Taulbot’s The GOLD CLAD Formula! Another Absolute Gem from Racings Most Prolific, Accurate, Winningest Author – Ray Taulbot! And .. Get a Load of the FREE Offer as well!! See the VIDEO!!


With Taulbot’s The Gold Clad Formula! you’ve got Consistency on the win, place and show plus above average mutuels, a sure-fire formula for success.

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Ray Taulbot’s

The Gold Clad Formula!!

And Check Out The GREAT FREE BONUS OFFER (below)!!

See the VIDEO Here!!

You may recall that a couple of months ago we released Ray Taulbot’s The Ways & Means System!, a winning methodology that one of our customers, Lou B. of New Jersey, sent us, with a note that said he had been using it for decades and never had a losing year.

We put it on software as well, and our customers simply loved it.

And then, just a few weeks ago, another customer, Earl G. from the Bronx, mailed us another seemingly ‘lost’ Taulbot system with this note:

Hi Guys — yes, the Ways & Means System is great, but I’ve got to tell you, the Taulbot system I have been using for many, many, many years (I’m 79!) is in my opinion even better It’s called The Gold Clad Formula! and it is easily one of the simplest yet most consistent methods I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried hundreds.  Test it out — all I want is a copy of the software if you decide to publish it.  I can also send you the results of my play for the last few years and, as you will see, winning days are more frequent than losers and the overall annual profit is consistently solid.  Thanks, Earl’

>>Ray’s Unique Ability<<

As you know, Ray Taulbot penned more quality systems/methods/bankroll strategies, etc., than any other author in the game.  Some of his rarer works (like Ways & Means) have commanded hundreds of dollars on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Ray had the unique ability of taking fairly common handicapping factors, but mixing them up in a way that produced winning after winning systems.  He seemed to instinctively know the overall importance of dozens of different factors and which ones worked best when combined.

>>But, like we’ve told you before, being the largest distributor of handicapping products in the world, a lot of this material comes floating our way from long-time customers or clients inquiring about putting these methods on software.  As such, we are in the very fortunate position of being able to evaluate winning systems before anybody else.

We tested @131,000 races using The Gold Clad Formula!, and Lou was right!

It did outperform The Ways & Means with a higher overall win % (35.8%) and a slightly higher average mutuel ($8.55). 

>>>And one of the Super Benefits is the total lack of long runouts on the win and place end. Also, we found several streaks of 8 or more straight show cash-ins.

George Glover of Houston, TX, one of our ‘testers’, said:  ‘It’s remarkable how well these Taulbot systems hold up over time.  I really liked Ways & Means, but Gold Clad does outperform that one, especially with horses that hit the board — the place and show hit percentage is great – and runouts, even on the win end, are very brief.  Glad you got hold of this one — hope there’s still more coming!‘  George

If you are using the paper version there are only a few rules to follow so you can handicap an entire card quickly, and with the software, of course, all the picks are there for you at a click of your mouse.  Take a look at the examples below:



So, with Taulbot’s The Gold Clad Formula! you’ve got Consistency on the win, place and show plus above average mutuels, a sure-fire formula for success.  $48 for the hard copy, $41.88 for the ebook, $78.50 for the software.


BUT Wait …. We’re not finished yet!!


When you purchase Ray’s The Gold Clad Formula we are also going to include, FREE!!

1.  Taubot’s The Pensioner’s Show System! – a $48 value — Ray walks you through his proven show wagering system that grinds out dinner money and more on an almost daily basis.

2. The $55-A-Day System! – this system, which retails for $55, uses public selectors using a win/place/Exacta scheme and a ‘stop wagering when you are in the profit zone’ plan.

  3.  Profit From Progression!  – A catalog of workable progression strategies.  Includes:  The Slow Progression Plan; The Steep Progression Plan; Percentage Progression & The Steady Investment Plan.  Sells for $59, but it’s yours FREE!!

So, can you beat this deal?  No, you can’t.  Not Anytime, Not Anywhere.

You are literally getting a Treasure Trove of quality turf information for an EXTREMELY reasonable price.

Call us 1-800-696-0067, or order on our website.  You will enjoy these clear, concise profit-making methodologies — That’s a Promise!


The Gold Clad Hard Copy + Bonuses  – $48.00

The Gold Clad Ebook + Bonuses –  $41.88

The Gold Clad Software + Bonuses – $78.50

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The Gold Clad

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