TOTE MASTER, PLUS!! A Trio of Tote-Watching Winning Strategies (None require past performances, and #3 just requires a Daily Program and no tote-watching!!) Innovative Bankroll Strategy Included!


A Trio of Tote-Watching Winning Strategies (None require past performances, and #3 just requires a Daily Program and no tote-watching!!)

We are already in possession of, we believe, the best collection of winning Tote Board Systems in the business.  But now, we have three more!!  Look!!:

1. Ernest Bright’s Totally Obvious Place Play!

A Tote-Watching Method that will point out, time and time again, the horse likeliest to not only run at least 2nd, but also pay an overlaid price.  Proven in any game where a pari-mutuel toteboard is present (Thoro, Harness, Quarters, Greyhounds).

The really nice thing about this one is that you collect whether the horse wins or comes in 2nd, and they often do one or the other.  It is super simple to determine your plays.  Ernest long studied under Mark Cramer for many years and also includes one of Mark’s Best-Selling Place-Betting Methods!

2.  The ‘Fluke or Goldmine!’ Automatic Straight & Exacta Bet Profit Play (by Leland & Iddings)!

This is a real beauty — you don’t need to be a math genius to see that the toteboard is actually talking — to you!  In fact, you don’t even have to look at the tote!  You simply need to know who the top four favorites are!  Seriously!  Here’s how the authors introduce the method:

fluke pic.png
And, as you will find, that ‘aberration’ leads to several situations where, again, doing nothing but knowing who the top four favorites​ and following the authors’ simple instructionswill yield you a long-range profit!  This is an extremely well-written and researched methodologyand it’s great reading as the authors add a measure of humor to the proceedings.
And you know what else?
They also include one of the most ingenious Bankroll Management Strategies we’ve ever tested.  You will find it extremely useful, whether you are a favorite bettor, a price-player, or anything in between.  And they include it FREE!!!! 

3.  The ‘You Only Need The Daily Program to Win With This One’ – no PPs Required!

Works at tracks who employ a full-time line-maker (that’s about 16 tracks in U.S. and Canada), and of course those tracks are listed in the text.  Seriously, it picks winners without pps — just pick up a Daily Program at the track or online — all you need is the morning line and the weights, and you’re IN!

樂樂You see, a good line-maker is worth his weight in gold because he can actually assess each runner’s chances accurately – even first-time starters — because he has access to a trove of statistical data and, of course, years of experience and an excellent memory.  
It turns out that there is a relationship between his assigned odds for each horse, and with a little ‘trick’ that uses the weight of each horse, you can pick winning horses with just this small amount of information.  You won’t get a lot of big prices, but you will get consistency and virtually no runouts.

So, are you IN?  

If so, you can get this extremely valuable Toteboard collection for just $59.50 for the hard copy, or $53.88 for the Ebook  — Software, which provides selections for #1 & #3 above based on morning line – $77.00
— that is very reasonable pricing for knowledge very, very, very few horseplayers have in their possession!

The Software

The ToteMaster Plus Software is designed to locate ‘odds advantage’ horses – these are runners who, based on studies of thousands of races, win or hit the board frequently due to a quirk in morning line odds. Basically, a horse may be undervalued based on a combination of m/l odds that show too much of a ‘spread’ and projected speed.

You will find that The Odds Advantage selection will win close to 36% of the time and, when the actual favorite, close to 43% – will run at least 3rd 86% of the time. The Tote Place Factor Horse is a runner who, again based on the relationship of its odds vs. the other m/l odds, has an enhanced chance of at least running 2nd. Horses listed in this box will win/place close to 58% of the time. These horses should always be included in your Exacta/Tri/Supers.

The Columns:

Last: days since last race

Speed: adjusted speed number that plays into the selection equation for the Odds Advantage Horse and also used as a separator for ties.

Odds Advantage & Tote Place FactorComments: Why a horse may not qualify for selection.

ToteP: formulation to determine a high % place (or win) horse.


So give us a call at 1-800-696-0067, or visit our website, and we will get your ToteWatcher’s collection out to you asap!


Toteboard Trio Paper/Pencil  $59.50

Toteboard Trio Ebook   $53.88


Software $77.00