New Release!! The TOP 10 Angles of ALL TIME!! by Rod Young & Tim Osterman! Each and Every Angle a Long-Term Profit Maker!! – at a Great Price, too!!!!


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‘Easily the Best Price-Getting Program I’ve Ever seen — and I mean EVER!!’  Tom Console

>>>Includes FREE! Bankroll Builder, PLUS! Money Management Strategy!!

>>What if we told you that we had arranged, with two well-known, professional handicappers, to provide us with their all-time best, most consistent and profitable handicapping angles.

>>And what if you knew, that simply by following these quick, easy-to-figure angles, each and every one would produce a solid long-term profit for you. 

>>And what if, further, this information was not only very, very reasonably priced, but you could also utilize software to do all the work for you, >>>(and the Software creates its own Proprietary Odds Line).

>>>Would you be interested?<<<

>>>We got this email from longtime customer Mark Kurtz.  It was titled:  Amazing!! The Top Ten Best Angles Software!!

Dave / Len,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I ran a 3-day paper work out on Gulfstream Park and Fair Grounds for December 13 -15, 2019 using the TOP Ten Best Angles Software. The results of playing $5.00  x 4 horse ($60 wager) or 5 horse ($100 wager) Exacta Boxes are truly astonishing!

I use the TOPTEN EXACTA BOX SELECTIONS plus one of the LOGIC BOARD SELECTIONS.  I go with the top LOGIC BOARD SELECTION if neither are in the TOPTEN EXACTA BOX SELECTIONS for a 5-horse box. If the top LOGIC BOARD SELECION is in the TOPTEN EXACTA BOX SELECTIONS, I then use the second one.  If both LOGIC BOARD SELECION SELECTIONS are in the TOPTEN, I then box only the 4 x TOPTEN SELECTIONS.

One additional set of rules I use before making the wager is for tote board odds requirements as follows:

  • 4-horse box:  3 of the 4 runners must have closing odds of 10-1 or better; and,  5-horse box:  4 of the 5 runners must have closing odds of 10-1 or better.

Using the above rules, I limit my plays but had net paper winnings of more than $6,000 for playing the 2 tracks over 3 days!!!  Truly an unbelievable program and you guys should be commended for putting this one together. The many other RPM programs I’ve been using are good, but nothing like this one!

I’ve tried for many years to find a way to consistently hit longshot exactas and it looks like my dream has finally come true!

Thanks so much for helping me find what looks like a way to significantly supplement my income.  I’m hopeful it can help me enjoy my golden years!

Regards,  Mark Kurtz

“WOW!  These are some of the best researched, profit making angles I have ever used – and I am totally surprised at how simple and quick they are.  Over a span of 6 days playing four tracks I hit three horses that paid over $35, four that paid between $22 and $34, seven that paid between $12 and $21, several exactas/trifectas (including a $1,171 Tri – four horse box) and several others at shorter prices.  This is a goldmine in the right hands, i.e., players who can stick to the rules and make every play when it comes up.  Really glad you were able to get the rights to publish this!”  Pat Bartolotta, Union Steward, the Meadowlands

The AuthorsTwo Longtime Professionals Reveal Their Most Profitable Angles – To YOU!!

Rod Young – Professional; Trainer Angle Specialist

Rod founded Turfdom in 1994, a service that provides players with handicapping info regarding pin-point trainer stats and other related publications.  A top professional handicapper and horse owner, Rod is a spot-player who specializes in cashing bets on price horses with distinct, proven trainer angles.  Trust us when we tell you that by using Rod’s angles, you will likely cash in on more double-digit win/place horses in the next month than you have in all your horseplaying years.  Rod was instrumental in allowing us to publish these angles as he was awarded all the rights to them earlier this year.

The Remarkable Tim Ostermana One of a Kind Handicapping Genius!

Tim was a fixture on the Southern & Northern California circuits for close to 50 years prior to his passing in 2014.  I worked with Tim at Today’s Racing Digest, the popular national publication that was founded by Bill Saunders in 1971.

I can honestly say that Tim was the best handicapper I have ever known.

>>Tim never seemed to work that hard at handicapping but consistently got fantastic results – I would call him a ‘Natural’ —  he seemed to have a knack to immediately identify the likely winner in the races he chose to play. 

I remember the day that he cashed in on a $96,000 Pick 6 at Hollywood Park — we were all there that day and Tim said he was putting in a $96 ticket and did anybody want in on it.  The three of us declined, much to our dismay – though Tim sprung for dinner at a great restaurant that night.

Tim had a handicapping selection service for Northern California in the 1980s which I subscribed to.  Living in San Diego, there were no racebooks in those days so I would drive down to Agua Caliente in Tijuana to make my bets.  Get this!:  I was winning so frequently that management made me go into the back room to make my bets where other players could not look over my shoulder.  Then, after taking down about $9,500 in 12 days, they told me I was no longer welcome.  I was forced to find a bookie in my area to make my wagers – and while the rest of the 53-day meet was not as profitable as the first 12 days, I nonetheless pocketed close to 19 grand thanks to Tim.

