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Hello Racing Fans,

        Tom Console here with my latest offering to the thoroughbred horse racing handicapping community.  It is called “The Mighty MC”.  First, let me give you a little insight as to where the “MC” name comes from.

The MC rating is an entire handicapping system my brother Steve and I developed and used back in the late 1980’s, through mid 1990’s. 

And it is still totally valid today.  Back then, we did not have computers.  It was a method we did by hand.  It utilizes tons of figures and factors.  To handicap 1 average race took me 30 MINUTES PER RACE once I was very fast at it!

There are many, many factors that go into this rating.  I kept track of all the various numbers by using different colored makers.  For example, speed may have been in blue, race class red, pace brown, earnings green, positions yellow, etc., etc.

  When I was done, I had about 10 different colored ratings that I summed up in black.  Thus, I jokingly named my method Multi-Colors, or “MC”.

But this is how I made a living at the races back then, before computers came along.  I played 1 track a day, and it was about 4 to 5 hours per day of handicapping, plus then sitting at the track the rest of the day to wager.  But it was a job, and it paid decently.  So I stuck with it for many years.


Now, thanks to computers and the MIGHTY MC handicapping software, what used to take hours is down to a few seconds! 

**Mighty MC uses the PP DATA FILES-single file format From BRIS.  If you have other programs that use these files, you can use the same one in Mighty MC.


That’s right.  Once the MIGHTY MC program was done, I decided to add a couple of other very powerful systems into it.  In fact, let me just list exactly what you will see for each race using the MIGHT MC software……..


Using the MIGHTY MC software, for each race, this is what you will be seeing:

Official horse number in the first column.

 The morning line odds are in the second column

 The name of the horse is the 3rd column.

 JOCKEY…the win % of today’s jockey

 TRAINER…the win % of today’s trainer.

 MC….This is the main MIGHTY MC rating as explained above.   And….


 SPACE…. This is based on my SPACE method, which is a combination of SPeed and pACE.  It is a complete methodology based on speed and pace, which makes accurate adjustments of the horses final speed, based on the second call of that race.  It hits the $3.00 winners just as easily as the $103.00 winners!!  Because of its ability to nail those high prices, I use SPACE mainly for finding long shots.  Yes, SPACE for some reason nails many very big priced winners.  So I look at the top SPACE horse and always bet it when it is 8-1 or up.  You will land many $50 and up winnersplaying @ 6 tracks per day, I hit @22 $50+ horses per month.  Test it at your track and you will see!

 ProjSpdThis is the ‘projected speed’ rating for each horse.  This is using multiple races, eliminating certain ones, and averaging the remaining.  For consistency, this is a very good rating.  Testers of the MIGHTY MC software said that they have developed their own 2 horse betting strategy using just this rating.  They just play the top 2 ProjSpd horses in any race where ALL horses have a rating, and the odds make it feasible to make a profit.

 Sys88This was a system I developed in 1988…thus Sys88It is not as complex as MC, but uses oddball factors that when combined creates consistency and an average win mutuel of $10.41.  Again, another method that will hit the big payoffs just as easily as the heavy favorites.  The method uses factors most of the crowd overlooks at times, thus nailing those bombs.



So there you have it.  An entire handicapping package, that will take NO WORK on your part, will deliver what once took hours of work to you in just seconds, and will take your handicapping profits to levels you may have never seen before! 

I know you will be happy with the software.  I know you have heard it all before and spent lots of your hard earned money on tons of things in the past. 

This is why I am trying to make it as affordable as possible, so don’t miss out on the $118 special deal.  You will love this program!!!!


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ipick1        ipick2


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Tom Console


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