Pace Secret Plus, The Software!! A Technological Marvel that Analyzes ‘Race Shape & Projected Pace Scenarios’ — then Accurately locates Runners that Fit those Scenarios!!


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Mowing ’em Down in the Lane!


“This is really cool!  I shared this with a few of my trainer friends at the track and they were all extremely interested in getting a copy (their names/addresses attached).  This is almost ‘science fiction’ stuff — in my opinion ‘race shape’ analysis is the true key to the game –  love the prices this software gets and the designated ‘Closers’ on the main screen almost always run well.” Thanks, Pat Bartolotta, Mutuels Manager, The Meadowlands, New Jersey


‘Thanks, I got this yesterday.  It’s a very impressive program.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen so far.’

Best Regards, Glen Ramkissoon 

Publisher’s Note:  The term ‘Pace Makes the Race’ may be the most overused phrase in our game.  BUT ….. it can also be said that truer words were never  spoken when discussing the ‘art’ of picking a winner.

When watching a race, most fans just see a bunch of horses running around the track – period.  But the trained observer knows that there is much more going on, beginning at the break, around each turn, and in the final lunge for the wire.  And what IS going on, for example are: pace battles, wide trips, traffic, early fractions, TURN TIME measurements, final fractions, etc., all of which, when computed together add up to the ‘shape’ of the race.

When Race Shape is correctly computed, chances are races in the future with the same or very similar elements as today’s — # of entries, # of early speedsters, pressers, late runners, etc. — will turn out very much the same.  This is analysis is comparable to, say, a professional football team analyzing their next opponent’s defensive strategies so they will know which plays will work best when the other team shows certain defensive formations.

There is a very good reason that some trainers are consistently successful while others are not — Because successful trainers actually handicap a race!

They look for races where the projected ‘shape’ will benefit the horse they are considering entering.  If they have a horse that is a frontrunner, they want to see a race where there are no other projected frontrunners.  If they have a horse that comes from off the pace, they want to see a race shape where there may be many frontrunners who will burn themselves out on the lead and all their runner to strike when the speedsters tire.

A lot of work, a lot of calculations, but so worth the effort, as you are able to now see, well ahead of time, just how a race is likely to play out.

BUTwhat if you didn’t have to bother with all that effort, all those calculations, etc., and INSTEAD have a computer program do all the work for you.  A program that ‘PROJECTS’ the Shape and Pace of a given race, and then locates the runners that are most likely to benefit from those scenarios.

Well ….  That’s Exactly what you will have with:

Pace Secret PLUS!

OK, I’m going to throw some numbers at you: 45.2, 45.4, 1.10.1, 1.11.0
24.4, 25.1, 24.1.

Now, obviously, these are race fractions from the 1/2 call, the final call, turn times and the final finish fraction. Old hat stuff, right?  Well, yes and no. What if I were to tell you that I have discovered a way to use the actual ‘race’ pace numbers (not the individual horse pace numbers), combined with Turn Time Calculations & Quirin Speed Points, to pull winners, often at big prices, out of the hat?

Recently, at Gulfstream, Keeneland, Santa Anita & Tampa Bay, I have cashed mutuels of $56.60, $48.20, $38.60, $31.20, $28.00. Also, several winners in the $10 -to- $25 range, as well as a good number of ‘logical’ $4 -to- $9 horses.


➽➼What I have done, to put it short and sweet, is design a system, which is also available in Software, to project ‘Race Shape’ as well as Projected Pace of a given race and THEN … have the program locate the horse(s) most likely to benefit from today’s race shape/pace scenario.



And would you be even more interested if I told you that I have also discovered a way to locate the most likely ‘closer’ in a racea horse that figures to be coming on late that often rolls into the Exacta or Trifecta and often enough wins at a nice price?

?Oh, and the best part — you can get the method I am talking about, Pace Secret Plus!, for half of the retail price when you respond to this offer! Convinced? Not yet! OK, how about a few more details:

Pace Secret Plus! Best Bet selections will win @35% of the time, at an average win mutuel of $8.56 – that’s a positive ROI of +48%. If you are using the paper version, there are only 3 main rules to follow – you can ‘eyeball’ most horses and know immediately if they are potential qualifiers. You can make all your wagers ahead of time if you wish.

So, very simply, with Pace Secret Plus! you are getting a method that is not only consistent, but one that will also provide you with some great longshot hits.


Let’s Look at some Screenshots – the Columns that make up the total are QSPD (taking race quarter times – 3 measurements); AVGSPD (average final speed using the most recent three efforts at or near today’s distance and on today’s surface; TRNTIME (turn time compilation – 1/4 to 1/2 & 1/2 – stretch call).  Horse also must have a minimum of 4 Quirin Speed Points:

Pace Secret Plus! is the FIRST software that measures Projected Race Shape & Projected Pace on the market.  It is super consistent — Win, Place & Show — & comes up with great longshots and high-paying Exotics.


“I spent close to $1500 on a program from a fellow in ‘Vegas that promised pretty much what yours does, but it does not even come close to Pace Secret Plus as to accuracy or price.  Wish you had come out with this before I ponied up all that cash!”  Dave Winford, Brooklyn, NY


So, do you think this is worth $97 to you?

Especially since it will retail for $177.00 when we officially release it next month?

Take advantage while you can – that’s what this game is all about!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 to order 

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Pace Secret Plus Software  $177.00

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