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A handicapping tool that accurately measures pace, and locates horses that have a pace advantage in both sprints and routes. 

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Publisher’s Note:  After watching the Breeders’ Cup races we went back and checked out the results on Randy Giles Pace Appraiser Software program and found that many of the bigger prices were right there at race’s end.  So we thought it was time to offer you another chance to acquire this fantastic handicapping tool.  And since we have only a limited number left in our inventory, we are offering it for a nicely reduced price.  Check it out!


PACE APPRAISER, v.1.0 INSTANTLY locates lone early front-runners, lone pressers, early pace box qualifiers, and late pace advantaged horses with a click of your mouse (and much, much more!).

“The Pace Appraiser literally blew my mind.  Never, ever has there been a handicapping tool that so accurately measures pace, and locates horses that have a pace advantage in both sprints and routes.  The criteria query feature allows the player to hone in on the perfectly placed runner, finds great prices, and is also a great elimination tool for horses who do not measure up to today’s pace scenario.  If you are serious about this game, you need to be a student of pace, and Pace Appraiser provides the user a crash course into True Pace Evaluation.” Tom Console, Handicapping Author




The Pace Appraiser gives you many, many options and combinations of options that allow you to search for the pace advantage horses — you can search for pace style alone or focus in on pace advantage horses who also have other factors going for it, like high-% jock/trainer, form factors, additional pace factors, etc.

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PACE APPRAISER, v.1.0 – A Professional-Grade Handicapping Tool – Now Available to the General Public!


There are literally hundreds of bit of information involved in successfully picking the winner of a horserace.  The casual fan sees horseracing as just a random bunch of animals breaking from the starting gate and running around the track.  He/she is totally unaware of the myriad pre-race and during-the-race factors that determine the ultimate outcome.

However, when one surveys groups of Professional and semi-pro handicappers, asking them what they feel is the most important of all the variables in the race game, eight out of 10 will answer ‘PACE’.  Their opinion is that most races, especially sprints, are determined by how the race plays out via lone frontrunners, or many frontrunners, or a pace ‘presser’, two or more pace pressers, etc.

Again, while many other factors enter into the equation, if you are able to get the likely pace scenario correct, you are halfway, or more, home.  But it’s painstakingly hard work to determine: which horse(s) will likely break from the gate first, or the likelihood of a pace battle; or if a ‘Lone F’ trip is likely by one of the speedsters, or if the pressers will be close enough early to take advantage late, or is there perhaps so much pace in the race that it will set up for a ‘deep’ closer.  This can be exhausting, frustrating work.


But What If There Were An Easier Way?  A much, much, much easier way.  Introducing:



The PaceAppraiser (NEW: Scratch Function and Save Profiles Option Now Included) finds lone early front-runners, lone pressers, early pace box qualifiers, and late pace advantaged horses with a click of your mouse (and much, much more). It’s fast. It’s efficient. It’s fun. It’s profitable!

The PaceAppraiser Software allows you to enter just one, or multiple criteria factors to search for the pace situations you desire.  For example, let’s say you are looking for horses that are likely to be Lone Pacesetters (LoneP), i.e., horses that are likely to break first from the gate and perhaps never look back.

In the example below you can see we have checked only the ‘Lone P’ criteria, which will search out those types of horses at the two tracks we are playing, Fairgrounds and Gulfstream.  Look to the right and you can see that the program shows that a total of three horses fit that scenario at the two tracks **(Pace Appraiser uses the $1 Brisnet ‘single PP’ files – the same file as all the RPM software uses).

>>One of the great things about PaceAppraiser is that you can get the results of your query at a half-dozen or more tracks, all at once, just with the click of your mouse!


Another example: – Here we are going to look for runners who have jockey/trainer teams who have a 20% or better win average.  We are also going to look for FFR3+ horses (FFR3+: Form Factor Rating of 3 or better – these are crucial factors that determine whether a horse is in peak condition/form for TODAY’S race — when a horse has 3 or more of these factors going for it, that is a very good sign. 

Horses that fit this criteria are shown in the box to the right.  The number to the far left of this box is the Race #, followed by the official program #, followed by the horse’s name.  Several horses qualify under this criteria –

The great thing is you now have a listing of horses who figure to be in very good form, who also have a very strong (20%+ win) jockey trainer team and, again, this info appears INSTANTLY, for as many tracks as you are playing today!  And just for the record, at FG, Malibu Song won the 1st, Blue Wings won the 2nd, Golden Days ($16.20) won the 5th – Perfection Cat ran 3rd at 10/1 – Smokin Hot Mama was scratched.  Sweet Oats ran 2nd in the 6th.  Westwood’s Wizard ran 3rd in the 7th at 22/1.  Blanked in the 8th and 9th.  Two of the three scratched in the 10th.  So you can see that while this criteria category is pretty broad, in that it gets several plays, you can see that many ‘live’ horses are present — and, of course, you can winnow these down further using more criteria.

At Gulfstream Starship Wildcat ran 2nd at 7/2, The Robert ran 2nd as the favorite, Megeve ran 2nd, Candy Blu ran out, Ivy Bell won


Another: In this example we are going to restrict our criteria search to just a single, high % in-the-money pace style, the 2dEPB (2dEPB: Two dimensional early pace horse with 4 or more speed points (E/P 4-8) racing in 2dEarly Pace Box today) – so this is a horse that has two-dimensional speed, i.e., early speed and late speed, who also has 4 or more Quirin speed points, meaning he’s a frontrunner/presser who figures to be among the leaders.



