Mike Lovetere’s WINNING WITH WINNERS!! A Precision, Professional Approach to Spotting Lucrative Repeat Winners! +++FREE!!!Mike’s Exclusive PRO-Ficient Guaranteed Bankroll Strategy!


Mike Lovetere’s WINNING WITH WINNERS! Software Program

‘The principle behind this methodology is so darned rock solid  –  repeaters have been one of the mainstays of professional handicappers profit ledger since the 1930s –  but Mike Lovetere has raised this lucrative concept to new heights!’ Bob Shurig, Handicapping Author


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‘The principle behind this methodology is so darned rock solid  –  repeaters have been one of the mainstays of professional handicappers profit ledger since the 1930s –  but Mike Lovetere has raised this lucrative concept to new heights!’ Bob Shurig, Handicapping Author

While the name of Mike’s new Software seems to state the obvious, what we’re talking about here is a system that spots likely ‘repeaters’, i.e., horses who won their last race and/or should have won their last race because of trouble, etc. 

About 22% of all horses who win a race also win their next.  But how to differentiate a likely repeater from an unlikely one? 

And How to Boost that Winning % Significantly?



  Well, Professional handicapper Mike Lovetere has found a very effective way to do just that. 

>>>About a year and a half ago we made a commitment to seek out systems/methods/software from true, real-life professional players, and Mike Lovetere was the first to provide us with his private methods.

‘I have been using these since the 1970s’, Mike tells us.  ‘And they have proven to be the most dependable and profitable spot plays in my handicapping arsenal.  I actually thought a couple of them were maybe too difficult to program but, as usual, Len Cz got the job done!’

Mike has authored some great products like his Precision Profit Play! software, as well as his Triple Threat! and Trainer Genesis! programs, and you will find his Winning With Winners! equally adept at locating solid, ready to win runners.

‘The weird thing’, Mike tells us, ‘is that when I first landed on this angle, my biggest handicapping weakness was identifying horses who were in good form.  I had a difficult time telling if the horse was in good form, or if the trainer wanted the public and other trainers to just think it was in good form.

‘But a fellow Pro provided me with some excellent tips on how to separate the form contenders from the form pretenders.  My repeater angle methodology was already solid, but now with the ‘hidden’ form angle added in, the wins, and especially the big mutuels, really started adding up!’


>>A ‘Repeater’, in Mike’s definition, didn’t necessarily win his last race<<

‘How often do you see a horse lose by a neck or less, or be rallying late and fall short by a length or less?’, Mike asks.  >>>>‘Pretty darned often, and these horses can also qualify as ‘repeaters’, or ‘near repeaters’, as I call them, if they meet certain criteria.  A troubled trip, a change to a stronger jock today, etc., are some of the indicators that this horse may have been ‘best’ last time. 

‘And this is where we pick up some great prices, as the software is programmed to recognize these ‘may have been the best horse’ runners as well as the obvious horses who actually won their previous race.’



“We live in a great day and age where a true professional’s ideas can be translated into software for all of us to use.  I’ve always liked Mike’s work  but he really outdid himself here.  I’m getting an average win mutuel of close to $9 and a great win % of 33.2%, and that translates into a tidy profit.  Thanks again for all of your efforts.”  Duane Sligo, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“The true geniuses in any arena, whether it be high tech, the stock market or our game, is their ability to look at stuff that is right in front of everybody, but interpret it in a different way — a way that allows them to take advantage of the normal way money flows and add a twist or two that diverts a helthy portion of that flow into their bank accounts.  Mike Lovetere is a shining example of an individual that has accomplished this in the very difficult game of the Sport of Kings.  My hat is definitely off to him.  The game has become so much more enjoyable and profitable since I have been using his methodologies on software.”  Kirk Cannon, Chicago, IL.










So as you can see, the Winning With Winners Software focuses you in on high % win and place situations, and often at very nice prices.  To better understand the ‘thinking’ the software does to arrive at a selection, here is what the various columns on the main screen accomplish:

M/L  =  morning line

R = # of races the software is looking at for each horse

LST = # of days since horse’s last race

LSUR = last surface the horse races.  Note:  a switch in surface can be a disqualifier in some cases.

LF = last race distance expressed in furlongs.  Note: a horse can be disqualified if today’s distance is not where he has shown his best form.

LP2P = horse’s position at the 2nd call of his last race.  LP2LB = lengths behind at 2nd call.  Note: horse must have been relatively close to the lead at this point in the race to qualify.

LASFIN = where the horse finished in his last race.  LSTLB = lengths horse won his last race by; this will always be a minus figure, or a positive figure is the lengths he was behind at the finish.

LWRK = # of days since last workout.  Note: horse must show a fairly recent work to qualify.

TR% = the trainer’s win % over the past 12 months.  Note:  a horse needs to have a trainer that wins at 12% or better to qualify.

COMMENTS = reasons a horse did not qualify.



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And the price?  An extremely reasonable $111.00, and you can use our 3-Pay/no interest plan if you wish!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  And, of course, call us with any questions you may have!   Thanks!

The Winning With Winners Software Program   $111.00

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