Created an Algorithm that Allows the Program to Calculate its own ‘Value Line’ Odds Line.


“I love that you guys have done this!  I had a previous version of this software from another company years back, but it worked only in the early versions of Windows.  What I love about this one is the Consistency.  Hitting at close to a 37% rate and getting some nice prices to boot.  For a guy who hates long runouts, this suits me perfectly.  I like the fact that it also seems to work at all tracks, including bullrings and including Quarter horses.  Good Job!”  Henry Lovell, Chicago, IL


So if You Love CONSISTENCY & Hate Long Runouts, or runouts of any kind for that matter, AND are a True Believer in PACE is one of the Most Important Factors in Handicapping, then The Pace Calculator Software! is designed just for You!

And at a price of just $138, you really can’t go wrong, especially since if you don’t like it, you can exchange it or get a Full Refund.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and, of course, call us with any questions.

Ray Taulbot’s Pace Calculator Software