The Angle Emporium!

5th Printing!! A Major National Best-Seller!  And NOW IN SOFTWARE!!!!



Angle (ang’gal) v. – 1. To try to get something, gain an end, etc., slyly and artfully. n. – 2.  A method designed as a shortcut to obtain optimal results.

The Angle Emporium!

At the Angle Emporium, you can browse to your heart’s content for angles that fit any situation imaginable!  The most complete collection of winning handicapping angles ever published in one volume!

Handicapping is a tough game – don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t!  But as with any difficult task, it’s man’s nature to strive to simplify the process as much as possible.

In the horseracing game, ‘simplification’ has taken the form of ‘angles’ – methods of play based on sound logic that at most times take just seconds to locate!  And now you can have at your fingertips many of the most profitable angles known to mankind in RPM’s greatest ever ‘angle’ offering:

The Angle Emporium!!

We have paintakingly searched out the most logical, easiest to use and best-performing angles in the game; angles that can’t help but improve your bottom line!


Maiden & 1st-Time Starter Angles!

Daily Double, Exacta & Trifecta

*Quirin ‘Speed-Point’ Angles

Tote Board Strategies!

Beyer Speed Angles!

Beyer Pace Angles!

Pace & Turn-Time Angles!

The ‘Positive Horse’
Power Angle

The Best Longshot Angles In the Business!!

Winning Angles From  The Nation’s Top Players:
Sport Stat

Multi-Track Simulcasting Strategies Included!


The Angle Emporium


is designed to provide the player with that extra ‘edge’ – the edge that comes from knowing when to apply angles that are proven winners over time.


Not only will The Angle Emporium improve the serious player’s game, *but it will also provide the ‘harried’ horseplayer and multi-track simulcast patron a way  to locate logical plays quickly!


Also included:

A new look at ‘Ability Time’; The ‘Sneaky ‘Trainer Angle; Angles To Rise to the Top in those Mega-Buck Handicapping Tournaments, and a whole lot more!

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AND…..NEW!!!   The Angle Emporium, The Software!!

And it’s just about ready!  All the programmable angles in the book are now on CD-ROM, doing your bidding, and handicapping, for you!! 

More info coming, but if you want a real sweet deal, pre-order now and save $70 bucks!!  And….we’ll include the book, a $49.95 value, for FREE!!


The Angle Emporium, The Book #8844
The Angle Emporium, The Book #8844
RPM Product #8844 The Angle Emporium, The Book $49.95


The Angle Emporium, The Software #8844s
The Angle Emporium, The Software #8844s
The Angle Emporium, The Software -- Retail $197.00 Pre-Order Price $127.00 (includes 'print' edition FREE!)

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