Jeff Sillifant’s Playday Payday Now on SOFTWARE for the 1st Time. Superb Consistency, High Average Win Mutuel and Exotic Payoffs Galore!!



The PlayDay PayDay System.  Now on SOFTWARE!!!

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The PlayDay PayDay SystemNow on SOFTWARE!!!

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‘Jeff has consistently produced horserace systems that are easy to use and, most importantly, profitable. He always gives the horseplayer a fair shake.’ Phillips Racing Newsletter


The Software takes a slightly different approach, but the results are just as good, if not better, and, of course, you don’t need to do any work at all.


From Jeff: It all Started with an Email from my good friend James:

A good friend of mine, Jim, a spa business owner in Long Beach, California, chimed in one day to tell me that he, too, was looking for something to make life, and gambling, a bit easier.

Jim is quite an ‘achiever’. He can boast about rolling more than 30 perfect 300 sanctioned games in bowling and plays a mean hand of Texas Hold-Em, but he also loves to gamble on the ponies and possessed virtually no knowledge of the sport and had neither the time nor the desire to learn. Here’s what he had to say in an e-mail one day recently:

“Jeff, I’ve known you for quite a while now and enjoyed reading your first piece of work, THE SOUND SYSTEM, which you kindly gave me as an introduction to the world of betting the horses. Since discovering our mutual love of gambling, I’ve been addicted to the thought that we could come up with a betting system for dummies like me, something that works on sprint races, long courses, hell — even burro, camel and dog races! I figure a couple of left-handers like us with superior mental resources may be able to come up with some awesome results when putting our heads together. Well?!”

In a nutshell, friend James was imploring me to give him a no-brainer that didn’t require any handicapping and produced some action and nice profits — a tall order, to say the least.

Never one to turn down a challenge and, given the significant input that earned James co-authorship, we went to work tackling the problem. Amazingly, the result of our partnership created exactly what we wanted, and believe it or not, we had it down on paper in less than two weeks! Needless to say, we were excited!

The End Result was the Playday Payday System!, and then we contracted Len Cz to put the whole thing on Software, to make it even easier for our customers!


“I’m having so much fun with this one.  Most of the time, and I mean M-O-S-T, the top pick hits the board and I am actually averaging a higher win % than you got (@35.5%).  And, yes, the Exactas hit often and this is probably the best overall Trifecta boxing system I have seen.  I am hitting @24%, and have hit plenty of Superfectas just betting a 4 horse box.  Good work on this one!  Love the reliability and consistency.  P.S. – I believe PD would also work very well for show parlays.”  Dave Savage, Cleveland, OH


Below find the 2024 Gulfstream Fountain of Youth Day  Card.  While Playday works best overall on ‘lesser’ quality cards, it can also ‘crush’ on Stakes/Handicap cards.

PD picked Seven (7!) winners on this card, had a 2nd-place 27/1 horse in the Fountain of Youth Stakes that gave the winner a big scare, and came up with some nice Exotics payoffs to boot!  So, the question is, can you, all on your own, handicap this well?  Since the answer is obviously NO, why not let Playday Payday show you the way!



The Playday Payday Software has the Innate ability to recognize when a racecard is likely to be chalky, or mid-prices, or chaos. 

As you can see below, PD determined that this Aqueduct card was likely to produce shorter prices.  The fact is, that in eight of the nine playable races, you would have cashed tickets.  And, using the recommended Playday Bankroll plan, you would have come away with a profit in every one of those races!


Screen Shots:  You can see from the below that Playday Payday hits with a variety of different profitable payoffs.  With a high win % and an average win mutuel of over $9, and with losing streaks on the very brief side, you will be cashing more often then not, especially when using the PD Bankroll management plan which is included with your software.









After playing 18 different tracks over a 57-day period and covering multiple venues on weekends to partake of the graded events we love the most, THE TOTAL TAKE CAME TO OVER $9,200!! — ! Our figures came from $20 win/place/show wagers and $2 Exactas.

Even when we ventured into unfamiliar territory such as Harrington Raceway or During the course of the workout, PPS nailed win streaks of four on six occasions, five in a row four times and a six-bagger once. On losing streak side, it also came out very favorable to the player as there was one losing run of six and three sets of four.

However, not a single page (the average ‘page’ contains about 15 days worth of results) of results in our workout put us in the minus column — that means you will be profiting the vast majority of the time.

With six being the worst runout, even a very conservative player can handle that! On the subject of Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas, the Exotics algorithm in Playday produces a lot of payoffs.  Exacta hit % was just under 42%.

Here are the EXACTA BOMBS PPS scored: 14 paying at least $100 . . . 7 paying at least $200 . . . 2 paying at least $300 . . . and 4 paying $516.20, $540.60, $574.60 and $776.40!


296 Bets (based on $20 wagers)
101 1st = 34% $9,292.00 +$4,020.00
139 2nd = 47% $6,783.00 +$1,750.00
228 3rd = 73% $6,931.00 +$1,011.00
Total: +$6,781
Exacta Profits: +$2,787
Grand Total: +$9,568
Avg. Win . . . . $9.20 Win ROI . . . . . .56%
Avg. Place . . . $4.99 Place ROI . . . . . 17%
Avg. Show . . . $3.04 Show ROI . . . . . . . 14%

The important thing is to do only what you can afford and you will come out ahead by keeping your wagering steady, win or lose. It took me almost 30 years to learn that lesson and it has served me so very well, so I speak from experience!

Now I’m not going to let Playday Payday go for a song.

The fact is that it WILL make you money, probably the easiest money you’ve ever made.  I know that may sound like an ‘old fashioned’ system ‘pitch’, but try it. 

You will quickly see. 

You will have positive results at most tracks on most days.  And, if you don’t like it, for any reason, simply request a refund.

The Playday Payday Software! is just $99.50.  Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website and do call with any questions.