Chicago O’Brien’s ChalkTalk! Profits Betting Only Favorites! + The Fulcrum Bankroll Builder! – Superb, High% Method for Thoroughbred Horse Racing!


Chalk-Talk!! – Profits From Betting Only Favorites – Includes The ‘Fulcrum’ Bankroll Builder Strategy!

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Chicago O’Brien’s

Chalk-Talk!! – Profits From Betting Only Favorites – Includes The ‘Fulcrum’ Bankroll Builder Strategy!


Wager With Confidence on High-% Win/Place/Show & Exotic Situations — No Runouts —

Cash Up to a Dozen Tickets per Racetrack!


**Ok. We all know that favorites, on average, win about one third of all horse races.

***And most racetrackers also know that betting all favorites to win will result in about a -12% loss on your investment.

****And do you realize that close to 25% of all U.S. tracks have a winning favorite percentage that comes close to 40%, and several over 40%? 

We will reveal to you exactly which tracks boast those heady percentages, and why concentrating on those tracks makes betting favorites a no-brainer profit situation!!

You Receive a Complete List of the Favorite Winning % at ALL Tracks — arranged in order from the highest down. 
👉📈(Note: there are 28 tracks where the winning chalk% is 38% or higher — with that kind of knowledge, which almost no one else has, you can focus on the most lucrative situations available.  😀Also, you will know at which tracks the favorites struggle, allowing you to easily spot ‘false’ favorites.


But what many players do not know is that there is a method of play out there, a simple, easy to use system, that not only increases the percentage of chalk winners but also makes a darned decent profit and runouts are virtually nil.



Some of you may have heard of Chicago O’Brien, a famous old-school handicapper from the Windy City.  His name actually came up once in one of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels:

“Bond tried out the system made famous by ‘Chicago’ O’Brien.

He backed every firm favourite for ‘place’ or ‘show,’ as the system told him to call it,

and he had managed to make a tidy profit by the end of the eighth race.”

–       From the James Bond novel “Diamonds are Forever”, by Ian Fleming   bond

But he was a real, honest to goodness crack handicapper who made his money by betting the ‘chalk’, or favorites. A famous quote of Chicago’s:


images-7‘What other kind of investment do you know, for sure, that you’re going to be right at least one third of the time?

When you have that kind of percentage guaranteed, all it takes is a little research to discover ways to improve that rate, and in horseracing, for me at least, that’s a no-brainer.

I take money away from the racetrack on most days, and I hardly have to work for it.’

An old friend and customer of ours, an investment banker by trade and Ted by name, has been using Chicago’s system with success for many years, and was kind enough to provide us with the rules to

Chalk Talk!

‘See what you can do with this method,’ he said, ‘run it through your database and if it proves out as well as it has done for me, feel free to offer it to your customers.

I don’t want any money for it, just your database study and any ways you think we can make the method even better.’

So Len ran several studies using the chalk talk rules through his database.

While Len’s database is comprised of over 400,000 races he does he does not necessarily test the entire database at once.

He has his program randomly choose several 40,000 or so race samples and then runs them independently.

The samples, which again are randomly chosen, will of course include duplications, but Len says that running samples this way provides the best overall indication of how a system performs.



****The final tally almost mimicked the results Ted had been getting over the years. Close to 43% winners with an average win mutual of @$5.44.  65% at least placed.  88% at least showed.


And the fact that you are wagering on favorites means runouts will be NONEXISTENT.

***And, Take Another Look at those percentages for Win, Place and Show above.  You never, ever want to leave a Chalk Talk qualifier out of your Exotic wagers!


***You can see that close to 90% of the time, the Chalk Talk qualifier will hit the Trifecta, and close to 2/3 of the time will be in the Exacta!


And, if you are a Superfecta afficionado, Chalk Talk qualifiers will be part of the Super 95%+ of the time!***


How many horseplayers would you guess have a tool that can be relied upon to provide ‘KEY’

horses in Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas?

(‘key’ – meaning horses that will participate in the Exotics 2/3 or more of the time)

50%?  25%? 10%?  Nope – try 5% or under.  With Chalk Talk, you will be among that exclusive group. 


If you are an exotics player, you will be hitting many, many more of these payoffs than you ever have before.


***So, you not only have a super high-percentage method for Win, Place & Show horses with NO RUNOUTS, but you also now have a way of confidently finding and using KEY horses in your exotics.*** 


Enough already?  Nope, there’s still more:



>>>>The Fulcrum Bankroll Builder Wagering Strategy – FREE!!



A ‘Fulcrum’, as most of you know, is a point on which a lever rests —  it’s primary purpose: to add or gain LEVERAGE


When you order Chicago O’Brien’s Chalk Talk!, you are also going to receive his Fulcrum Bankroll Builder

a wagering/bankroll management strategy that is designed to enhance Win, Place & Show Profits. 

Fulcrum is not unsimilar to Len Cz’s Hammering The Chalk, but it does have a few twists that make the Place and Show slots more lucrative.


The Fulcrum Strategy relies on a past result to gain ‘leverage’ for an enhanced future result.


It is extremely simple to use and will provide you with higher profits than ‘straight’ wagering.  And it is totally, completely, 100% FREE with your purchase!!


What you are getting, for a very reasonable price by the way, is a quick, simple system that will have you cashing frequently —

much more frequently than usual, on favorites.

A system that will also provide you with a huge advantage in the Exacta, Trifecta & Superfecta.

And, The Fulcrum Bankroll Builder Strategy, FREE!, to boot!

For just $59.58, and a full money-back guarantee, that’s quite a bargain. 

Give it a try!



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