An angle that will allow you to locate horses that you never otherwise would have given a second look to.




 Superb Prices in all types of races at all tracks!!!


The Trandex Zero-Line Software!


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Putting it simply, you cannot afford not to have Trandex as an important part of your handicapping regimen.




A Happy ‘Accident’ in the Laboratory — The Story Behind Trandex



At this stage of your lives, most of you have quite a few tools in your handicapping “war chest”. 

Some of it consists of computer programs that flat out state what horse(s) they think will win, based on a series of (usually) logical thoughts. 

As there are plenty of different roads that these patterns of logic can  take, there is no secret that different methods can result in different logical outcomes.  

I’ve always encouraged customers who have multiple packages to run them ALL, see where a consensus forms and bet that consensus based on you own wagering beliefs.


I have also noticed that many of you have your own private ideas that you use in addition to what the programs state. 

Your own years of experience provide insights that no computer can easily establish.  You might know that in some situations certain ideas just don’t work. 

You might follow your own trainer patterns to see how these people think.  Or you might see that certain results seem to happen often enough that they are worth considering. 

These little things might not outright pick a horse, but they add to your body of knowledge on what to consider.


This is the case with Trandex Zero-Line. 


Yes, you will see horses “selected” at the bottom of the program.  You’ll see exacta combinations being built. 

But the “selections” with this program merely state something I discovered while researching other things.  I shall try to explain this simple formula, and hope you can benefit from this.


While doing research, on other angles, I usually apply the usual traits such as class, surface,  and distance to see how they work. Recently I added a new one to this: 

What factor do the horse’s past odds contribute in determining how well a horse does today? 


I checked the final odds of each horse’s last two races. And then sorted them, highest odds on top for each of the past two races.  Did this factor alone make a difference?


Well, I made a very pleasant discovery.  Simply stated:


ONE of the THIRD highest odds from either of the past TWO races finished in the top two of the current race about one fourth of the time.


Actually, about 27% of the time. 


This had NOTHING to do with the angle being tested at the time.  It just jumped out at me while I was conducting the research. 



So I thought, why not just make it an angle on it’s own? 


Which I was able to do rather quickly and it is something you definitely can and should add to your handicapping war chest. 


An angle that will allow you to locate horses that you never otherwise would have given a second look to.


Sometimes two horses appear, as there are often two different horses that meet this simple criteria.  Sometimes it’s the same horse. 

Sometimes one of the horses is even the favorite in the current race, though often not. 


But, as we like to do, it never hurts to throw the favorite in for an “exacta/trifecta or superfecta box’ with fave” situation –

and with Trandex you will hit many, many overlayed Exactas, Trifectas & Superfectas using this wagering strategy.

So we hope you enjoy this, and do encourage you to give it a try — and, again, we have priced it so your first Trandex hit, even on a small wager, will likely pay for the program. 


So, if you are putting together exotics or “Pick Six” wagers, just keep in mind what we are presenting to you:  


Approximately one fourth of the time, one of the horses that had the THIRD highest odds in either of the last two races comes in first or second in the race you are handicapping. 


It only takes one nice Trandex hit to make you one of the few ticket holders at the track reaping a super BIG Exotic or straight-bet payoff.



The question you have to ask yourself:  Can you afford to NOT have this unique piece of information at your disposal?  


**From Robert C., Chicago, IL: Hi Dave, just wanted to tell you that Trandex came up with some amazing prices over the weekend. 60-to-1 shots coming in 2nd, 18 and 19-to-1 shots winning, etc. Really love it!!!

**From John R., Newark, NJ: Trandex is just ridiculous at times – how in the heck does it pick out these insane longshots? It had a $108 horse the other day at Mountaineer. Geez!


Either way, per usual, the computer does the work for you, and you can click on the – “-1” or “-2” columns to see how the logic is applied. 

We are delighted to give you this valuable information, available with just the click of a mouse.  Hope you like!




We are basically looking for the horse with the 3rd highest odds from either of its last two races.  

A horse’s name will appear as a play if he is the only horse in either column who has the 3rd – highest odds in either of his last two races

(-1 = most recent race  —   -2 = 2nd race back) or if he is 3rd highest in both of his last two races — otherwise an Exacta will usually be suggested


Below is a screenshot of the 5th race at Belmont on Sept 19.  The program recommends a 3-horse box:   #7 had the 3rd-highest odds in his most recent race (-1 odds)    #8  had the 3rd highest odds two races back  (-2)       when two different horses have the 3rd-highest odds from the last two races, the program often suggests playing an exacta using that pair as well as the morning line favorite (#4).  The results were spectacular, as the favorite won and the #8 horse, at 50–to-1, ran 2nd — the Exacta returned $222.50.   Again, with one of the selections running at least 2nd 27% of the time, and since these horses are often ignored in the wagering, big prices are fairly common.















