True-Tenders, Advanced! the Software!! Includes FREE New Strategic Longshots, v.3.0!!


True-Tenders Advanced! Narrows eventhe toughest field down to a select few 

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NEW! From Tom Console:

TRUE-TENDERS, ADVANCED, Software Version 2.0!

NOW with Dynamic MP (Master Point) Selection Tool!!


Watch our walk though video.

>>>>>Includes FREE!! — Strategic Longshots, v. 3.0!




Race 10 at Keeneland April 8 — Seriously, do you think you could arrive at this kind of result with ‘traditional’ handicapping?  That’s the beauty of ‘thinking outside of the box’, which is what True-Tenders, Advanced does race after race!


The great thing about True-Tenders, Advanced, that even in the toughest races, you will have the likely winner among the contenders over 80% of the time – and often at a bomber price!



The Dynamic MP (Master Point) Selection Tool will point out to you horses who have a little extra ‘ooomph’ behind them – these horses hit the win and place spots OFTEN



Close to 42% of the time, the Exacta will be found among the top 4 contenders — @21% of the time the Trifecta




The Drop-Down Box feature, which displays the Dynamic MP horse(s), is an excellent visual tool to focus you into horses who get extra consideration because of ‘background’ factors that make him/her a higher % play



True-Tenders, Advanced!, will add a powerful selection tool to your handicapping arsenal.

Go out to the track or racebook and look around.  You won’t seen even 1/3 of the attendees with a Racing Form — many are just using the local handicapping sheet from their newspaper. 

So how, on earth, can they make intelligent selections if they cannot even identify the main contenders?!  True-Tenders, Advanced! provides the player with that info and a whole lot more …..  OH

>>>>>>…AND, How about one of the all-time Premium Longshot Software Programs, for …. FREE!!!<<<<<<


Yep!  When you purchase True-Tenders, Advanced!, we are also going to send you, FREE, Tom’s New Strategic Longshots, v.3.0 a superb Longshot selector that will get you prices, both win and in the exotics, that most players can only dream about!

Strategic Longshots provides you with several avenues to get big price plays.  In addition, it can build a nifty database for you that will provide you with even more accurate Longshot winners.  It’s a $99 value, yours FREE!!



And the entire package is priced at a very reasonable $138True-Tenders, Advanced, Dynamic MP, Strategic Longshots, Strategic Longshots Database Builder — the whole works!

Improve your handicapping experience and, of course, visits to the Cashier’s windows!

Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order from our website   and do, of course, call if you have any questions!!


True-Tenders, Advanced + FREE Strategic Longshots!  $138.00

True Tenders Hard Copy  $45.00

True Tenders Ebook  $41.88


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