Jon Worth’s Profit-Line, The SOFTWARE!!! Profit-Line, Gold has an in-the-money hit rate of close to 78%. Wins occur close to 38% of the time and double-digit prices hit often!” ++FREE!! Dick Johnson’s Saturdays Are Paydays Software!


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Editor’s Note:  If there is a proper phrase to describe Jon Worth, it would probably be ‘The King of Consistency’.  Jon, and his late father, Tom, stressed consistency in their work.  They abhorred long runouts and designed systems of play that would >>make profits even when betting just to show. 

Profit-Line Gold!

possesses all of the earmarks of a true Worth Company consistency tool: Consistent, profits playing to win, place and show, no long runouts.  But an added running line factor also gives Profit-Line Gold great ‘PRICE’ power, as you will see from some of the examples below.

You will definitely want to add Profit-Line Gold to your arsenal — it will provide you with the kind of steady consistency all horseplayers strive for.

☛☛AND….Order soon (within 14 days) and we will also include our NEW

>>>Saturdays Are Paydays Software!   FREE!!!!<<<

Saturdays Are Paydays is a Dick Johnson classic which we have now turned into Software. The program concentrates on classier races (high level claiming thru Stakes), has a high level of accuracy and produces some great payoffs.  It’s a $59 value, yours FREE!!





Remarkable Consistency! Solid & Steady Profits with Jon Worth’s New

Profit-Line,Gold!, The Software!!

(P.S. – still available in paper/pencil version and ebook too!)



A Breakthrough Product for Today’s Horseplayer!

Power-Line, Gold! employs a Unique Running Line Factor that puts you on the ‘NOW’ Horses!


When you find a powerful and effective handicapping tool, one that saves you time and energy and generates dependable profits, you not only want to commit it to memory but you also want to keep it ‘close to the vest’, so to speak.

>>>>My Profit-Line, Gold!, is just such a tool, and I can promise that it will lighten your handicapping ‘load’ and provide you with winning results on most cards on most days.<<<<



Profit-Line, Gold has an in-the-money hit rate of close to 81%. Wins occur close to 38% of the time and double-digit prices hit often!


At Worth Publications we use proven handicapping technology to design winning systems & software. Our ultimate goal is to produce methods of play that the serious fan or casual horseplayer can rely upon for a source of supplemental income.

Methods that have limited run-outs that catch a fair share of longshot prices as well. And our testing shows us that Profit-Line, Gold! meets all of those requirements!

Basically we have discovered a way to weave certain critical handicapping factors into one powerful method of play.

PLG does not rely upon complicated factors — takes just minutes to figure a race with the paper version, and instantly if you have the software.

>>>PLG provides you with a proven methodology that only a tiny portion of the crowd is aware of, thus providing you with a significant edge.



——-Profit-Line, Gold Highlights!:——-

Average of @4 Solid Plays per Racecard: Even certain Maiden races are playable.

Quick & Easy: No long hours sweating over the Form; 3 to 6 minutes per race max – or Instantly with the Software!

Extremely Verstatile: You choose the betting style you’re most comfortable with: Wagering suggestions, conservative & aggressive, are provided.









Saturdays Are Paydays!!

Focuses on higher level races (high-level claiming thru Stakes) – A Great Price-Getter and superb Exacta selection Software!  Screenshots below.


So Let’s Review —  You are getting one of the most consistent and reliable methodologies from one of the most consistent and reliable system producers, Mr. Jon Worth.

>>>And you are getting a super spot-play system from racing system-writing legend Dick Johnson.  

>>>And the purchase price for Profit-Line Gold is just $99!! & that gets you the $59.50 retail Saturdays Are Paydays FREE!!!!!

So that’s two High-Quality, State-of-the-Art, Super-Consistent and Profitable Software programs for less than a single Ben Franklin!  Is that at super great deal or what?


Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website & call us with any questions whatsoever.  Thanks, Jon Worth


Profit Line Gold Software  $99 (includes Saturdays Are Paydays Software FREE!)

Saturdays Are Paydays Software  $59.50

Profit Line Gold Paper Version  $59.50

Profit Line Gold Ebook  $45.88

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