Introducing SHAPE-DASHER DELUXE!! A Miracle Winner-Getter Designed Specifically for Sprint Races! Software too!


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Editor’s Note:  Sprint races, as many of you may know, are by far the most predictable types of races.  That’s because, with only one turn involved, a lot less can go wrong along the way, and, very often, one of the first three horses who break from the gate ends up the winner.


So we put our massive database to work to search out a methodology that concentrates on predicting a high percentage of win/pace horses in races at distances between 5 Furlongs and & 7 Furlongs.  You are going to like this one, and you are also going to like the great price!


Shape Dasher, Deluxe Software!

The Shape Dasher, Deluxe Software allows you to quickly, like in 10 seconds, locate all the plays for the day at any track you will to play! 






So if you would like to become the local ‘King’ of Sprint races, get hold of a copy of Shape-Dasher, Deluxe.  And at just $38, you really can’t go wrong.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067  or order from our website:


Shape-Dasher, Deluxe Paper Version  $38.88

Shape-Dasher, Deluxe Ebook  $35.88

Shape-Dasher, Deluxe Software  $68.00


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