‘For a Very Brief Moment Time Seemed to Stand Still – And Then….’ The Remarkable Story of P.H. Atkins & His Profit Maximus System! +++INCREDIBLE FREE BONUS OFFER!!!


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The Remarkable Story of P.H. Atkins & His Profit Maximus System!



Was it a dream — or was it Reality? 

It took me nearly 24 months to find out!— 

When, on an early Sunday morning, while reviewing my final computer run — for a very brief moment, time seemed to stand still — and then I realized — THIS WAS IT!!


The ‘THIS’ was what had been driving me to drink for almost two years now. 

‘THIS’ was a method for playing and profiting from Sprint races, which I had SO close to consistent profitability  — and I knew that there must be an adjustment or two that would make the method foolproofit was just taking me forever to find it!

And then … on that magical Sunday morning, came the remarkable realization that I had finally broken through!! 

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Everything checked out — most importantly, that my method showed extreme consistency as well as profitability.


I felt an incredible amount of relief — I now knew that if I stayed true to the rules I had developed, including the ‘clincher’, which of all things turned out to be a unique class formula — something I found in a Walt Owens manuscript from years back. 

Anyway, bottom line from my initial tests is that my system, which I call Profit Maximus, produced wins close to 36% (35.7) of the time and win/place horses close to 55% of the time.  And by no means are the winners all chalk — with an average mutuel of $8.17, you will realize close to a +42% ROI.


Then, I Had Some Second Thoughts, but…

To be honest, I was, as described above, initially highly elated, but then began to think ‘what if I made an error or two in my studies?’    So I tempered my enthusiasm a bit and asked Len Czyzniejewski of RPM Information Systems, who has a huge database, to test it out.  He actually wanted a pretty hefty fee to do so, but said  ‘Look, if it proves out as you have stated, there will be no charge if you permit RPM to market it for you.’


Well, OK — I had not considered selling my method, but it would be nice to see some extra dollars that I could add to my bankroll and make larger wagers.  And as it turned out, Len’s test came close to validating my results.  In the letter/report I got from Len he says:

‘Hi Paul – the test (371,000 races) proved valid for profitability and consistency.  The full report is enclosed, but overall we got a slightly lower ROI (+38.7%) and a bit lower average win mutuel ($8.11) but an overall higher win/place average for top contenders (56.6%).’


Now, I want to assure you that Profit Maximus is a no BS, straightforward, easy-to-use method that will produce results as promised If you don’t like it, for any reason, you will receive a prompt and full refund.

But I am close to 100% sure that you will like it — you will especially like the consistency and lack of long runouts – – that’s the main reason I developed the method, since I totally hate long runouts!

Len has also put Profit Maximus on Software — which makes all of our handicapping lives that much easier!


I do hope you will give Profit Maximus a try — you have absolutely nothing to lose with the money-back guarantee and I can promise that you will cash often — very often — with this method.



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