Tim stopped his service a couple of months later, saying the stress that came with trying to produce profits for his clients became too much for him.  Even though he provided his subscribers with profitable results he said he got so depressed when even in a short in a losing streak, feeling that he was letting his customers down, that he just couldn’t handle it anymore.  So he went back to what he was happiest at, handicapping for himself —

Tim was the first handicapper I met that was making a living, a decent living, from betting the ponies. 

This is from an Interview with Tim in 2012:

What do you consider to be the single most important handicapping angle?’

Osterman Answer: “These days I’m more of a class guy looking for horses either dropping in class out of “poor” finishes in fast/productive races or stepping up off good performances in those kind of events.  

That’s where I can find the kind of value I need to get involved.  When handicapping, I’m always trying to ‘read’ the track and project trips since many tracks tend to be heavily biased to the outside more than not.  My class angles are very productive and can hit some big, big prices.  They allow me to find value in small fields where they just pound vulnerable chalk.

>>>And, sure enough, included are Tim’s very best Class Angles:  ‘Class Hikes’, Double/Triple Jump in Class After a Win’ and ‘The Biggest Class Drop in Horseracing!’, in the 10-Angle Collection.

And yes, they are extremely easy-to-figure doing them by hand, and no work at all, of course, with the software.

“I really appreciate the fact that you are offering the Top Ten in software.  While the methods are all very easy to figure – I’m at the age where I just want to click my mouse a couple times and come up with all the plays.  And I did catch Tale of Mist at $42.40!  Thanks!” Dave Levy, Tulsa, OK

The TOP TEN Software generates its own extremely accurate Proprietary Odds Line!

This is a great feature that is designed to generate ‘proper’ odds based on the analyzed data.  As you will see from most of the BIG-PRICED examples below, horses at big morning line prices actually have much higher chance chance to win.   LOOK:


An $87.60 Boomer!!  This horse had a huge advantage on TOT points!


And on the very same card – an easy $48 winner!  Note that the morning line was 10/1, but the program made the line at 9/5!!


Top scorer Brother Chub was 10/1 on the morning line, but the TOP TEN Line says he should be 5/1.

NOTE also at the bottom of the screens where it says LOGIC BOARD Selections.  This is a consistency program that we added to provide the player with more action and a higher win rate, albeit at shorter prices — you can use these horses to bet straight or mix in your exotics boxes with the top-scoring TOP TEN horses.


Tale of Mist 15/1 ml — TT Line 5/1 – she wins at $42.80! – a great demonstration of how the TT Odds lines consistently spots overlays for you.

The Line generated by TOP TEN is based on many handicapping factors, most ignored by the general public.  15/1 ml Saratoga Treasure is 7/2 on TT Line – Look at the HUGE point advantage she had in the TOTAL (TOT) column!


The Exotics can be huge, too, for those who like boxing Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas.  Note that three of the four horses below were at morning lines of 8/1 or higher but all lower on the TT Line.

The AnglesYou will get the same results whether using the paper version or software:

☛1. Workout Within a Race – a time-tested trainer move that most often fools the public

✔︎2. The Ready Rookie – Think it’s tough to cash in on First-Time Starters — you won’t think so anymore

✖︎3. Do High Odds Scare You? – Here, in a nutshell, is why they should excite you – a dilly of a longshot system

▶︎4. The Recent Winner – When to Bet Him Right Back! – A ridiculously simple way to catch a solid % of wins at a solid mutuel price — this method showed a +41% return in our database test.

⦿5. The Fresh Horse – how to corral those layoff horses – just two rules to follow!

➤6. The Stretch-Out Horse – going from a sprint to a route can be tough for a runner – but not for the handicapper, if he knows the two most important stretch-out secrets.

✪7. 2nd-Time Starters – want just one angle that will make you money for the rest of your horseplaying days!  You have to wait for the spots but here it is!

☞8. Class HikesOne of Tim’s favorites – You are almost always guaranteed a double-digit price when this one hits.

✰9. Double/Triple Jump in Class after a Win – a trainer ‘Confidence’ move – doesn’t come up that often but when it does, get down!

✔︎10. The Biggest Class Drop in Horseracing! – you probably already know what it is – but this method hones you in on the real standouts!

>>>11. FREE BONUS!!The Bankroll Builder Plus Money Management Strategy!yes, there is a way to make money at the racetrack even with a low overall hit rate – it’s spelled out here!

The Top Ten Best Handicapping Angles of ALL Time!!

belongs in every serious player’s library (‘serious’ about making money, that is).

Where else can you find Consistency, Big Prices & Super Exotics Prices all in one neat Package?

And The Top Ten Best Handicapping Angles of All Time! is priced within everyone’s reach.

Just $49.50 for the paper version, $44.88 for the Ebook and $97.50 for the Software!

Call us to order at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.

And of course, all purchases come with a full money-back guarantee

Call us with any questions.


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