LOGIC-X! The BEST Betting on Favorites System Ever! Doubles Bankroll in @50 Days!


The Absolutely Best Favorite-Betting System We Have Ever Tested!

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The Absolutely Best Favorite-Betting System We Have Ever Tested!

No Handicapping Involved.  In 68 of 71 of our 50-Day Tests our Initial Bankroll DOUBLED!


Includes Dave Hansen’s Round Robin Jackpot! Theory FREE!!


logicx promoReally —  there’s not much more to say – that’s Exactly what this system does.  It does involve a slight ‘progression’ and an initial bankroll of $250 or more — well — READ what the handicapper, Jay Simpson, who brought the Logic-X system to us, has to say:


“To make money betting on horses, you don’t need inside information or luck. The best way to beat the track/bookies is by using logic – the same logic they use themselves.

This incredible but simple system, which I call Logic-X, was designed by a mathematician who knew nothing about horse racing.

He simply used common sense and proven mathematical laws to turn a small starting bank into a small fortune.


→The fact is, most people lose money because they don’t have a system and they fail to understand that mathematics is the governing force, not luck, form or instinct.

Another fact is that no system, not even this one, is 100% guaranteed. Every betting system will have a losing streak at some time, so a starting bank is required to cover the losing bets.


You can start with any amount you choose, although tracks/bookmakers may have minimum bet sizes. I recommend a starting bank of $250With this amount, if you always bet 2% of your bank, you will never run out of funds.



The Rules are very simple – you will have everything down pat within minutes after reading the text.

Even though this horse betting system is incredibly simple, most people don’t use it because they either don’t believe it can work or they don’t have the patience.

Winning $5 a day is just not worth it, they’ll say.


They fail to realize that with this system you can double your bank in 50 days. With 250 racing days a year, that’s an annual return of 500%! How many other “investments” will give you a return like that?

Finally, it just remains for me to wish you the best of luck. Follow the instructions given here and you can maybe quit your job in a couple of years!”




Well, we wouldn’t go that far and Jay was offering that last sentence in a bit of a jest, but the fact is if the LOGIC-X is used exactly as written, you will make money. 


It may not be as exciting as cashing big Exactas and Trifectas, but who cares!  If making money is your aim at this game, you can add this system to your arsenal and know that you will realize a profit, a growing profit over the weeks and months. 


Give it a try — it’s just $48, or $44 in Ebook form.  And if you don’t like it, your purchase price will be fully refunded.  You can’t beat that deal with a stick!


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