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The Name Of The Game!



Walt Owen has been creating first-rate systems for over 50 years now!

Add one more – and it’s a GOODIE!!  Walt’s

The Name Of The Game!

An Easy to Figure Speed-Based System That Wins!

++++  His ‘OOO ’System & 5-Star System for FREE!!

What Walt Owens doesn’t know about the race game you can probably put in a thimble.

He has literally been handicapping since 1948 and started publishing his methods and articles in 1958, the year he turned ‘pro’.

Walt has an uncanny knack of taking a difficult subject, like pace, speed, track variants, etc., and creating an easy-to-use, profitable method from one or a combination of those concepts.

Walt’s newest, The Name Of The Game, is based primarily on speed, with a unique twist that results in an ultra-high win percentage and some extremely lucrative payoffs.

Often, you will be betting two horses per race. You will also often be betting at least one Exacta, sometimes two or three. The method is so darned simple that it may take you all of two or three minutes to locate your plays in a given race:

*The Name Of The Game:

1) Is Simple, Direct & Easy to
Follow! – it will take you only minutes to figure a race!

2) No Laboring over Facts & Figures –

just three Simple Rules, plus three eliminations, and the job is done!

3) Speed-Based Logic – speed is king at the track! It’s first, last and always The Name Of The Game! – Walt’s unique approach to speed makes this one of the quickest and most effective methods ever!

You will average two to four solid plays per day at most major tracks, a bit fewer at minor tracks. We pulled a random day, June 6, at Belmont and Santa Anita, and here are the results: 6 winners ($7.30, $13.00, $7.30, $3.60 & $9.00). 5 Exactas ($167.50, $88.60, $23.40, $38.40, $22.40).

 And this was a very typical day!  Oh, and get this: We had 13 total plays that day, and 11 of them finished 1st or 2nd (the six winners + five place horses!)

So if you’re looking for something that is extremely simple, gets a fair amount of action, has virtually no runouts and puts some serious
money in your pocket, then you’ll simply love The Name Of The Game!

And at
$48, we can almost guarantee you’ll recover the purchase price on the first few
bets you make!


“What I love about Walt’s methods is how darned simple and effective they are. The Name Of The Game not only produces a lot of winners, but some of the prices ae spectacular!” Dennis Young, Akron, OH


PLUS — FREE!! Walt Owen’s ‘OOO’ System (that’s zero- zero-zero) — This has been Walt’s favorite ‘quick spot play’ as he calls over the years. Yields 36%+ winners — a $40 value – Yours FREE!!  +++ His famous 5-Star System comes FREE as well!!!

Includes Walt’s Patented Bankroll Management Strategy!  One reason Walt has been so successful is that he uses a unique bankroll management plan.

Phillips Racing Newsletter, who has awarded Walt a series of ‘8’ & ‘9’ ratings, says ‘Walt’s bankroll strategy is one of the most steady, viable methods we have analyzed’.

The Name of the Game is great for multi-track play. Expect to become a ‘regular’ at the cashier’s window. Guaranteed to produce steady profits.


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