Fred Markell’s The Mystery Man Method!! The Real Mystery is Why We Weren’t Aware of this Program Until Now!! Superb Accuracy. Very High In-The-Money Hit Rate!


And, again, Mystery Man performed well at all class levels, and at All Tracks in our extensive research.  Take a look, and check out some of the VERY HIGH Win Situations Listed. 

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Editor’s Note:  As you know we strive continuously to provide our customers (and ourselves!) with innovative software and systems that will provide a decided edge at the racetrack. For every system/software we publish there are 20 or more that we review that we don’t, simply because they do not measure up.  Every month we get a couple dozen+ submissions, with few if any worthy of further review. 

But every once in awhile, we uncover a true Gem

The Mystery Man Method! is one of those diamonds in the rough.

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Back in the Olden Days — Pro Handicappers:  Flying by the Seat of Their Pants

“Flying by the seat of your pants” means to do or take action without a definite plan or certain knowledge; to go by feel, instinct, etc., to make decisions in the moment, or to. This phrase dates from the early years of aviation when airplanes had few navigational aids and flight control systems.


That’s pretty much how the handicapping greats of the past approached selecting thoroughbreds, winning thoroughbreds.  There was a notable lack of research material, so ‘feel’ and ‘instinct’ played a huge role in creating successful systems.

Remember.  There were no computers back then. So these guys truly were ‘seat of the pants’ handicappers, so to speak, and relied mostly on spotting patterns in the pps.

The great system creators of yesteryear, the Taulbots, Holloways, Dowsts, etc.,  simply had a knack for dissecting the past performances, categorizing various factors and converting the gathered information into workable, winning systems, usually consisting of rather simple rules.


Fred Markell, the author of this method, fit in perfectly with this category of system writer. While, honestly, we had not  heard the name when we first received The Mystery Man Method! a few months ago, a bit of research revealed that Fred had written quite a few articles for American Turf Monthly under the name of Joe Conte. We are currently researching several other methodologies from Fred/Joe that a friend sent us from that publication.

The Back-Story

Take a Look at This:

Looks like an aged mimeographed document, typewritten obviously.  When we first saw it we also noticed that is was stained with what looked like coffee rings and other ‘stuff’.    BUT….

A longtime customer of ours sent this to us and said that he had been making money with this since the mid-80s.  A friend of his had passed it on to him.

And while we seldom have high hopes for this kind of submission, we were more than very pleasantly surprised and how well this relatively simple system performed, in races from the lowest classes all the way up to Breeders’ Cup level events.

It’s called The Mystery Man’s Method! (not related to another product of ours called ‘Mystery Man Ivan’s Formula’), and after studying the results we knew this was one of the ‘ones’ that deserved further study and publication.


“Thanks for the advance copy of The Mystery Man Method.  This jogged my memory some and I actually think I have seen this before.  I looked at the paper rules first and tried them out on some races.  Very simple and out of 35 races my winning % was 36%.  Looking at the software, the results were even better, but I know you have some stuff working in the background to enhance the overall results.  This is a goody!  No long runouts, high on the board hit rate, and a really good % of Exacta payoffs.  So glad you decided to do this one.”  Cole Martin, Pittsburgh, PA


Here, for instance, only a few of our programs had the Breeders’ Cup Classic winner, White Abario, on top, but Mystery Man got it right:


And, again, Mystery Man performed well at all class levels, and at All Tracks in our extensive research.  Take a look, and check out some of the VERY HIGH Win Situations Listed.  Also, note how often the Exactas hit, and the Exacta is always just a 3-Horse Box:






The Following Card is Not Untypical of the kinds of results you will get.  It is a very Consistent Program.  Look:



And, again, The Mystery Man Software! is a great performer at all Class Levels and at all Tracks. 

We have seen a lot of good, solid material that was written years ago, but this is definitely one of the most consistent, that also can pop with prices.  Definitely on the ‘must-have’ List!


And, because our acquisition cost on this one was minimal, we can offer you The Mystery Man! for just $88

So Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website.  Call us with any questions.  Thanks, Dave & Len