A Shining Gem of Winning Consistency —  for Decades!

>>>And, Get This:  We are also including, FREE!!!, Jeff Silliant’s ‘Weight for It!’, with a NEW database Bonus feature that comes up with some great, great prices!!  FREE!!!

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A Shining Gem of Winning Consistency —  for Decades!

>>>And, Get This:  We are also including, FREE!!!, Jeff Silliant’s Weight for It!’, with a NEW database Bonus feature that comes up with some great, great prices!!  FREE!!!


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Joe Alberti  – A true American🇱🇷 hero a true Horseplayer’s Hero!

Joseph was a three-time baseball letterman of Madison High School and made the World Telegram Hall of Fame as a second baseman. When visited by a scout for the Red Sox, his mother insisted he attend college instead. He also made the varsity football team when asked to try out his senior year. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy the day after Pearl Harbor and served for four years on the U.S.S. Delta, where he advanced to the rank of Lieutenant (LT), in both theaters of operation. When he returned from the war, he married his sweetheart, Teresa Testa, on July 4, 1948. (we lost Joe in 2009, but his body of work for the horseplayer remains very much intact!)

Later the next year, along with his wartime buddy James Hatch, he opened a bar directly across the street from the CBS Studio Building on East 52nd Ave in Manhattan.  This was a time when television was becoming the preferred media, and movie theaters were taking a hit. 

As such, many famous movie stars began to make the transition to T.V. via CBS shows like Playhouse 90, etc.  Joe’s bar became a hangout for many of these actors and Joe became personally acquainted with the like of Cliff Robertson, Sterling Hayden, Vincent Price, Lloyd Bridges, Art Carney and enthusiastic horseplayers like Mickey Rooney and Jack Klugman.  And let’s just say that if you wanted to make a bet on the ponies, well, one didn’t have to wander too far (at all) from Joes’s place.



And this is where an interesting story becomes even more so.  Read on:


>>>Joe Alberti’s ‘CEN’The KEY to Extreme Consistency, both with Straight Bets & Exotics!!<<<


Just looking at the word ‘CEN’, one might think it’s a shortcut for CENTER.  And, actually, that would not be that far off, as Joe’s’CEN’ is, in a very strong sense, the ‘center’ of the Alberti/Hatch System of play.

‘CEN’, however, actually stands for ‘CLASS EVALUATION NUMBER’You see, Joe had suspected long ago, soon after he first picked up a Racing Form, that CLASS was the KEY to winning races, even among cheap claiming horses. 

While it took him many years of experimentation, he formulated a unique equation that, in our experience, is one of the best TRUE & PREDICTIVE CLASS EVALUATIONS in the game

The breakthrough came when he was talking to actor Jackie Coogan, a seasoned horseplayer, one day as they were comparing notes.  Joe told him that he was confident that the key to making money at the track was not speed, not pace, but CLASS. 

He told Jackie he felt he was close to something big.  Jackie told him, and this is how Joe related it to us exactly, ‘Listen Joe.  I’ve got the best handicapper in the business, in my opinion at least, on my payroll.  He doesn’t give me horses, he gives me systems that actually work.  Two of my favorites put most of the focus on Class.’  Jackie began scribbling some text onto a cocktail napkin.  ‘Here, the rules for the first one  —  I’ll get you the other, too, next week.’



Joe tells us that he never saw the other system, but didn’t need to.  ‘Here it was, a simple way to evaluate TRUE CLASS.  I incorporated it into my system and with the addition of some of Jim’s (Hatch) pace/condition rules and we went about our testing.  After physically going through hundreds of Racing Forms we were convinced that we had a winner.


The formula, the vast majority of the time, nailed each horse’s TRUE CLASS ability, so you would immediately know whether or not he belonged in today’s race.  Then, with a few other simple rules applied, you would land on the likeliest winner. 


We averaged about 3 to 4 plays per day per track.  When a horse qualifies on the rules, there is a 90% chance that he is very well meant today.  The trainer not only has the horse fit and ready, but has him at a class level that he knows he is competent at.  But the average Past Performance reader will likely miss this, because he does not have the formula to measure TRUE CLASS.’

Joe sold his bar in the late 1950’s and he moved his family to Albuquerque, New Mexico, a town he felt was wide open for business opportunities, and opened another bar, The Far West Club, and a hardware store, Chase Hardware.  ‘It was a busy time’, Joe said, ‘but I had a lot of good family help and it wasn’t long before I could get back to the horses, and Jim (who was still in New York)  and I made plans to head for Santa Anita one weekend to actually bet the system.’

‘Those trips became legendary’, Joe says, ‘while we did not win on every trip, we won often enough and at good enough mutuels to produce a decent supplemental income. 

We traveled to Santa Anita almost every weekend of the meeting, and after that Hollywood Park and Del Mar.  It was a ball!  We were beating the races on a steady basis, and in later years, when simulcasting became the big thing, we didn’t have to travel anymore.  The Alberti/Hatch System of play worked for us at most tracks, small and large.’

 So now, thanks to today’s technology, you don’t have to go through the very difficult process of evaluating Class  — the program does all the work for you, as well as calculate the other rules that make for a winning system.  Take a look at the screenshots below:

Saratoga is a tough nut to crack early on in the meet, but just take a look at the results of the July 17 card  —  4 winners and a 13/1 2nd from the first five races.

The Beauty of Having a Sophisticated Longshot Program in the Software as well!

(Baby Yoda won the 2nd race as the top Power Play at $5.10)

The below is an interesting situation that doesn’t surface that often.  When there is no Power Play or Price Play, the program searches among the potential Exacta contenders to see if there is a horse that is close to a full qualifier.  In this case Mattys Express paid $23 for the win;  This is something to definitely watch for.



As you can see, The Alberti/Hatch Ultimate Profit Play! is not only consistent but also capable of getting some great pricesOur Nationwide study found that playing horses with a top TOT score of 10 points or more who are at odds of 3/1 or higher returned a nice 31% Positive ROI.  Results were even better if you restricted your plays to horses who are 5/1 or higher on the morning line.


Backed up by years and years of testing,  the Alberti/Hatch Software will add a powerful new dimension to your play.

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The newly Updated Jeff Sillifant’s Weight For It!  Len has just completed a huge database study that adds a strong Price-Getting factor to an already great program.  Weight for It is a unique formula combining a horse’s weight and morning line odds.  This is a $78 value, YOURS FREE!!!!


So Let’s Review:  You are getting not only a Super Sensational System from one of the greatest producers of Winning Systems ever, Joe Alberti, but you are also getting Jeff Sillifant’s (who makes his living at the racebooks, by the way) great Price-Getting Weight For It! Software!

And the Price!   Just $88!

Just $88 and you get two top-quality software programs that would cost you $166 if purchased individually! 

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