Best Bets, Prime!! Paper Version + Software! Includes Matheson Master Method + Multi-System Pak!


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Editors Note:  Since programmer Len Czyzniejewski began his Database Research Project (DBR) in 2013 he has produced some remarkably accurate methodologies which include the super popular C-Win+, the Super Secret Method, SuperStars PatternMatch, etc., etc.

Len reconfigured his huge database to focus only on factors that produced a positive ROI, whether just a single factor or a combination of many, and the results have been nothing short of sensational. 

And Now comes what may be Len’s BEST ever.  It’s called

♦Best Bets, Prime!♦

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It boasts a very high win and in-the-money %, is available in paper/pencil and software versions and comes with some great FREE BONUS! items, including a real dilly called the Matheson Master Wagering Method.

Read all about it below.  It is very reasonably priced considering the method’s extreme accuracy and profitability**Order soon (14 days) to receive all the BONUS items as well!




Software Ready, too. Order Now and save $47!! your price just $91.35!!

Screenshot below:


Below Summary Bets Screen for Del Mar on November 8 – This is not an untypical day – You will find multiple winners/longshots on many cards:




Best Bets, Prime Hard Copy  $55.97


Best Bets, Prime Software  $91.35


Best Bets, Prime Ebook  $47.77

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Best Bets

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