Dowst’s Systematic Master Win Method!! + The ‘Phantom’ Progression Method FREE!!


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The Systematic Master Win Method!!


Includes The Phantom Progression Bankroll Management Angle FREE!!!


Paper & Pencil, Ebook & Software Versions Available!


dowstpdfnew2Software Screenshot and Explanation Below


Column Explanations

SC = Official Program #

PP =  Post horse is breaking from

Horse Name

ML = Morning Line

PR# – Power Rating

R = Total races looked at (maximum 10)

TOT = Total Points horse receives from system rules


WINP = points given for meeting this rule

ITM% = in the money %

ITMP = points given for meeting this rule

REC = Recency — the number of days since horse’s last race

RECP = points given for meeting this rule

FIN1 = lengths beaten in most recent race — a minus figure means the horse won

FIN2 = lengths beaten in next to last race — a minus figure means the horse won

FINP = points given for meeting this rule

Boxes On Bottom

SMW Top Qualifier = Horse that best fits the system rules

Alternate SMW Play = A horse who also fits the system rules and is very close to the Top Qualifier Pointwise — There can be both a Top Qualifier and Alternate SMW in the same race

DUTCH = When both a Top Qualifier and Alternate Play is present playing both can be a good strategy

SMW Exacta Key Box – the suggested Exacta box or key based on the System rules.  Overall, we have found that ‘keying’ the first horse listed works best.  By ‘keying’ we mean using the first listed horse in boxes with the other horses.  So in the above example, we would have three Exacta boxes   —  a 9-6 box, a 9-1 box and a 9-3 box.  You can also do a 4-horse box using these horses, but we would suggest that only in races where there are 8 or more horses entered.

Suggested Wagering Strategies

The Systematic Master Win System is based on betting only on horses who show a consistent win and in the money record.  The ideal play is a horse who has won close to 1/3 of his races and finished in the money close to half of the time.  In the software version we have allowed the program to also highlight horses who may fall short on the win end but still has a 50%+ in the money record.  These horses usually run well and should be included in your exacta, trifecta, superfecta plans.

In situations where the SMW Top Qualifier has a total of 4 in the TOT column (the maximum) and no other horse has more than 2 in that column, the Top Qualifier is a very strong win/place candidate.  This is especially true in sprint races for races for males.

In cases where several horses are tied with 3 points that race should be approached with caution.  This suggests that the race is wide open. 

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