A Unique SPEED/CLASS/PACE Formula that Yields a Super-High Win/Place Hit Rate!! The SECRET ‘FLAT’ HORSERACING Method/Software!! PLUS – Get our NEW ‘THE BOUNCE’ Software for FREEE!!1



Combines Speed, Class & Pace into one Super Powerful Formula!

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New from Ron Stabile!

A Longtime Professional Shows Frustrated Horseplayers How to Break Out of Their Seemingly Endless Losing Cycles and, by Applying his Simple Formula, Get on the Winning Side of the Game Quickly!

>>>SHHHH!  PLUS — ORDER EARLY and Get Our New THE BOUNCE!  Software for FREEEE!!!!!


Over the past 12 months, as most of you know, we have been very keen on acquiring and offering methodologies from Professional Players that actually beat the game.  Our newest, The Secret Flat HorseRacing Method!, is from long-time customer Ron Stabile of Pennsylvania.  Ron has used this method successfully for years and recently asked if we could take his formulas and turn them into a computer software program.

Well, that’s Exactly what we did, and the results have been Sensational!


↘︎➽Combines Speed, Class & Pace into one Super Powerful Formula!

↘︎➽A Win/Place % of over 53%!!

↘︎➽Works at ALL Tracks, Large & Small – All Kinds of Races!

↘︎➽High Win % in Stakes & Handicaps as well!!

↘︎➽High Hit % for Exactas, Trifectas & Superfectas!



Let’s Take a Quick Look at Just How Ron’s Copyrighted Formula Works.  This was the second time in a row that Secret Flat picked Beau Recall — the other was on KY Derby Day where he paid $16.:



You will note, first of all, that this is a $200,000 Stakes raceStakes races tend to be some of the most difficult to figure since often a case can be made for most of the horses in the race.  Ron’s Formula first off awards points to horses for Speed Ability (SPDPTS), Proven Class (CLSPTS), an ‘Advantage’ Pace Calculation (PACEPTS).

Then a Speed Summation, calculating average and top speed (SPDSUM), a Class Rating that searches for the runner’s Best Overall Class Ability (TOPCLASS), and an Exacting Pace Calculation (BESTPACE). 

The Points awarded for these various critical handicapping factors are calculated in the TOT (Total) Column.  You can see here that 7/2 Beau Recall is a clear leader in TOT as well as in every column, most importantly BEST PACE.  Vasilika, who is a great horse, was bet down to 3/5 but could only get 3rd.

So what you have here is a Complete Speed/Class/Pace Analysis —

that focuses on the runner(s) MOST LIKELY to be COMPETITIVE in a given race.

Secret Flat is also very, very good at sorting out Exactas & Trifectas.  Take a look at the example below.  While this is not typical, payoffs like this will occur several times during the average racemeet.


Stakes and Handicap races are Secret Flat’s Cup of Tea, so to speak — the program boasts an extremely high  win rate in these types of events.

‘GAP’ horses, meaning a top scoring runner that has a big edge in points over the second highest scorer, are very good wagers – take a look at the example below.


One of the strongest Flat plays is when a horse has the top TOT score and also the top BESTPACE score.  Check Offshore’s scores below:

One of the most popular features of our software is the Summary Bet Sheets.  Here, at a click of your mouse, you can see every play on the card without scrolling through every race.  The example below is fairly typical of the kind of results you will get with Secret Flat.  6 Playable races — 3 winners including a $13.20 payoff; a 15-to-1 Place horse; 4 Exactas; 2 Trifectas ($63 @ $118); 2 Superfectas ($35 & $390):


So you can see that Secret Flat gives you several options to score wins, across-the-board horses, Exactas, Trifectas & Superfectas.  If you are an Exotics player, we can promise that you will make some major scores with Secret Flat.


And …  we have priced this technological gem right – within everyone’s reach, at just $97.50And, given what you are about to read below, this is an opportunity you absolutely cannot pass up!

OH ….

⇒⇒AND…… Order within the next 14 Days and You will receive, FREE!!, a copy of our brand-new THE BOUNCE!  Software!

  A $79.90 retail value, The Bounce! locates horses who figure to benefit or decline from a previous strong or poor effort.  ‘Bouncing’ is a concept that first received serious attention with the advent of Len Ragozin’s The Sheets.  He theorized that a strong taxing effort could result in a ‘negative’ bounce if the horse regressing if brought back to race too quickly.

However, there are also ‘positive’ bounces based on combination of factors from the previous race (trainer, odds, trainer/jockey team record, finish, etc.) and this is what THE BOUNCE! Program concentrates on. 

Not only has Len programmed THE BOUNCE! for consistency, but you will get some great prices as well, as the ‘bounce’ concept is used by only a very small percentage of the betting crowd.  >>>In fact, on BOUNCE contenders at morning line of 4/1 or higher, the program shows a nice +23% ROI!!

>>>And REMEMBER — BEST of ALL – It is absolutely FREE!  with your purchase of Ron’s The Secret Flat HorseRacing Method!!!

So you get BOTH The SECRET FLAT HORSERACING METHOD! & THE BOUNCE!  for just $97.50 and, of course, like with all of our products, they come with a full money-back guarantee!!


Call us at 1-800-696-0067, or go to our website  www.rpmhandicappinggiant.com

And, of course, call us with any questions you may have.  Thank You!


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