The Armstrong-3 Method! A Super-Consistent Mechanical Method of Play! Software too!


They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. 

They Said a Purely Mechanical System That Earned Consistent Profits Was Impossible. 

My Name is Tom Console, and all I Have To Say To Them is: You Haven’t Seen 

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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. 

They Said a Purely Mechanical System That Earned Consistent Profits Was Impossible. 

My Name is Tom Console, and all I Have To Say To Them is: You Haven’t Seen 


The Armstrong-3 Method Yet!



Hi Guys/Gals:

It’s me, Tom Console again.  Many of you are already familiar with my work, but if you’re not, I have written many highly-rated methods, including URTI and TOP Horse!, Triple S, and paper/pencil methods like FG, SPACE and Tri-Topper.  I’ve received ‘8’ and ‘9’ ratings from Phillips Racing Newletter on all of my products.  **Now I don’t want this to sound like the typical ‘junk’ hype type of letter you often get in the mail, but I am excited, really excited, about this method and you know you can trust me with the facts.

 I am now ready to offer you not just another system, but a method from one of my very best racetrack friends, Tony Armstrong, which has made both of us tons of money over the years.  It is VERY SIMPLE, and produces LOTS of GREAT WINNERS!  We’ve named it The Armstrong-3 Method, because it represents Tony’s third and final revision of a method he has used successfully for over 20 years – it is honed to razor-edged sharpness now and the selections you get will seldom miss hitting the board.  Take a look as the enclosed 3-year study we had RPM do for us – you will love the consistency this method brings to you.


It literally takes me about one minute to handicap an entire race.  That’s because you will immediately be able to eliminate non-contenders and usually just have three or four contenders to deal with. So in 60 seconds you will come up with a POWERFUL rating for EVERY remaining contender!  The top-rated horse is the play, but if you have at least three contenders within a certain point range, you have a high-percentage Exacta Box if you wish as well.  Once you are familiar with the method, and you will be within minutes of reading it, you too will zip thru an entire racecard quickly.[/stextbox]


You like action?  With The Armstrong-3 Method, you’ll get action!  A-3 comes up with a TOP SELECTION IN EVERY RACE!   However, if you just want to stick with the ‘PRIME’ selections, picks that produce the best overall profit, you will see those 2 to 3 times per racecard. And you don’t have to let a rainy day ruin your fun.  The Armstrong-3 hits on ANY SURFACE, ANY TRACK, ANYTIME!



It took Tony years to perfect Armstrong-3. He fine-tuned it to the point where he was winning over 35% of the time!  And, even better, a lot of those winners were paying big prices!  I’ve also included a complete set of rules to come up with POWERFUL EXACTA, TRIFECTA and PICK THREE payoffs!  No matter what your betting style, Armstrong-3 will suit your needs!



The fact is, Tony has hit on a numerical formula that works like magic!  Magic to you, maybe, when you see how The Armstrong-3 works, to me it’s simply the result of years of hard work!  Tony really never intended on selling A-3, but so many of you have asked me for more methods, and I wasn’t about to write up just anything just to sell you something.  So I pretty much begged Tony to let me offer A-3, and, in a weak moment after cashing a pretty sizable bet, he agreed.

 In fact, after trying out The Armstrong-3 Method, my good friend, Dr. Robert Anthony, offered me a significant amount of money not to sell it!  He has developed a parlay wagering strategy that when used with A-3, yielded him significent profits, and he was afraid wide-spread distribution would hurt his prices!  I assured him that most folks purchasing A-3 are not big bettors and, besides, I intend to distribute only 300 copies nationwide.  And those of you who have dealt with me in the past know that when check #301 comes in, it gets mailed straight back to the sender!

**Oh, and how about this!:  Tony has a great method that does an amazing job of shaking out horses that are coming off a layoff — we were at Turf Paradise a few days ago, in fact, and his layoff pick paid a nice $33.20 for the win!  He calls it ‘Days Away’, and it will be included FREE! with your purchase.  My Exacta Quick-Pik method works very well with A-3, and I am including it, a $38 retail seller, FREE! as well.


  About Tony

I met ‘Anthony’ (he hated that name and always went by ‘Tony’) Armstrong in high school and we became fast friends since we both loved the racetrack.  On more than one occasion we snuck off to the races on days we were supposed to be sitting in the classroom.  That was until the one day when we actually ran into my Mom at the track (she introduced me to the game but usually only went on weekends).  Needless to say, that was the last time we skipped class!

When we got into college Tony and I worked our butts off trying to develop winning methodologies, along with the help of my brother, Steve.  Tony had a head for ‘numbers’, and could mentally figure the projected pace of a race in a matter of seconds — Steve and I were always amazed as we had to use calculators or slide rules.

But, long story short, I developed the basics of my TI (Thoroughbred Investor method, which later became best-selling software) in part thanks to Tony’s contributions.  Even after handicapping software became popular in the late 90’s, though, Tony preferred the paper/pencil way to do things.  He was actually using A-3 at that time, but he obviously did not have a name for it — it was simply his method of play.  Tony went to work for an accounting firm (his college major) but we still hung out at the track on weekends and at the racebook some evenings.  While Steve and I were doing full-time racetracking and making decent money mostly playing exotics, Tony actually won more frequently than we did betting to win/place and used the supplemental income to open his own tax accounting firm.

To this day Tony and I play daily, often together.  He sold his firm for a nice price and is now a full-timer as well.

And NOW YOU have a chance to share in Tony’s expertise and wisdom. 

The Armstrong-3 Method Methodology is just $59.50, carries a full money-back guarantee and you get both the DAYS AWAY Method and my Exacta Quick-Pik FREE! to boot!! 

Ebook available at $49.88   1-800-696-0067

***Software just $74.50!!***



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