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WELCOME, HERE WE GO! THE HUGE BENEFITS OF ADDING Rob Henie’s NYHR (New York Handicapping Report) to Your Racetrack Regimen!!

Every Major NY Track, Every Day, For ALL of 2023!  👉👉Check out the Super Introductory Pricing! 


A NOTE from Rob:

Shuffling Meets, adding Meets, and now, the NYHR!

When the Pandemic began, as many of you remember,  we skipped around the country to provide coverage for our Members, whatever track was open, we did our best to fill the schedule for Members, Oaklawn, Kentucky Downs, Keeneland, Churchill Downs (all successfully profitable Meets for the reports as many of you will recall), whatever it took to fill the schedule.

Last year we added the Keeneland Meets, which made many Members happy, while others still wanted to see New York, at some point, return back into the schedule mix again.

Your requests have been answered, as we’ve come up with a schedule that works, and actually works well from a daily and monthly point of view. So we have embarked on a project that has been in the preparation stages for months……

😃The NEW, EXCITING NEW YORK Handicapping Report!

New York Racing is Unique on this continent. 

While most tracks, especially California, Florida and Louisiana are heavily biased towards speed, the surfaces at the New York Meets tend to be much ‘fairer’ in that horses coming from off the pace have a good shot.  This fact often confounds your average speed handicapper who finds it difficult to identify more ‘balanced’ runners.

But not so here at the NYHR.

We have covered scores of NY meets under the ECHR (East Coast Racing Report) title, and know these tracks like the backs of our hands. 

👉And we have added two new expert race ‘observers’, Brooklyn-born Dave Watterly and Hank Caprici, who are not only live on-track every day, but spend hours watching taped relays, and all of the highlights are passed on to us. 

👉👉👉Also, we have several big-time owners and trainers who are subscribers to our service and, yes, we are often provided ‘tips’ that more often than not prove very accurate — while they don’t all pan out on the win end these tip horses often hit the board, at times at a nice price.  In fact, as we write this, one of these runners, Make the Boys Wink, ran 3rd at 22-to-1 in the 5th at Gulfstream (Jan. 8).

So you will have the benefit of all of this ‘inside’ info, as well as expert handicapping evaluation, for the rest of 2023 — at EVERY NEW YORK Race Meeting!   



And the price?:   Check it out below — when we say the NYHR will cost you just pennies a day — we mean exactly that your cost will be just pennies per day!


Here are the meets we will be covering:


*NEW* Aqueduct Winter (current)

*NEW*  Aqueduct Spring

Belmont Spring


*NEW* Belmont Fall 

We’re super excited and we hope you are as well! How can you benefit by adding the NYHR?  You’ll not only enjoy the new Meets from Aqueduct (Winter and Spring), as well as Belmont in the Fall (we’ve always covered the Belmont Spring Meet), but consider the following:

  • Daily coverage from New York.

  • How have the tracks been playing? – we keep close track of all biases

  • Invader success or failures – we keep close tabs on all shippers.

  • Field strengths. When New York runners move to Florida or Kentucky from time to time, we’ll all understand the strength of the race they exit in New York, did they exit a salty heat or was it weak?

  • The same “different” type of analysis which so many of our Members enjoy, not the typical approach you’ll find from other services or handicappers, we know you understand what we’re saying, with the same commitment to finding winners while thinking outside the box, thus, we’ll confidently proclaim, you’ll enjoy the NYHR as much as the WCHR and ECHR!

  • Below are the results from AQU Sunday, January 8, a very typical day.  If you can handicap this well, you don’t need this report, but if not, and that will be 95% of us, get on board for a fun and profitable ride!

Sunday NYHR Results – in 6 of 9 races a Top Pick Won, and two ran 2nd!

Race 1 Top Pick Fire King             1ST     $7.20

Race 2 sec choice HangTight         1ST     $4.60

Race 3 Top Pick Makart                 2ND

Race 6 Top Pick HppySphia          1ST     $8.50

Race 7 Top Pick WritrsRgret          2ND  7-1

Race 7 sec choice WrrsRvnge        1ST   $12.60

Race 8 sec choice WddaThnkNw   1ST     $7.20

Race 9 Top Pick CheekyTico          1ST    $3.90

😃Special Introductory Offer!!😃

👉👉Again, remember that you will be getting EVERY DAY of EVERY New York MAJOR Meeting for ALL of 2023!!   Regular Price for this service is $289.  But if you sign up within the next 14 days, your price will be just $154!!

And, as we said above — that is literally just pennies per day.

So give us a call  1-800-696-0067 or order from our website –  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OFFER!

Also, if you want to take advantage of our 2-Pay Plan (1/2 Now and 1/2 in 60 Days) Call us and we will get you set up on that plan.