Triumph! Interactive Thoroughbred Forecasting Software! Predictive ‘Market-Like’ Algorithms Adapted to the Sport of Kings!!


The Triumph Interactive PP Projection Software Program!

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The Triumph Interactive PP Projection Software Program!

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Like numbers?  How about numbers that do a pretty darned amazing job of predicting the future?  The future results of races, that is.  And prices?  More often than not, a Triumph Winner is a very nice price!

This one came to us from a longtime customer who has been using this methodology for years.

Based on the material he has sent us, he has developed a keen sense of the prediction power of numbers and he has demonstrated it boldly with his New Triumph Interactive Software!

Now, the ‘Interactive’ part is very simple.

You simply need to input three to six values, which takes seconds (see the Input Last Race Day Values screen above) and then the program exerts its prediction power over the playable races on the card.

“I was totally intrigued when I first saw that Len was working on this.  I love to see new ‘theories’ applied to this game.  And while I’m still not sure why Triumph works, all I know is that it does work!  Some of the prices are amazing!”  Bob Shurig, Handicapping author


👉Also, if you don’t want to use the Interactive part, you can run the program in ‘default’ mode and, while not quite as accurate as Interactive mode, it still performs brilliantly.


How It Works

The Triumph Software, in its default mode (not using Process Values), is designed to locate, report on and analyze patterns at a given track relating to field size, winning post positions and distance. 

It does this by processing previous days results (usually the most recent 14 days) and projecting results that fit previous field size/winning post position/distance values.

And in its Default Mode you will get very good results. 

However, if you want to improve the accuracy, you can use the Input Value Screen (see above), you would only need to know the previous racing day’s results at the track you are playing. 

You would begin from the final race on that previous day and put in values for that race.  Let’s say it is a dirt race, and the number of starters was 8, the distance was 6 furlongs and the winning post was 6, you would simply highlight those values (see example above).  Then you would continue from the final race back and find the most recent turf race and input the same values, as in the example above 8, 8.5 and 5.  If there is no turf racing at your track, then you would only have to input the first three numbers for dirt.

What this process does is ‘tighten up’ the projections and will result in a slightly higher overall win/place/show rate.  But again, it is up to you how you want to do it: Default with no input, or input values on the sheet.  Either way you will enjoy good results and some amazing prices.


Why It Works

‘Patterns’ exist in every area of our existence, whether it’s in our everyday lives, the stock market, traffic patterns, etc.  And, of course, in our game we are all familiar with trainer patterns, post position bias patterns, track bias patterns, etc. 

So what Triumph is doing is analyzing several different ‘predictive’ patterns and then projecting these patterns to future races.

👉Also, as you may have noticed, the racing secretaries at the various tracks normally ‘card’ similar races day after day.  On Wednesday you may see a 6f sprint in the 1st, 6.5 in the 2nd, 1M turf in the 3rd, etc., etc., and then on the next day you see basically the same pattern in distances and surfaces, and almost certainly on the next Wednesday, you will see almost exactly the same pattern.  This is true at almost all tracks.

This adds more fodder to the ‘predictability’ algorithm in the Triumph Software.


“I love the fact that we are in the computer age and products like Triumph are possible.  While I was a bit skeptical of the concept initially, I was extremely pleased with the results.  While I understand the value of adding the Input Values, I actually prefer using Triumph in the Default mode as I find more consistency overall, albeit I may miss out on a nice price doing it the other way. Still, even in Default I get many big hits, and as a Trifecta/Superfecta player I have hit some major payoffs by playing the bigger prices ‘underneath’ on those wagers.  Actually this is probably the most ‘entertaining’ program I have ever owned.  It is great to look at the calculations in the bottom boxes and watch a price get up in time or just miss.  Congrats to the programmer on this one!”  Dale Earnest, Des Moines, IA


“This is what I love about you guys.  No one else in the business consistently comes up with not only new winning concepts, but your ability to provide us with programs from the all time great authors of yesteryear has allowed me to enjoy this game more than ever, i.e., cashing many more tickets than I would have on my own.  Triumph definitely proves out in the testing, and its ability to come up with big, big prices on a fairly regular basis is great.  I would highly recommend this program not only for straight bettors, but for exotic players as well, as using the pricier picks in your exactas, trifectas and supers will get you some eye-opening payoffs, guaranteed.” Ken Singleton, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Take a look at the Examples Below:

Triumph’s Predictive Value Calculations also shine with Quarter Horses!


👉George Simaris, a mathematician, expert handicapper and long time system tester for RPM tells us:  “I don’t know whether you are aware, but the algorithms in Triumph are very similar to some options and commodity predictive programs I have worked with, so my guess is that the author likely delved in those areas of the market before turning his skills to the Sport of Kings.  At any rate, this is a very sound concept.” 

So you are definitely going to want to give this one a try.


👉The user’s manual, by the way, contains many nuggets of great advice on how to get the most out of Triumph, as we have found several ‘angles within angles’ that will increase your hit rate. 

Triumph! is priced at just $111 and, of course, there is a full money-back guarantee.


You are Going to Have Fun with This oneWe Guarantee It!