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Handicapping Legend #11:  Lucky Chan! 

Lucky Chan’s Triple-Threat!  A Series of high win %, profitable methods  – includes BONUS Method: Chan’s Upward Mobility System!

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While everyone knows about Andy Beyer,  Dr. Sartin,  James Quinn, etc., the fact is that these folks, while important pioneers in our game, for sure, they made most of their income from selling books and other products.

The fact is that most winning horsesplayers most of us have never heard of.  But scores of horseplayers have developed winning systems of their own — methods used to supplement their income while also enjoying the thrills and chills of thoroughbred horseracing.



So we introduce to you ‘Lucky Chan’, a player who turned his love of the game into a nicely profitably venture:


This is a tough game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some darned solid spot-play methods that can turn a decent profit.

Methods that require very little thinking — you simply follow a proven formula. 


Lucky Chan was a firm believer in simplicity. 

He wasn’t interested in getting rich.  He simply wanted to be able to earn a decent living from the game he loved. 


So he studied, and studied, and kept records and studied some more.


He hated losing streaks, so he developed methods that concentrated on high percentage areas of the game. 


He knew that favorites won roughly 33% of the time, so he figured that there had to be situations where the chalk won at even a higher rate and produced a solid return on investment. 

And he was right. 



Follow the spot-plays in this publication carefully.  We doubt that you’ve seen many other methods that hit at such a high rate, virtually eliminate runouts and are consistently profitable.


ImageProxyWe will go over Chan’s methods of play shortly, but first this very interesting take on his work from Tom Console:

Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard at this game.  Of course, I love it and have spent endless hours developing software programs and viable paper and pencil methods of play.  And I work hard finding my plays daily and have enjoyed great success at this game.  I guess I’m just action hungry, because when certain things come to my attention, I realize I could take it a whole lot easier and still make a good living at this game.


 One of those ‘certain things’ came my way about four months ago.

It was a collection of methods, spot-play methods, from a fellow by the name of Channing Brown.  Actually, it was from his son who asked if I’d be interested in publishing his Dad’s angles.  When he told me his Dad went by the nickname of ‘Lucky Chan’, bells started going off in my head.

While I was playing in Reno during the early part of my professional career I had met Chan.  He was introduced to me by a good friend from Southern California.

Later, over dinner, my friend told me that Lucky Chan had been making a decent living from the horses since the early 1960’s, that he was one heckuva nice guy and almost a living legend around the So Cal tracks (even though he preferred ‘booking’ wagers on the New York and Florida circuits).

 Small world, I thought.  Here, into my lap, all of a sudden falls what many players would have given their right (and left!) arms to get their hands on, or their feet, since they wouldn’t have any hands left after the ‘giveaway’.

 Some of the angles sounded familiar, but Chan always seemed to put a little twist on them to make them tighter and more profitable.  And my brief tests confirmed that I was in the possession of several consistent, winning spot plays. 

Geez, I thought, I could just sit back, wait for the plays to come up on the card and enjoy racetrack profits on almost a daily basis.  But, again, I like a lot of action, so while I’ll certainly employ these wonderfully thought-out angles, I’ll still keep doing my other stuff.


And you can certainly do the same.  Incorporate Chan’s plays into your regular racetrack regimen.  Or, relax, smell the roses and use them exclusively.  You won’t get a whole lot of plays, but who cares if you’re making money. Isn’t that what we’re all in this game for?


A total of five angles have been included in this text, each and every one of them a winner.  Most hit at an extremely high rate, so you’ll be cashing often.

  But heck, I’ve said enough.  Get hold of Lucky Chan’s ‘Triple Threat’ and embark on another great racetrack adventure, one that is sure to line your pockets with some serious coin!    Tom


<<<<The Lucky Chan Systems >>>>


The Sooo… Simple Method!
Also Known as The High-Power – High Stakes
Dutching Method


You will hit close to 75% of your wagers and realize a long-term return between 10% and 14% ROI.  While your overall average mutuel will be on the short side, your hit rate is such that you will earn about 12 times what the banks are paying on cd’s these days.  Just a couple of rules – a runout of 3 is a long one!



The Seconditis Is A Good Thing Method!
Also Known as
‘Places Everyone’


High-percentage place-betting methods are a favorite among professionals worldwide.  Why?  Well, because you get paid if the horse finishes 1st or 2nd, so you are essentially doubling your chances of a payoff.  Of course a good place-betting method has to be very selective and produce a very high hit rate.  This  spot play method does just that.



The Early Bird Odds-On Place Parlay Method!


Here’s another great way to earn money by playing to place.  You may have seen an angle similar to this in the past, but Lucky Chan tightened it up even more so that runners who qualify on this angle will win or place close to 84% of the time.  We have seen winning streaks of 14 straight, 17 straight and 19 straight using this method (’winning’ meaning that the qualifier finished 1st or 2nd and we were cashing place bets).



Chan’s Lucky Longshot Dutching Method For Dummies!

While Lucky Chan’s overall approach to the game was conservative, he realized that the occasional big payoff was necessary to keep one seriously ahead of the game.  During a random test of @3,600 races we had a win rate of 19% with an average mutuel of $27.10.  We caught two horses that paid over $70 and three that paid over $60.



BONUS Method: Lucky Chan’s Upward Mobility System!


A ‘reverse’ trainer angle, so to speak.  Chan puts some neat little twists on this on — he shows you how a horse than looks out of form is actually the ‘NOW’ horse.  @34% winners at a very high $10.34 average win mutuel.


SOOOOO…..  What you are getting is quite a package — four of Lucky Chan’s personal methods, + his Upward Mobility System thrown in at no extra charge!  And at the price of just $49.88 ($39.55 for the ebook), this is a deal that is simply too valuable to refuse.  And, of course, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can simply send it back for a refund. 

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