“I’ve been using Randy’s Pace Appraiser for years, and I have come to totally rely on it.  The programming is pure genius and allows you to choose your own criteria to narrow your contenders.  Without a doubt, this program has produced more big longshots and big priced Exotics than I have ever hit in all my years before I started using it.  Randy also provides his time-tested Consistency criteria profiles.  A virtual gold mine lies within these formulas.” Darren Evans, Aurora, IL

So you can experiment with multiple criteria to locate horses that have a Pace Advantage, a Form advantage, a jockey/trainer advantage, a surface/distance advantage, etc., etc., etc. 

☛☛☛☛But to make it even easier for you, the developer of the Pace Appraiser Program, Randy Giles, is going to include the Criteria Profiles he has found produce the best overall results! 

For example:  2dEPB + CSFR + OXPTwo dimensional early pace horse that qualifies on final time ability and is coming off a bounce pattern (layoff, in the money race, and then a bad last race)This Profile produces boomer results, and you will also receive his other top-profile winner and longshot producers.

Below are descriptions of the criteria Randy uses to find his plays — as you can see, nothing has been left out.  Pace Appraiser is an extremely accurate and extremely useful professional tool.


__Abbreviation Quick Guide__

Surf/Dist – Surface and Distance (If Boxes in this category are left unchecked ALL surfaces and distances will be calculated)

Dirt/AW – Dirt and all weather
Turf: Turf surface only
SPRT: Sprint races only
RTE: Route Races only

Trner/Jcky – Trainer and Jockey

20%T:Trainer with 20% win rate at meet and/or year
20%J: Jockey with 20% win rate at meet and/or year
20%JT:Trainer and Jockey combo win rate meet or last 365 days

Odds – Morning line odds

ML 2/1-: Minimum 2 to 1 or less
ML 5/2+: Minimum 5 to 2 or better
ML 5/1+: Minimum 5 to 1 or better

Comp Range – Competitive Speed Figure Range (CSFR)

CSFR: Finds horses that fit the competitive speed figure range for race (think of how much work this saves you – it will eliminate any horses, which is usually half the field or more, who do not have competitive speed ratings.)
CSFR/1R: Finds horses that have CSFR from most recent race
LST: Horses that do not fit the CSFR but have a “listed” CSFR in one of its races 4 or more back. Use this function with LE (Lone Front Runner). In extreme pace handicapping we call this one the LE/Listed

Pace Styles – Running Styles and 2dEarly Pace Box

LE: Lone Front Runner
2dEPB: Two dimensional early pace horse with 4 or more speed points (E/P 4-8) racing in 2dEarly Pace Box today
2dE: Two dimensional early pace horse with 5 or more speed points (E/P 5-8)
Lone P: The only Presser in a race (The garden spot horse)
P/C: A Presser/Closer running style horse

Pace Factors

PCZ: Horse fits today’s Pace Comfort Zone requirement relative to running style and pace setter(s)
PCZ 5.0>: Horse has Pace Comfort Zone of more than 5 lengths (Best for 2nd spot in Exactas or 2nd and 3rd spot in Trifectas)
F6+: Key pace race horses. Fast 6 or faster at pace call
PF!: Horses that have 100 or better PACE figures in their three most recent races
>>PR+: Surprise pace race. Leading or less than ¾ of a length off the pace at the second call in most recent race but did not have pattern in previous to most recent race (this is a great angle that suggests a horse, who suddenly shows good speed, is being set up for a big effort!)
LBPPG: Late pace bias Pace Pressure Gauge rating

Form Factors

FFR3+: Form Factor Rating of 3 or better (Best ratings)
FFR 0-2: Form Factor Rating of 0 to 2 (Best used for longshots and discovering underlays)
!$: Surprise in the money finish. Ran 2nd or 3rd in most recent race but did not in previous race
$: Finished in the money in most recent race
WLR: Won most recent race
>>BWLR: Big win most recent race (Won by 3 lengths or more while off the pace by ½ length or more at first and/or second call)This is a super angle!  These runners are your most reliable repeaters – these horses also fit Mark Cramer’s Big Win angle.
SLR: Finished 2nd in most recent race
CF/L2R: Finished closer to the winner in most recent than in previous race (another great ‘improvement’ angle)

Form Patterns

L1/L2: First time off layoff or 2nd time off layoff
OXP: Layoff then finished in the money and then finished out of the money in most recent race (Bounce pattern)
2S+R: Early pace horse with 5 or more speed points coming in today’s route race off a layoff and then followed by two sprint races
TS+: Turf races only. A horse that will be on the turf for the first or second time in its lifetime and is the offspring of a top turf sire in those situations


Here are some research and handicapping examples:

>>Want to know if there’s a lone front-runner in today’s card or cards? Done (Lone ‘F’s are some of the best bets in the game!)

How about a Lone Presser? Done

What about a Presser/Closer in a late pace bias race? Done

Want to know if there’s a key pace horse racing in a light early pace pressure race? Done

>>How about a 20% jockey/trainer combo coming out of a surprise money finish? Done (great longshot angle!)

Want to know just a list of horses that have Pace Comfort Zone Rating of less than 5.0? Done

What about a list of horses that are over the PCZ of 5.0 for your exactas in the second spot? Done.

How about early pace horses coming out of two sprints and routing today? Done

>>Want to know only the horses that had a Big Win last race? Done

What about an OX bounce pattern off a layoff? Done (horses often improve dramatically off this ‘bounce’ pattern)

Want a list of horses that are coming out of key pace races and are 5/1 or higher morning line? Done (Incredibly valuable information – Key Pace Races can produce multiple winners –

Well, you get the idea. This list goes on and on and on.



>>>And, The Pace Appraiser, v.1.0 sells for $85, But You can Now Get it for Just $65.50 if you hurry!  We have only 49 Programs left at this price.  An incredible bargain for a Program with these capabilities.  Similar programs on the market cost upwards of $400+.

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