The PLMPD Bonanza Sale 2023!




It’s Baaaaack!  The Premium Level Multi-Product Discount Bonanza!
Note: To qualify for the PLMPD Bonanza program you must have spent $501 or more on RPM products over the past 6 months. And if you are receiving this email you definitely qualify. 
Here’s how it works:  You can receive any eight RPM products of your choice for the price of just $501!   Regardless of the total retail price, you pay just $501. 
There are a few products that do not qualify due to our cost basis:  They are 2m2p packages, Dave Schwartz items and the Pace Appraiser. 
But anything else, go for it!
After your purchase just email us in response to this email with your chosen items, or call us.  
Last year 22 of our customers received this letter and 11 took advantage of it. It is without a doubt the best value package we offer all year. 
Follow the link below to order, or call us with any questions. 1-800-696-0067. Thank You!