Jeff Sillifant’s The 3-D System!! An Incredibly Powerful System of Play That Has Just ONE Major Rule!! Great for Exactas — Now in Software, too!!


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The 3-D Story

An Amazing, Virtually NO-HANDICAPPING method of play that produces BONANZA Profits!

   Most of you that have been in this game awhile know Jeff Sillifant and many of you have used his systems like Lifeline Discovery, Chalk-O-Matic, Playday Payday, The Sound System, etc., etc.

His Max 21 is still used extensively by loyal fans, as is his Weight For It and Quick-Pik Combo Crusher. He even has a dandy methodology that just uses Workouts to cash in regularly (Works for Cash, II).


 Jeff, you see, is retired and spends most of his spare time developing simple-to-use, yet very profitable horse racing systems to supplement his pension and social security income.

In fact, Jeff has produced some of the savviest and most profitable systems and software we have ever tested.


And of all of those systems we analyzed, his 3-D System! produced the overall best profits and ROI with an average positive return on win bets in the 100%+ category (Jeff got a +161% ROI in his initial tests, but that came down to the low 100s after our multi-thousand race study).  And decent profits were also made on place betting (+33%) and show betting (+21%).

With the average win mutuel close to $12.70 and a win rate close to 36% well, you do the math!


>>>Now, the interesting part of all this is that The 3-D System! received very little promotion or advertising initially, which was purposeful on Jeff’s part because he felt too wide distribution would hurt his mutuels.  We have proven to him that that simply is not the case, as most C-3 users are small bettors or bet into large mutuel pools at the larger tracks.


>>>So, long story short, we are pleased as punch to be able to offer Jeff’s 3-D System!  — this time with improved elimination rules that curtail runouts and, we have also put the entire system on Software!!

And, at an absolutely sensational price to boot!!


And seriously, after just a handful of eliminations, there is ONLY ONE Main Rule! — and that rule involves just a quick look at the past performances!

Read the text below, and order as soon as possible — even though we assured Jeff that he does not have to worry about his horses being bet down, he wants to limit sales to just 100 copies.  And at the price offered, that could happen fast.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website



The 3-D Paper Version   $38.00

The 3-D Ebook   $34.88

The 3-D Software  $77.00


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The 3-D

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