NEW Version 6.0 Update now Available  New TIPS added — New Pace Factors Added – – Compatible with Windows 7 & 8

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holds a very special place. Painstakingly Developed in the 1980’s,

the End Result Took the Horse playing World by Storm.

At Last, Here was a Comprehensive Method of Play that would

Enable the Serious Horse player to Extract Profits, Steady, Consistent Profits,

from any Racetrack, Anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Only Problem was — it Often took

4 Hours or More to Handicap Nine Races!

The POPS & TIPS Manual was 280 Pages Long,

and Writing a Software Program for the System was

a Task That No One Would Attempt.

Until Len Czyzniejewski Entered the Picture, That is . . .

First time ever!!

proptipsNOW, for the FIRST TIME ever, the Complete, Original TIPS Method, is Available on Software! All 109 (yes, 109!) of the original TIPS have been programmed into the software (Each ‘TIP’ is a proven, powerful handicapping factor which stands on its own, but when combined with several, or sometimes dozens, of others, the end result is, simply, THE MOST POWERFUL SELECTION METHOD ON THE PLANET!

And it doesn’t stop there!!

In addition to assigning every qualified TIP to each race competitor, Len has taken the process several steps further, i.e.,: THE PROGRAM WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO WAGER WHEN A THOROUGHLY-RESEARCHED PROFITABLE PLAY IS GENERATED BY THE SOFTWARE!! (see example) And, the TIPS PROGRAM is loaded with other Powerful Features, like the patented RPM ‘Power’ Charts; the ability to view every horse’s complete pp’s; creates a Daily Program for every track, FREE!; the new ‘BONUS BOX’ feature!, etc., etc. AND>>> If you act right away, WE’LL GIVE YOU A FULL $125 DISCOUNT OFF THE REGULAR RETAIL PRICE!!! ORDER TODAY!!


The ‘TIPS’ Software Program

Q.How, exactly, does the new TIPS© Program Work?
A. It’s very simple – When you download a racetrack file from brisnet.com, The TIPS Software goes immediately to work, scanning all of the programmed ‘tips’ and assigns a point value to each horse based on the # of Tips he received. The TIP Point total is what determines which horses hold a decided edge over their competition. With 109 of the top-producing winner-getting factors in the game working for you, you get a far more accurate picture of every race the program handicaps.

Look at it this way: Every ‘TIP’ contained in the program is a powerful handicapping factor on its own. Some concentrate on speed, others on pace, others on jockey/trainer combos, others ‘class’ and consistency, etc., etc. So doesn’t it just make good sense that when a horse has several of these factors working for him, that particular runner will have an edge since he qualifies as ‘strong’ in several different handicapping areas? That’s the beauty of The TIPS Software. Over 100 powerful as well as subtle handicapping factors all come together to provide you with OPTIMAL SELECTION POWER!

arrowsThe TIPS Software is truly a revolution in the art of winner selection. Never before have so many winning selection factors been programmed into a single Super-Database that is designed solely to locate the most likely winners at your chosen racetracks on a daily basis.



Q. Is the software better at picking favorites, or long shots?
A. We have found that when a selection is a favorite, a solid favorite that is, it wins close to 38% of the time and produces a smart +24% ROI. Betting favorites to place has yielded a +15% ROI — not bad for wagering on fairly obvious horses! Regardless of what a lot of players will say about playing for ‘price’, the fact is that most fans love to cash tickets, and betting favorites allows them to visit the cashier’s windows often. And, with the TIPS Software, you now have the ability to catch a much higher rate of favorites and at a decent profit. And LONGSHOTS? Well, that’s where our patented BONUS BOX comes in. We call this the ‘Bonus Box’ because with most longshot plays they either win or do nothing. But the longshots the TIPS program comes up with hit the board (finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th) often, making playing the Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas a very lucrative option with this feature. So for those of you who like to go for the really BIG payoffs, the BONUS BOX feature could be just your cup of tea! By the way, just playing BONUS BOX horses to win produced a positive ROI of +56%!!!


Q. What other features can I expect from the TIPS software?
A. THE TIPS SOFTWARE is loaded with features that will make your handicapping life so much easier— so much. Besides the software’s most important function, which is to isolate winning plays for you, look what else this state-of-the-art computer program gives you:


>>110 of the WINNINGEST ‘POWER PLUS FACTORS’ of all time combining to provide you with winner after winner, Exacta after Exacta, Trifectas, Superfectas, etc., etc.!


>>GENERATES HIGH-VALUE PLAYS, and displays those plays in ‘wager boxes’ right in front of you!! In otherwords, you can simply follow the program’s advice, and that advice has proven super-accurate! These plays are the result of intensive research into which horses are likeliest to score given their edge on points over their rivals. Also, the top-scoring horse in each category (TIPS, TOTAL, SAP, PTW) is also displayed on the screen so you can track to see how top-scorers do at each track.


>>DOWNLOADS THE $1 DRF FILE from Brisnet.com or .50 file from TSNhorse.com.


>>The Software GENERATES AN OFFICIAL DAILY PROGRAM for the track(s) of your choice!


>>VIEW ACTUAL ‘CHARTINGS’ of Pace, Class, Earnings and Jock/Trainer! These charts alone provide you with a tool that virtually no one else at the racetrack has access to!


>>PAST PERFORMANCE GENERATOR — allows you to view or print out COMPLETE Past Performances! No spending extra dough for PP’s anymore!


>>BONUS BOX’ feature that provides you with very consistent BIG price plays.


>>THE TIPS GLOSSARY! Each ‘TIP’ a horse gets is abbreviated on the screen — you can get the description of each TIP simply by clicking on the ‘TIPS GLOSSARY’, where all are listed! A great feature for players who like to ‘dig deep’.


>>COMPLETE ‘HOW TO WAGER’ INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. We will show you high-value wagers that you can employ over and above the suggested strategies!

The Bottom Line, and that’s what we’re always looking at, isn’t it?, is that THE TIPS SOFTWARE will make your racetrack life easier, less stressful and so much more profitable, so we can’t imagine why you would not want to make TIPS the major part of your handicapping itinerary. The retail price? $424. YOUR PRICE  just $299!!!! A BIG $125 Discount!

A two-month period of play using our TIPS selections will show you that making money at this game is more than a pie-in-the-sky dream. It is a reality for those able to stick it out. We can guarantee you that the software’s performance will far outmatch the vast majority of handicappers out there. Think about it, have you ever enjoyed the kind of consistency that would allow to win money in seven out of every 10 weeks you played?

And remember, you will be cashing tickets frequently, including some huge prices (like the $93 Bonus Box winner we just got at The Fairgrounds!) Get started today! P.S. — ***You can also use our ‘Insta-load’ feature on our website and download the TIPS Program and manual right after you place your order so you’ll be cashing in on TIPS selections right away! Just ask for your password when you order.