Hammering the Chalk, II!! A Guaranteed Profit Method using Place & Show Bets!! Includes FREE!! HC, II Automatic Parlay Excel Spreadsheet!!


Hammering not only produces guaranteed profits, both on flat betting and parlays, it is also super consistent and super steady.

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Editor’s Note:  There ARE easy ways to make money at this game.  And while, often, these methods are not as exciting as hitting, say, a four-figure Superfecta payoff, they nonetheless grind out a GUARANTEED profit.

The best of the bunch, we feel, is Len Czyzniejewski’s Hammering The Chalk, which is now Hammering The Chalk, II, as Len has tightened the method up to make it even more profitable and added a great Excel Spread Sheet Program to do all the work for you!!  You receive the full 25-page Hammering The Chalk, II methodology, which is exquisitely detailed to provide you with every relevant stat you need to make money, as well as the HC, II Excel Spread sheet program – – and all for an extremely reasonable price!

“Hammering not only produces guaranteed profits, both on flat betting and parlays, it is also super consistent and super steady.  Runouts are non-existent – you will cash the vast majority of your tickets. And while the prices are often short — who cares — it makes money!!  Period!!!  Tom Console

With HTC, you are making high-percentage place and show wagers that make profits betting straight … but those profits can double, triple or more when using Len’s Proven Parlay method, which you can do manually with the provided parlay sheets, or automatically with Len’s FREE!! Automatic Parlay Excel Spreadsheet. 

➸Read all about it — then see the complete explanation of how the parlay method works near the bottom of the page.☟





Explanation of How the Parlays & Excel Spreadsheet Work


The parlays used are know as ‘modified parlays’, where you use anywhere from 4 to 48 races.  You start with an initial bankroll, and allocate a certain amount to each race … when you cash, the profits are spread over the remaining races.

For example, the below chart shows a 12-race parlay.  Your initial bankroll is spread over these 12 races, with $22 going on the first bet, $20 going on the second bet, etc., so you will have money to continue your parlay even if you lose a race.  Using the suggested selection method, you are going to hit close to 90% of your bets.  But let’s say you lose your first bet of $22.  Ok, you still have 11 races to go where you have allocated a wager.  So let’s say your next bet hits at $3.20 — your profit on a $20 wager would be $12.  Very simply, you take that profit and spread it out among the remaining races, so you would add $1 to each of the remaining wagers, so instead of $18, your next bet would be $19, and the one after that $17.  As you add profits from each winning bet, you divide the remaining races into your profits and increase those wagers.  So as you can see, your overall profits can escalate significantly using the parlay method as opposed to straight bets.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze to do manually.  But if you want to take all of the guesswork out, you can use Len’s Automatic Parlay Excel Spreadsheet Program, which is included with your purchase!

All you have to do is enter the result of the race you just bet on — enter the winning amount (let’s say it is $3.40) and the Spreadsheet will not only calculate your profits, but add the proper amount to all the remaining wagers, so you will know exactly how much to bet on the rest of your parlay wagers.

Now look at the next Excel chart.  Here you see an actual real run of five races.  We won the first bet at $4.20, the next at $2.80, the next at $3.00, missed the next, then hit the fifth bet at $2.40.  All of these amounts are entered in the ‘Paid’ column.  The program calculates what you collected (Coll), your profit (P/L) and the running profit totals (Run).  Also, under the Bet column, look at the first number, 22.  That is our initial wager, as it was in the first chart.

But follow the diagonal line down to the right in the second chart and note that the second bet is now 25, instead of 20 in the first chart.  What the spreadsheet has done is added the amount of profit, spread over the remaining plays, so you know exactly the amount to bet as you progress with your parlay series.  It’s incredibly simple, and the fact that it assures you of both a short-term and long-term profit is icing on the cake!



Date TRK R R N Bet
22 22 Bet
20 20 Bet
18 18 Bet
16 16 Bet
14 14 Bet
12 12 Bet
10 10 Bet
8 8 Bet
6 6 Bet
4 4 Bet
2 2 Bet


Date TRK R R N Bet Paid Coll P/L Run
22 22 Bet 4.20 46.20 24.20 24.20
20 4.20 25 Bet 2.80 35.00 10.00 34.20
18 4.20 2.80 25 Bet 3.00 37.50 12.50 46.70
16 4.20 2.80 3.00 26 Bet -26.00 20.70
14 4.20 2.80 3.00 24 Bet 2.40 28.80 4.80 25.50


☛Also, Len provides complete analysis of every field size and odds range studied and the resultant Profit or loss, so if you want to be more selective and simply play in under the most profitable conditions, it’s all here for you!  Example below (this is stats for 6-horse fields with odds-on favorites – shows you the win % was 90.48, place 95.24, show 100%.  ROIs were positive for every category — Len does this for every field size from 5 thru 12 with all the likely odds ranges.  This is great research, and you receive it with your order.

  Entries         6      Odd       0.2        First    Second       Third    WinPay   PlacePa     ShowPay

  Summary for ‘Odds’ = 0.2 (21 detail records)

  Sum                                                     19            20            21        $44.80        $45.10           $44.70

  Pct / Avg                                          90.48%       95.24%     100.00%         $2.36         $2.26             $2.13

  ROI                                                                                               6.67%        7.38%            6.43%


And, again, if you choose to do it longhand, all you really need is a simple calculator to run your Parlay series.  Or, you can just make flat wagers on the types of horses Len suggests in the text, you will still make money.

So this isn’t anything you really need to think about, especially since we are providing a beginning-of-the-year, incredible low price of just $55.oo, fully guaranteed.

Give us a call at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website  www.rpmhandicappinggiant.com

There honestly is nothing else like this out there.

Take advantage while you can.

Hammering The Chalk, II with HC, II Excel Automatic Parlay Spreadsheet Program  $55.00

Hammering The Chalk, II Ebook  $49.88 (also includes Excel Spreadsheet program)


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