From The Pro’s Corner – Mike Lovetere’s TRIPLE THREAT KEY to CONSISTENT PROFITS! THREE of Mike’s Most Profitable Angles — Superb Consistency, Solid Profits! +++FREE!!! Selvin’s Exacta/Trifecta Configure Module Software!!!


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>>>From The Pro’s Corner – Mike Lovetere’s TRIPLE THREAT KEY to CONSISTENT PROFITS!<<<


About a year and a half ago we made a commitment to seek out systems/methods/software from true, real-life professional players, and Mike Lovetere was the first to provide us with his private method, The Precision Profit Play Angle!

PPPA uncovers HIDDEN FORM — form that the trainer is often trying to disguise — often in the quest of a nice pari-mutuel payoff.   It was an instant Best-Seller (many of you reading this purchased it), and players were most enthused about the high average win and place mutuels the system produced.

And if you liked PPPA, you are going to love Mike’s Newest Offering —

>>>The Triple-Threat Key to Consistent Profits!<<<

Here Mike provides us with his three MOST POTENT profit angles.

‘I have been using these since the 1970s’, Mike tells us.  And they have proven to be the most dependable and profitable spot plays in my handicapping arsenal.  I actually thought a couple of them were maybe too difficult to program but, as usual, Len Cz got the job done!’



The Three Angles:

1) The Hot Spot Poker Play!

An angle designed that shows sustained gains between various calls of the race.  ‘I originally called this the ‘Burst’ Angle, since it requires a burst of speed at one or more points in the race.  I changed it to ‘Hot Poker’ when one of my friends said ‘Wow, it looks like that horse just got hit with a hot poker’ as he watched a horse make a noticeable burst entering the far turn.’

This angle is super-steady and will get you some very nice prices to boot.  It is a spot-play with a 34%+ hit rate and a +22% ROI.


2) The LONG $-GREEN-S!

A Super-Sneaky method that lands on horses that underperformed in a recent sprint race and is stretching out to a route.  This ‘legging up’ strategy is used by trainers by ‘prepping’ a horse in a sprint where his performance doesn’t look all that hot.

Consistent with a 54% win/place rate and a nice +24% ROI


3) The Trainer PAYDAY Trick!

This is such a simple trainer move that it’s amazing more players don’t know about it! 

But Mike knows about it – has for a long time!

It’s a recency/speed/class angle that is used daily by trainers at tracks worldwide.  The Most Consistent of the Three — high place/show rate — avg. mutuel @$7.60 on the win end (36.7% win rate).  A real beauty!


Also, as you will see from the examples below, when a horse is picked by more than one angle, the hit rate is even higher!

Screenshot below.  The #6 horse – both a Long Green and Payday Trick, won at $7.80 by the way.



Let’s look at some more screenshots  – Whether it’s cheap claimers or high-level Stakes horses, Lovetere’s Triple Threat get’s the job done!





>>Some of the most successful players we know, and have known, rely strictly on proven winning angles rather than spend hours and hours pouring over the Racing Form. 

Mike Lovetere is one of those success stories, and now you can have FULL access to his favorite, most profitable angles!


AND – GET THIS!:  We are also including Derek Selvin’s (3-time Winner of Major Las Vegas Handicapping Tournaments) POWER DRIVE AUTOMATIC CONFIGURING EXACTA/TRIFECTA MODULE SOFTWARE!!! High Hit Rate – Does all the Figuring for you!  a $108 value – Yours FREE!!!!

If you like consistency, a lack of runouts and nice winning ROIs, Mike Lovetere’s Triple Threat Key BELONGS in your handicapping arsenal — available in ebook/hard copy as well.

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 to order or visit our website and, of course, call with any questions.  Thanks, Len Cz


Mike Lovetere’s Triple Threat Key Software   $118.0o

Ebook/Hard Copy (comes with the software)  $54.88



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