Pgm Horse Win Place Show

4 Honor the Kitten 6.60 4.50 2.80

8 Three for Me 27.80 11.40

9 Kid Blast 3.40

Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool

$2.00 Exacta 4-8 222.50


Below is another great example of what Trandex can accomplish for you.

The Exacta came in as 9-3 – a 2-to-1 shot over a 19-to-1 shot for a $48.80 payoff.

But look closer: Note that the other recommended Exacta box horse, #4, came in 4th – at 82-to-1!!   And the favorite came in 3rdLen, who discovered and programmed Trandex, always recommends including the favorite in any ‘box’ you are doing. In this case, a 4-horse Superfecta box, which included the three recommended horses and the race favorite, returned $1,048.00!!














Pgm Horse Win/Place/Show

9 Artemus Paperboy 6.40 3.60 2.20

3 Mach Seven 10.00 4.20

1 Invasion Point 2.30


Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool

$2.00 Exacta 9-3 48.80

$2.00 Quinella 3-9 37.40

$2.00 Trifecta 9-3-1 130.00

$2.00 Daily Double 6-9 8.80

$2.00 Superfecta 9-3-1-4 1,048.00


 Tiznow Time was a straight-up Trandex selection and the second longest shot on the board. A 6-length winner and $24.20 for the win.
















Pgm Horse Win Place Show

4 Tiznow True 24.20 10.40 3.60

5 Wokeuponhomeplate 5.40 2.80

7 Jeb’s Brew   2.10



***The Trandex Zero-Line Software WILL put you on horses that may look absolutely terrible when viewing their PPs –

BUT, when the race is actually run, pop up in the Win, Place or Show spot at a big price.

Trandex will pay for itself very quickly,

especially given the fact that we have priced it very reasonably at just $48.















Hiram went off at 11-to-1 and finished 2nd to the 7 horse. $10.20 to place and a nice $56.20 $2 Exacta payoff.


4 Golden Rings 5.20 3.60 2.60

7 Hiram 10.20 6.40

2 Kearney Square 3.60

Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool

$1.00 Exacta 4-7 28.10















Backstreet Lisa, in the 6th at Santa Anita Oct. 18, was another clear Trandex choice — she went wire-to-wire to pay $21.60.


So don’t let this offer slip by.  Trandex will put at your disposal a powerful longshot selection method .. and

Trandex does, of course, also select modest-priced horses – so you will enjoy a good measure of consistency as well.


It’s Just $48, and you can order below, or give us a call at 1-800-696-0067


Oh, and you notice in the screen shots, in pink, the words: TRANDEX BABY!!!! 

We received an email from John R., one of our testers in Texas, with those two words in large bold caps, and then this chart from a Mountaineer race he hit using the program:

1 Morning Rainbow 67.00 36.40 21.80
6 Snowbaby 10.40 8.80
5 Manatee Bay 12.60
Wager Type Winning Numbers Payoff Pool
$2.00 Perfecta 1-6 557.00
$1.00 Superfecta 1-6-5-10 8,259.70
$2.00 Trifecta 1-6-5 6,436.60

So we thought we would use his immortal words right on the screen. 

Trust us, you are very likely to utter those very same words when Trandex magically pulls these kinds of payoffs out of the hat for you!


Trandex Zero Line Software – $48


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Quick-Start Guide

We’ve put together this very quick guide that just covers the basics of installation, data loading, and getting the INFORMATION the program will provide.  Use this part to get going, but by all means, take the time to master the whole package.

–              To install the program, load the CD, or download it from RPM

– To load data, you first need a Brisnet account.  If you don’t have one:

—  Lookup to sign up,

When you have an account established, download the SINGLE-FORMAT FILES to:


– The program opens with a list of all the files you’ve put in the “dld” directory.  Click on the race card you wish.

– This gets you to the report menu.  For basic operation, click on the race of your CHOICE. This program automatically calculates most of what used to be needed to be done painstakingly and manually.

– Repeat for each race by clicking on a new race number

–              Click on the “End” button when done.

Need help?  Call Len at 1-702-234-9020