The TRAINER VELOCITY SOFTWARE!! Combining Trainer ‘Super Stats’ with Velocity Calculations & Fitness = Frequent BIG Paydays!!


The Trainer Velocity Software  will provide you with a major edge on the game by employing knowledge that very, very few horseplayers have.

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So what do you have when you find a trainer who is over-performing in a handicapping area that is relevant to today’s race – an area that is virtually ‘invisible’ to most of the racing public and …. his runner is one of the fastest and fittest in today’s race?

You have Magic, my friend — Magic!!




One of the great things about today’s technology for the player is that, given a large enough database, you can create virtually thousands of ‘what if’ handicapping scenarios to look for potentially profitable wagering scenarios.  You can take two, or three or seven or fifty, etc., etc., factors and ask the database to show you the long term win/place/show, etc. results of combining these factors. 


However, the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast (note how many times we said ‘vast’) majority of the time, the results of these database scenarios are negative.  But, maybe once in every 700 to 800 tries, a positive result is attained – ‘positive’ being defined as showing at least a positive return of 5% or greater over 30,ooo or more races. And, maybe once in every 1,500 or so tries, a seriously positive return is attainedThese are scenarios where the return is at least a positive 20% or higher return.


Once we locate one of these seriously positive scenarios, we test it against tens of thousands more races to make sure the results hold.  If they do, we have 95%+ confidence that we have located an angle that will very likely produce these kinds of results, basically, forever.


>>How the TVS Angle was Discovered<<

While we experiment with all kinds of handicapping factors in our research, we often include a Trainer win % consideration for a runner to qualify.  Afterall, the Trainer is the ‘manager’, or ‘director’ of the animal.  A horse doesn’t go up to the racing secretary and enter himself in a race — his trainer, knowing the current condition and running specialties of his charge, looks for spots that he believes will result in a nice payday.  Now, normally a competent, consistent trainer can be judged by a solid win %, and in our books that means a win rate of 12% or higher.


>>The Theory<<

Now while a trainer may be 12% or 14% or whatever overall, he/she will often show higher, sometimes much higher percentages in specific areas.  For example, he may be especially good with layoff horses, or horses stretching out, or first-time starters, or with surface changes, etc., etc. So Len surmised that what if a solid 12%+ trainer, had a ‘specialty’ area where his  win % was 30% or more higher than his overall win %? 

For example, Trainer Joe Smith has a 14% overall win %, but he shows a 19% win % with horses coming back after a 45-day layoff, and today he has a horse that fits that description in a race.  In otherwords, he has a roughly 33% higher win average with this kind of horse than his overall win average.  So, there is a reasonable chance that Trainer Smith has this ‘specialty’ horse spotted for a good effort.

Now, what if we also add in a couple of Speed measurements (which Len labels ‘Velocity’), and a few other factors that suggest fitness?  Would this make Trainer Smith’s even more likely to run a big race?

Well, our database tests say: YES, YES and YES again.

In short, we have isolated a competent trainer, who is even more competent in a certain area, whose horse is also one of the speediest and fittest runners in the race.


So the Logic is certainly there and, as you will see from the examples below, the theory plays out beautifully in real time wagering action.





One of the very popular features of RPM Software is the Summary Bets page, which with a click of your mouse reveals all the plays for the day.  The first image is how it looks on your screen.  Below that we scanned in the actual results so you can see what a very TYPICAL day looks like – Here, 3 wins and 2 2nds from 7 plays and one of the play, Rhode Island, fell out of the gate:

>>Why this Theory Works and Why the Prices are Often Overlays<<

The fact is that only a very tiny percentage of players have access to these kinds of Trainer Stats.  And even if they do have access, they don’t put 2 and 2 together — they are not aware that a trainer, who is already a strong winner producer, is even better, sometimes much better, in a category that applies to today’s race.

>>>The Trainer Velocity Software has this information on every trainer in every race, and calculates with precision when a trainer boasts one of these Super Stats. 

>>>>In addition, the Software also QUALIFIES these horses on Speed and Current Condition so you not only have a Trainer with a Super Stat — you also have one of the Fastest & Fittest Horses in the Race!

>>>>Qualifying Horses win at close to a 36% rate, and run at least 3rd close to 80% of the time.  Betting just the TVS Prime horse at odds of 2/1 or higher shows a nice +27% ROI.  And with the TVS Longshot, you will get some super nice prices to boot!

‘This is another great winner-selecting tool from RPM.  As far as I know, the brilliant theory behind TVS has never been published, or even conceived of, before.  Like so many RPM products, TVS provides even the average player with a chance to play and win like a Pro.’  Tom Console


The Trainer Velocity Software is very fairly priced at $128It will provide you with a major edge on the game by employing knowledge that very, very few horseplayers have.

TVS can also be figured longhand by using the Trainer Stats in the DRF or Equibase programs.


So do yourself a BIG favor.  Get a copy of The Trainer Velocity Methodology, Software or otherwise.  It is truly innovative, profitable and absolutely risk-free (there is a full money-back guarantee).


Call us at 1-800-696-0067 or order at our website:

And, of course, call us with any questions you may have.  Thank You!


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