Greg Banner’s NEW EXOTIC BETS SUPER MODULE Software Program! Will Greatly Enhance your Exacta, Trifecta, Super, Pick 3s, 4s, 5s, etc. Chances. Great for Straight Betting As Well!!



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Greg Banner, of Northern Cal’s PaceView fame has delighted his followers with Software Programs like Speed Demons, Platinum Power, The Best Five, etc.  Programs that are precise, consistent and profitable. 

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But recently, Greg has expanded his horizons to create a software program that offers the user a solid chance to catch big paying Exotic wagers on a regular basis.

Greg tells us:  ‘I thrive on Exotic wagers, especially Trifectas and Pick 3s, 4s and 5s.  While I had good success using my programs with these wagers, it occurred to me on one particularly frustrating day of losses by a nose, a head and a neck that would have returned a huge Pick 5 payoff: Why not design a program that focuses primarily on Exotic wagers, from Daily Doubles to Exactas, Trifectas, Supers and the horizontals. 


‘It took awhile to get it all together, but once I began relying on this program to guide my Exotic wagering strategies, my fortunes improved dramatically, including four $5,000.00+ Pick 5 cash-ins.

‘My new Exotic Bets Program provides the player with several way to build accurate Exotic tickets, from the simplicity of the Daily Double to the more complex wagers like Trifectas, Superfectas, etc.  In addition, the program provides ‘Consensus’ picks for those wishing to make straight wagers instead.’


Examples & Screenshots Follow.  As you can see, you have several ways to build Exotic tickets, using Ability Power, Platinum Power (V.POWER), Prime Power & Trainer/Jockey (T/J%).  Among these we have found the best price getters to be Prime Power & T/J%, with the most frequent hits from Ability Power:

‘While I know the Exotic Bets software is designed for exotics I find it very useful for straight betting as well. I’ve found that in races for older horses (3 years and up) that of the three horses suggested in the exacta box the winner of the race is there over 80% of the time!  Also the Consensus screen is super accurate as well. I’m surprised you are not charging more for this.  Thanks for another great product. I probably would have given up on the game long ago if it wasn’t for you guys.’  Dave Evans, Miami, FL



‘You know how difficult it is to figure exactas, trifectas, etc. — you need the right picks and the right strategy. Greg’s exotic bets program takes a huge burden off the horseplayer. His algorithms produce the strongest contenders in a given race and displays the suggested boxes.  I have hit several $150+ Trifectas and two $300+ superfectas (betting just 20 cents – wish I had the guts to bet $1 supers!), and countless Exactas in just the first few weeks I have been using the program. It seems to work at all tracks. In fact some of my biggest scores have come at Remington and Parx, though Aqueduct and Gulfstream have been super consistent as well. Thanks for this and please feel free to use this testimonial in your advertising’. Dale Sennett, Tulsa, OK


Below are examples of the Display Screens for Vertical Exotics (Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta).  These you would normally box, though a ‘key’ can be viable using the top ranked horse with the others as well.


Horizontal Exacta Report below.  This provides you with the top rated horses in every race which you can use in Pick 3, 4, 5, 6.  Also, this is a handy guide for just seeing who the best overall contenders are in every race.  One of the top three horses, using Greg’s Prime Power, Ability and Platinum Power options will win 80% + of the races.  T/J% option had a lower win average (@71%) but did have some overall big-priced mutuels.


So What you have here is a multi-functional Exotic based software program which, by the way, can aid you mightily with  your straight betting regimen as well.

And, as usual, while we feel this product is easily worth $125+, Greg insists that we charge a lower price, so believe it or not you can have this software running for you today at the cost of just $88!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Take a look at the Video, too!