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A Super Consistent Program!

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The Intangibles Software! Accuracy Combined with Price! 

When Tim Osterman and Rod Young wrote the Intangibles Angle Book, they realized that they had released some of the best professional angles in the game, angles that they had used with great success for years.  Tim made all of his income from the races — Rod had a regular job and used the angles as a supplement to his income.

Rod always thought the angles would be too difficult to program, so he set that thought aside for a couple of years — and then, our programmer, Len Czyzniejewski, reviewed the Intangibles book and told Rod that, yes, at least five of the angles were programmable.  So Len set out to program what has turned out to be a software that is not only super accurate, but also gets great prices.

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The Testing Process

Most of you know that we test extensively on all of the systems, software, etc., that we publish, but we wanted to familiarize you with our methods.  We have found, over the years, that if a system or program performs well on tough racecards, like big Stakes cards, Breeders’ Cup cards, Triple Crown, etc., then it will perform just as well, often even better, on everyday cards.

Below are several examples from Gulfstreams’ biggest day, Florida Derby Day.  The Intangibles Software had a great day on this card – it also picked Tiz The Law in the Florida Derby, who won easily.




And from just an ‘average’ card – four winners on this card including a great example of a Win/Exacta payoff:

Intangibles works well at all tracks, small and large.  Below an example from Will Rogers Downs – and below the Summary Bet Sheet — 6 winners on this card!

Now, this doesn’t happen every day, of course, but many, many cards in our database tests had four or five winners or more!



5 Separate Angles …

is what the Intangibles contain. So, basically, you have to treat them as such. Each has its own coding, i.e., rules. We have found the most consistent angles to be Class Action and Super Rating. Class Action has a win rate of @31% with an average mutuel of $8.19. Super Rating is at 33.4% with an average of $7.70.

Vulnerable Favorites

Vulnerable Favorites are horses who have one or more detracting factors that make them less than a solid play at a short price. Now, VPs will still win close to 26% of the time, as opposed to the 34% rate for solid favorites. The key here is that if the VP is at odds of 4/1 or better nearing post time, he is worth a look, since value is being offered at the 26% win rate. 

Maiden Odds

takes into consideration recent odds patterns and awards points to horses whose last three race odds add up below a certain number. These can be very solid plays – they have an on-the-board hit rate of @77%. 


is an angle that tries to anticipate an overbet Vulnerable Favorite based on recent odds activity and and offers an alternative(s) to those horses. This angle is best used to 1) spot a live overlay – if one or more of the ZZ horses is at 9/2 or over, consider an across the board bet and definitely use in your exotics. When there are multiple horses in this box and more than one that fits the above criteria, it is best just to ignore these plays.

You will likely find many other ways to use this software on your own. If you find something that appears to be useful, let us know and we can test it out. Thanks!


You are really going to like this program – ‘super consistent’ isn’t just a catch phrase — this program is Super Consistent!

And the price is just $77!!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website – and do watch the Video!!

The Intangibles Software $77

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Available in Hard Copy and Ebook too!   Read below for even more details!!


The definition of ‘Intangible’ is ‘something perceived’: ‘it exists but is difficult for the mind to grasp’; ‘a knowing, or strong feeling despite a lack of solid facts.’

To put it in more understandable terms, let’s call it Intuition.  In otherwords, while tangible evidence is not apparent, a ‘sense’ that something real is going on.

The fact is, that whether you realize it or not, we all use Intuition in our everyday life and everyday work.  After doing something for a long, long time, whether it is playing golf, investing in the markets, mothering or playing the horses, Intuition often takes over when decision making.

And, while people who are true professionals in any endeavor, especially those at the top of their games, cannot ‘teach’ intuition, they can, and often do, put pen to paper and translate their perceptive experiences into facts that will provide readers with valuable information that, when applied, will advance their skills as well.


And that’s EXACTLY what Tim Osterman and Rod Young have done in their remarkable new work:



In this very precise manuscript, you will discover what actual racetrack professionals practice, day in, day out, to persevere at this very difficult game.  Here’s what you will find:

→The Tote Board Revealed:  One of the best Tote Board Angles Ever – and it involves Maiden Races!!

♦The Winning Player:  10 attributes that identify the winning player.  How many do you qualify on?  Well, with practice, you can possess all of them in a rather short time.

→Zig When Others Zag:  Why in the heck are you following the crowd?  Yeah, they are right about 33% if the time (short prices always), and wrong the other 67%.  This simple fact will decrease your losses immensely.

♣The Vulnerable Favorite:  Yep, as mentioned above, favorites lose 67% of the time, so why are you even bothering?  Eight simple rules that will tell you when a favorite is a no-go, providing you with the chance to collect on a much nicer price.

√Form, Ability, Class, Race Conditions, Connections, Breeding:  The ‘pick six’ of essential handicapping and how to focus on each one.

♠Determining Class:  A Simple Point Count system that will allow you to determine true class as well as the professionals do.

→Stranger Dangers!:  Shippers!   Many clever trainers use shipping to line their pockets with gold.  Find out exactly when to get down on a horse shipping from another track – these winners are almost always double-digit prices.

>Factors Beyond Data:  Getting the edge on 95% of all players by simply find-tuning these almost invisible factors.

→In addition, the authors provide you with a unique class chart for racing in Great Britain – with races from the UK being offered on every betting platform now, this will provide you with an insight that few players in the U.S. enjoy.

OK – The Bad News First — We are permitted to distribute only 150 of The Intangibles due to our agreement with Rod.

But the GOOD NEWS! — you can get a copy for just $39.88 in ebook form, or just $46.50 in hard copy!  And the software will be just $77!!

YOU NEED to add The Intangibles! to your Handicapping Library – you cannot get this kind of quality horseplaying education on your own.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order on our website!  You will ENJOY this one!


The Intangibles Hard Copy   $46.50

The Intangibles Ebook  $39.88

The Intangibles Software  $77.00

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