Jim Robins Easy Money + ATM & Lucky 7 + FREE Super Wager Calculator! Ebook or Hard Copy at a Fabulous Discount!! & Now, SOFTWARE!!


All three methods are extremely simple to use and boast high win %’s and consistently steady profits.

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Jim Robins – EASY MONEY+!!   Jim’s Best Seller at a Huge Discount off the regular retail price!!   +++Software!!

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Editor’s Note:  Well, we got lucky again!  Expert Handicapper/Author Jim Robins has given us permission to distribute his best selling Thoro-Ranch collection, also know as Easy Money, to our customers for a discounted price, in both Ebook and hard copy format. 

All three methods are extremely simple to use and boast high win %’s and consistently steady profits.

****It’s time to take advantage of this offer which, as you can see below, is one of the best deals you will ever get on quality handicapping material.


Jim has been handicapping and picking winners for close to three decades now.

Since 2006, he has also reviewed and tested systems for the prestigious Phillips Racing Newsletter.

In addition, he is also the Feature Editor of ThoroStats.com, and has also developed handicapping solutions for other companies world-wide and top professional handicappers, as well.  Yes, real-life racetrack professionals pay Jim for advice!


“Through the years, my goal has always been to find and use ONLY the BEST of the BEST. And now, I am using that knowledge and experience to publish systems that are fast, accurate, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use,” Robins said.


Jim’s ThoroRanch Collection, Part 1 – Easy Money!

He continued, “My job is to both simplify the handicapping process and enhance winning percentages to increase profits.

Then, I refine and tweak the method until it is both easy and more profitable for you.

It’s not rocket science, but it is over two years of relentless research. Working with Dave, Tom and Len of RPM is almost an honor, as they are marketing some of the finest resources in the business.”


Jim’s ATM


Robins ATM has been winning at about 44%+ (and that is just flat bet Win tickets.) It requires about 3 minutes per race and does not require charts, a computer or complex math.

It quickly ranks the horses for you and is also popular in exotics.  It normally sells for $69.99 – BUT see the great package price below!



Jim’s Fast Angle


His Fast Angle is lightning quick and overall probably his most popular system. You can figure an entire race in about one minute (seriously), yet it picks winners at GREAT prices.

The secret is that it eliminates unprofitable races and unprofitable horses before running the method. This saves you time and money. It presently sells for only $69.99 – again, reference package price below.



Jim’s Lucky 7 (this method is also known as Jim’s 7-Word System)

  is quick and easy and works at almost any track – There is absolutely no handicapping involved!   The fast and simple system builds your bankroll almost automatically.

Look at these recent results:


Win %  = 43.18%   ROI  +10.52%


and the Show % was 72.72% – 7 out of 10 plays in this no-handicapping method at least finished 3rd! 

It sells for $29.99.


>>>Add all those prices up and you get a total of close to $170.   But you can get a very generous discount by ordering soon.


You can get the Easy Money ebook, delivered immediately, for just $45.52 or get the hard copy for $55.97


****In addition, the Robins SuperFecta Wager Calculator, which sells for $47 on the internet, is FREE!!

Full details are available at www.rpmhandicappinggiant.com.


or call us at 1-800-696-0067


More from Jim:


Here’s some more info, directly from Jim, to assure his customers that he is in this game for one purpose onlyto win frequently, and make an acceptable profit in the process:

Also, you will be surprised at how fast and accurate these methods are, as well. I am not kidding here, and this is worth talking about for a minute or two.

Who declared themselves king and commanded that all good horse racing systems have to be long and difficult to figure out?

I’m serious. Who decided that is the way it should be?

To me, not only is this “rule” silly, it dosen’t work, either.

Let’s take one quick example: About 100 years ago, before computers and elaborate stats, the favorite horse won the race about 30% of the time.


Now, 100 years later, with all kinds of stats , computer programs and reams of information, the favorite still wins about 30% of the time. What does that mean to you?


To me, it means that you don’t need a difficult system and piles of stats. You just need a fast, simple, accurate and effective method that fits your track, period.

That is the underlying purpose of this book.

Plus, I give you plenty of examples that illustrate that this plan helps. In fact, with one simple method, I illustrate it working on a $65,000.00 Handicap at Del Mar and a $5,000.00 Claiming race at Lousiana Downs, within the same week!


That is my guarantee to you — that these methods will work for you.

My examples are not old races from worthless tracks run back in the 1980’s.

My examples are newer races, real races, races that you may remember playing.

That is my guarantee to you, real races that prove, without a doubt, that the methods work and that they work well. This way, you are not wasting your time.

These methods will work for you.

And, More BIG NewsEasy Money is now on software!!  Order now and you will get a full $46 discount, so your price will be just $83.33!!































Below is a real nice ATM hit.  ATM will get you some great prices as well as a super-solid win/place %.

this is she screen















this is she chart












Below a solid hit at Saratoga — you will see lots of nice scores in this odds range with Jim’s Easy Money Software

banzai screen















banzai chart















And here’s a situation that comes up frequently — a race where there is both an ATM and Fast Angle pick that combine for the Exacta (6-to-1 and 8-to-5)  Not a huge payoff ($31) but a whole lot better than tearing up a ticket!



































So don’t wait — Don’t be late – get your order in now.  And, of course, if you are not satisfied, for any reason, simply return the materials for a full refund.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 to order or with any questions.


Easy Money Ebook  $45.52


Easy Money Hard Copy  $55.97


Easy Money Software Discount  $83.33


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